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News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

First Day of Group Stages For Alliance Tournament IX Complete

  • YC113-06-12

    The first rounds of the Group Stages are complete as we continue to move towards the Finals scheduled for next weekend. With twice the ships and twice the points, field choices have been more varied as teams jostle for a position in the Finals. Returning champions Pandemic Legion debuted today in Alliance Tournament IX and performed as anticipated, wrecking Ushra'Khan for the first flawless victory of the day. Cumulative statistics still show the Tengu as the #1 choice of ship with 88 fielded to date. [...]

    Tune in to Alliance Tournament IX this weekend for good fights and great prizes

    • YC113-06-10

      Alliance Tournament IX is coming to EVE TV in glorious high definition this weekend. The hosts, CCP Soundwave and CCP Sunset, along with the Alliance Tournament team and experts, invite you join them as 32 teams battle it out to be crowned champions. Will Pandemic Legion retain their crown or will a new challenger come and usurp them? The only way to know for sure is to tune in to EVE TV from 14:50 UTC on Saturday, June 11. In addition to the many matches this weekend, our friends at Logitech, EVGA, [...]

      Morsus Mihi Reset Standings

      • YC113-06-09

        Hakonen, Lonetrek - It is understood that Morsus Mihi [RAWR] will be undergoing a full standings reset, with the exception of keeping RAZOR Alliance blue. It is believed that RAWR will be moving to Delve and at the same time will be looking to remove many industrialist pilots in favour of combat focused ones. Imperian, RAWR alliance Operations Leader, confirmed the rumours, saying that although Razor alliance will be remaining blue "for old-times sake" and because "their pilots are awesome", they will [...]

        Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

        • YC113-06-07

          Y113.05.01 - Y113.05.31. This month has again been dominated by the on-going war between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC). After rumours of an organised retreat by the NC from the regions of Geminate and Vale of the Silent with the intent of fortifying the Tribute region, all stations within the largely abandoned regions have fallen to the DRF. The changing hands of these regions has however not been without loss for the NC; the NC-aligned alliances which inhabited them [...]

          Corporation Offers Prize in Anticipation of 10,000th Kill

          • YC113-06-05

            Ammold, Heimatar - Cloak and Daggers corporation, [C-D] member of the –Mostly Harmless- alliance, is approaching a grand total of 10,000 enemy ship destructions. To mark the occasion, the capsuleer from C-D who destroys the 10,000th vessel will be awarded 1 billion ISK or a faction battleship of their choice. In the event of multiple corporation members being involved in the engagement, the 1 billion ISK will be divided equally amongst them. The prize was decided by Xalib Zondo, CEO of C-D. Speaking [...]

            United Front Alliance Disbanding

            • YC113-06-05

              Branch - Following the forfeit of their Alliance Tournament IX Pre-Qualifying match, The Interstellar Correspondents can confirm that as of 4.5.113, United Front Alliance [UNIT] will begin disbanding. Quoting from a UNIT leadership mail circular from IceMen24, it read: "Sorry to tell you that we will disband UNIT in 10 days." The message continues as to the reasons for the disbandment: "Northern Coalition [NC] is dead and the plan for the future from Razor Alliance include only some old Northern [...]

              First Day of 2nd Round Tournament Pre-Qualifying Complete

              • YC113-06-05

                The second weekend of Pre Qualifying is under way and the first rounds are complete. The Tengu continues to be the most popular ship fielded with 54 used to date. Runner-up is the Scimitar logistics ship with 36 used in matches to date. The Sleipnir has been knocked down to sixth place by the increased use of the Dramiel (24 vs. 18). The second day of the 2nd Pre Qualifying matches will begin in just a few hours. Match reports and statistics are available on the Interstellar Correspondents' website. [...]

                The First Weekend of Pre Qualifying for Alliance Tournament IX Concluded

                • YC113-05-30

                  The first weekend of Pre Qualifying is complete. The Tengu remained the most popular choice of ship to be fielded with 33 used over the course of the weekend. The remaining 4 ships in the top 5 were all Minmatar; Cyclone (27), Scimitar (24), Sabre (22), and Sleipnir (14). Teams now have a week to prepare for the second round of pre qualifying. Interstellar Correspondents has updated statistics and match reports available on our Alliance Tournament site. Come visit us at: Are you [...]

