Gallente Customs React Cautiously to Republic-Thukker 'Open Borders'

New Eden News | YC110-11-25

Eglennaert, Sinq Laison - Customs officers in the Gallente Federation have expressed cautious concern regarding the implications of the recently agreed 'Open Borders' accord between the Minmatar Republic and the Thukker Tribe. The Gallente Federation has a large border with the Republic encompassing multiple links between the Sinq Laison region and the Metropolis and Heimatar regions of the Republic.

Admiral Harvisard Stollimaere, Federal Customs Commander for the Sinq Laison Region, spoke in an official capacity on the issues facing the Federation's customs forces and naval reserves, in a region of the Federation dealing with a large volume of daily traffic. 'Sinq Laison is arguably the lynchpin region when it comes to Federation connections with the other empires. We have five links to the Republic alone, plus links with the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire. Many trade routes pass through the region even when connections are not direct. Given the agreement between the Republic and the Thukker Tribe we will have to take another look at our coverage and procedures on the Republic border.'

Pressed on the effect of the announcement, Admiral Stollimaere was circumspect. 'I would have to say that the overall trend on the Federation-Republic border continues to be one of an increase in traffic, particularly passenger traffic, from the Federation to the Republic. There has been no significant increase in seizures of contraband in either direction. However, with the greatest of respect to our friends in the Republic, I think it is the duty of the Customs forces to remain vigilant.'