                  BREAKING NEWS: Clear Skies III Released

                  • YC113-05-29

                    Yulai, Genesis - The third installment in the immensely popular "Clear Skies" series of holovids was publically released a short time ago. The new film sees the return of John Rourke and his only-slightly insubordinate crew and the fruits of its creator's substantial investment in production and post-production equipment and software. The film can be downloaded from The Interstellar Correspondents will return tomorrow with a full review. GalNet References Release [...]

                    Day 1 of Alliance Tournament IX Pre Qualifying is Complete

                    • YC113-05-29

                      Day 1 of Pre Qualifying is complete. The most used ship so far has been the Tengu, with 16 fielded throughout the day. The Sabre came in second with 12 fielded. Day 2 matches will begin in just a few hours. Match reports and statistics that are available on the Interstellar Correspondents' website should give Day 2 combatants an idea of what teams are using and how they are using them. Come visit us at: Are you affected by the events in this article? Do you have information [...]

                      Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                      • YC113-05-24

                        Y113.04.01 - Y113.04.30 . The northern war between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC) has continued heating up, with almost all conquerable stations within the Geminate region falling to the attacking DRF. This escalation has seen fighting push on into the Vale of the Silent region, where further stations have changed hands. There is significant speculation that the NC has arranged an organised withdrawal into the key region of Tribute, the home of the Morsus Mihi alliance. [...]

                        BIG Merchant Bank of EVE Celebrates Fifth Year of Operation

                        • YC113-05-09

                          Jita, The Forge - One of the oldest surviving publically-owned enterprises in New Eden, BIG Merchant Bank [BMBE] recently celebrated its fifth birthday. The BIG Merchant Bank is part of the BIG family of services run by Tornsoul. BIG is perhaps most famous for the BIG Lottery, but over the years a number of services have arisen based on BIG's reputation for honesty and reliability. Despite occasional setbacks and an attempt at an outright takeover by Eefrit from EVE Financial Services four years ago, [...]

                          Heathen Achievement Award Winners Announced

                          • YC113-05-08

                            Kasrasi, Derelik - On 27.04.113, capsuleer Kazzzi of Heathen Legion announced the winner of the Heathen Achievement Award as Bahamut420. The competition received attention from Minmatar loyalists, especially followers of winner Bahamut420, who has since been stressing his efforts and achievements against the Amarr. Hans Jagerblitzen of Autocannons Anonymous explained: "No Minmatar warrior has spent more time covered in blood, sweat, and pod-goo than Bahamut420. He without a doubt deserves this award." [...]

                            E-UNI Changes Policy from NRDS to NBSI

                            • YC113-04-27

                              Aldrat, Metropolis - Eve University [E-UNI], the well-known training corporation for new capsuleers, have changed their Rules of Engagement policy from NRDS [Not Red Don't Shoot] to NBSI [Not Blue Shoot It] in null-sec space and wormholes. CEO Kelduum Revaan said: "The change is something we have wanted to make for some time as flying NRDS in null-sec is unfortunately quite uncommon, and puts our members at a significant disadvantage when encountering neutrals in null-sec and w-space. So in a recent [...]

                              Writing Contest Winners Announced

                              • YC113-04-19

                                Gulfonodi, Molden Heath - Last week Silver Night of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, Electus Matari, announced the eight winners of his second annual fiction contest, with Matariki Rain's story "True Lines" taking first place. The writing contest was announced six weeks ago and, like last year's contest, only accepted stories about non-capsuleers. Silver Night said he was very happy with the number and quality of entries. First place was awarded to Matakari Rain, CEO of Lutinari Syndicate in Electus [...]

                                Northern Coalition Attacked on All Fronts

                                • YC113-04-11

                                  6OYQ-Z, Tenal - The Northern Coalition [NC] is currently being pressed hard by fleets from the Drone Region Federation, Pandemic Legion and the Northern Coalition. alliance. Today, a fleet from the Northern Coalition. alliance, along with allies Ev0ke, Ewoks, Not Found., Polaris Syndicate, Cartel. and Merciless. reinforced five out of eleven Capital Ship Assembly Array towers in the 6OYQ-Z system in Tenal during a three-hour joint operation. They have also been attacking in Pure Blind and Fade [...]

                                  A letter from the CSM 6

                                  • YC113-04-11

                                    The sixth Council of Stellar Managment have written a letter to the EVE community. Find out what they have to say in this dev blog.

                                    Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                                    • YC113-04-11

                                      Y113.03.01 - Y113.03.31 . On-going fighting between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC) over control of the Geminate region saw the fiercest fighting of March, with 19,382 ships being destroyed as a result of conflict between capsuleers. Whilst less than the 25,425 of February this is several times the average seen in YC112 of only 8,002 ships destroyed per month as a result of such activity. The 20th of the month saw a colossal battle take place within the O2O-2X system in [...]

                                      Heathen of the Year to be Chosen

                                      • YC113-04-06

                                        Kasrasi, Derelik - Kazzzi, of Heathen Legion, part of the Ushra'Khan alliance, has announced the Heathen Achievement Award. It will be awarded to the capsuleer who is best able to express their hatred for the Amarr Empire. Kazzzi intends to "bring reform to the Amarr Empire by any means necessary and provide aid to those free-thinking Amarrian citizens oppressed by their own tyrannical government". The competition has so far received interest from both Amarr and Sansha loyalists. The latter refuse to [...]

                                        Intense Fighting in R6XN-9

                                        • YC113-04-02

                                          R6XN-9, Pure Blind - Forces from the Northern Coalition [NC] and the allied Deklein Coalition clashed with the Northern Coalition. [NCDOT] and Merciless. alliances in R6XN-9 on the 30th of last month. The Northern Coalition formed three fleets to defend several control towers that had been put into reinforced mode by NCDOT, with NCDOT fielding a heavily-plated Abbadon-focused fleet. NCDOT's commander, Vince Draken, relied on a system of warp disruptor bubbles and timing to slow Northern Coalition [...]

                                          Revenant Blueprint Placed on Auction

                                          • YC113-03-20

                                            S-U8A4, Syndicate - Goonswarm have opened a public auction for a Revenant blueprint. This is the first time a Revenant is being sold on open market. The specific blueprint being sold by Goonswarm Federation was discovered during the Kurala Incursion that occured in Black Rise. The auction starting bid has been set at fifty billion ISK. It will remain open until March 27th at 17:40. GalNet References Auction details Are you affected by the events in this article? Do you have information regarding [...]

                                            Pilot Modelling Contest Winner Announced

                                            • YC113-03-20

                                              Sarum Prime, Domain - On 18.3.113, Revan Neferis has announced the winner of the first series of the Sani Sabik modelling event. Mercy Regard, member of Veto. has been declared winner of the competition. Revan Neferis told her why she was chosen: "You have given us the perfection we were seeking to demonstrate the soul of this event in a Sani Sabik perspective. Your achievement is to be celebrated for your intelligence, beauty inside and out, self-confidence, savvy and a contagious sensuality to [...]

                                              Northern Coalition Forces Engage SOLAR FLEET in UG-UWZ

                                              • YC113-03-20

                                                UG-UWZ, Geminate - On 16.03.113, solar system UG-UWZ, currently under the sovereignty of SOLAR FLEET came under attack from Northern Coalition (NC) Forces. Forces from the NC had previously placed SOLAR FLEET’S station "UG SOLAR MAGIC CASTLE" into reinforced mode (commonly shortened to "RF"), with the station due to exit RF on 17.03.113. Hinata, the Northern Coalition Fleet Commander, explained the engagement and the resistance they encountered in the solar system. "DRF [Drone Russian Forces] didn’t [...]

                                                CVA Inaugurate New Executor at Imperial Loyalist Summit

                                                • YC113-03-20

                                                  Kamela, The Bleak Lands - Curatores Veritatis Alliance's [CVA] new executor, Leo D'Green, took his oaths of office at the "Allied Loyalist Summit" on 12.03.113. The summit, organized by Amarr loyalists PIE Inc. was held at a CVA control tower in an unspecified low-security system, with some 140 pilots in attendance. Organizer Rytha Main of PIE Inc said she arranged the conference to "show proper decorum" to CVA's new executor, as well as to promote solidarity between factions friendly to the Amarr [...]

                                                  GrieferGeddon Offers Solace to Miners

                                                  • YC113-03-20

                                                    Rens, Heimatar – GrieferGeddon, the anti-Hulkageddon event, has concluded with an increase in participation and interest. The continued successes of Hulkageddon has caused many industrialists and miners across New Eden to stay docked up during the event for fear of loss of their mining barge. Mechanoid Kryten, founder of GrieferGeddon created the counter-event so that miners could feel a little safer while conducting their work. For the event, Mechanoid Kryten gathered more than 5 billion worth of ISK [...]

                                                    Against All Authorities Settles into Reclaimed Space

                                                    • YC113-03-20

                                                      HY-RWO, Catch - Over the course of the last few months, Against All Authorities [.-A-.] have been successfully assaulting and reclaiming much of their former territory in the regions of Catch and Stain. .-A-. had been evicted from their regions by a combined force comprising of The Initiative. and White Noise. amongst others. Since then they have undergone a time of refreshment, "after the long period of stagnation", as Mutafakaz, long-time member of the Russian Thunder Squad, put it. Many old and new [...]

                                                      Pandemic Legion Attack Z-UZZN

                                                      • YC113-03-18

                                                        Z-UZZN, Querious - On 15.3.11, Pandemic Legion [-100] invaded Z-UZZN, resulting in the Atlas. alliance [ATLAS] owned station, ‘Z-U ATLAS LAZY HOUSE’ being placed into reinforced mode. Public relations Officer for Against All Authorities [.-A-.], bl4xy, explained that they were aware that -100 were forming a fleet but also believed that the station would be saved. He said: ‘We have eyes in their staging system 24/7 so we know when they are forming up. Knowing PL they’ll always come for a fight, win-win [...]

                                                        Pilot Modelling Competition Down to Final Five

                                                        • YC113-03-15

                                                          Sarum Prime, Domain - A Sani Sabik modelling contest, hosted by Revan Neferis, has judged the field down to a final 5 of 100 original entrants. Announcement of the final winner is expected shortly, along with the distribution of the 2 billion ISK prize fund. As a Sani Sabik event, the contest emphasizes beauty as a sign of an entrant's genetic traits and a model's attitude, history and reputation is therefore also likley to influence the judges. Certain challenges of an undisclosed nature were also [...]

                                                          IC Exclusive: Clear Skies Series Interview with John Rourke

                                                          • YC113-03-13

                                                            In an exclusive interview, Clear Skies creator, John Rourke, discusses his upcoming movie, Clear Skies 3. He also speaks of the time and effort that goes into making the series, plus provides exclusive content for the upcoming movie. John told of how long Clear Skies 3 has taken to create. It was clear that precision and detail has been an underlying principle throughout the process: "It currently stands at 75% done, and I've been working on it since August 2009. Writing the script and testing the new [...]

                                                            Eve University Director of Education Steps Down

                                                            • YC113-03-12

                                                              Aldrat, Metropolis - Dierdra Vaal, Director of Education for the prestigious training institution, EVE University, officially stepped down from her post on March 6th. Dierdra has also served on the first, third and fifth Councils of Stellar Management as Councilperson, Chair and Vice-chair respectively. As the CSM 6 candidate list is finalized, Dierdra insists that she has no current political ambitions and is not currently considering a future run for re-election. She has in fact, stated that the [...]

                                                              Writing Contest Offers Rare Prizes

                                                              • YC113-03-12

                                                                Jita, The Forge - Silver Night, of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, has announced his second annual fiction contest, offering capsuleers the chance to win a faction battleship and 300 million ISK fitting as a prize for the best story. The rules for the contest state that there must be only "One entry" per capsuleer, the fiction must "not exceed 3,000 words" and that stories "must not center around a pod pilot". As the contest last year was a huge success with more than 120 stories submitted, Silver Night [...]

                                                                Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                                                                • YC113-03-11

                                                                  Y113.02.01 - Y113.02.28 . February was an eventful month in the outer regions. The first two weeks saw what can only be described as a total collapse of the IT Alliance bloc. The alliance was seen to reduce and then altogether cease its attempts to fight back against the invading Deklein Coalition, resulting in the bulk of the Fountain region falling before the end of the 10th, with the last station succumbing to attacking forces on the 15th. Although IT Alliance still holds many stations throughout [...]

                                                                  Sub-warp Racing Venture Announces New Season

                                                                  • YC113-03-10

                                                                    Ikao, The Citadel - Late last year, Julius Rigel, CEO of Sub-warp Racing Venture [SRV], vanished from the public eye. He has recently re-emerged and has revealed the latest season of SRV's flagship series, Impulse Con. For several months, there was no word from SRV regarding future events after the cancellation of the fourth season of Impulse Con. Rigel has now apparently returned for good and is making public appearances to promote Impulse Con YC 113. On the matter of his disappearance, Julius has [...]

                                                                    Hulkageddon IV Concludes with Almost 3500 Kills

                                                                    • YC113-03-08

                                                                      Jita, The Forge - Hulkageddon IV has concluded with an alleged total of more than 200 billion ISK in lost ships. Hulkageddon IV saw slight changes of the rules to inlcude destruction of all kinds of industrial ships including freighters, jump freighters, capital industrial ships, industrial command ships and the Noctis. The most expensive kill recorded was an IT Alliance Anshar, a jump freighter piloted by Blue Halo which was destroyed in the Sagain system and estimated to be worth 6.3 billion ISK. [...]

                                                                      The Hull Miners Union Celebrates 4th Anniversary

                                                                      • YC113-02-28

                                                                        PC9-AY, Syndicate - 19.2.113 marked the 4th anniversary for the combat-focused corporation, The Hull Miners Union [ONION]. The corporation was formed by a small group of like-minded pilots who wanted no more than to "have fun" and shoot other pilots. They started as a pirate corp of five members and were known to roam in the Maut system of the Placid region. From those meagre beginnings, ONION has become a part of Northern Coalition and is claimed to have more than 38,000 kills to their name. [...]

                                                                        Corporation Thief Caught and Executed

                                                                        • YC113-02-23

                                                                          Hayumtom, Domain - Amarrian low-security based corporation Quantum Horizons [.ANZ.] has identified a thieving corporation member and executed him in his own 2 billion ISK Machariel. The saga began when .ANZ. anchored a new control tower in a low-security system. Soon after, ships began disappearing from the Ship Maintenance Array including "a Rook, a Dominix, 2 Scorpions, a Drake, a Noctis and several smaller tech 2 frigates" according to CEO SuicidalPancake. SuicidalPancake explained that after two [...]

                                                                          Rebellion Alliance Collapses at Hands of Founder

                                                                          • YC113-02-23

                                                                            O2O, 2X - It has emerged that Rebellion Alliance [-R-] was dissolved last week by the hands of its leader due to suspected embezzlement by many of its high ranking members.​ The founder of -R-, Daroh, alleges that those within the leadership of -R- used the alliance to capture space, simply so that resources could be mined from the alliance’s moons. Instead of reinvesting the profits from those moons, he claims that those involved then tampered with the funds from the sale of the materials that were [...]

                                                                            Northern Coalition Forces Ambushed After Station Assault

                                                                            • YC113-02-22

                                                                              O4-LQM, Geminate - On 20.2.113, Northern Coalition forces were successful in placing Solar Fleet station, 'O4 SOLAR CITADEL', into reinforced mode. Northern Coalition forces, who were returning to mount a 2nd attack on the station, experienced no intervention from hostile forces in O4-LQM. However a hostile fleet of 800 capsuleers comprised primarily of Solar Fleet, Legion of xXDEATHXx, and White Noise (DRF) were present in the neighbouring solar system of Y8R-XZ. Once 'O4 SOLAR CITADEL' was placed [...]

                                                                              Pandemic Legion Loses 42 Billion ISK in Robbery

                                                                              • YC113-02-16

                                                                                H-PA29, Venal - Pandemic Legion had an estimated 50 billion ISK in assets stolen when now-former member Saint Schala became disgruntled with his corporation-mates on 03.02.113. The loot is believed to be mainly spaceship hulls, with an estimated 32 dreadnoughts, 3 carriers and a number of advanced cruisers being claimed stolen. Saint Schala said he also took all the wallet of the SniggWaffe corporation but gave it back on a second thought, explaining that he didn't wish the young pilots of Sniggwaffe [...]

                                                                                Supercapitals Clash in Uemon

                                                                                • YC113-02-16

                                                                                  Uemon, The Forge -- During the late hours of 113.02.14 a massive supercapital battle between Northern Coalition forces and the Eastern Block lead to the loss of 12 Titans. One of the largest supercapital battles in New Eden occurred in Uemon, a low security system used by the Eastern block as a staging system for their attacks on the Geminate Region which is mostly now under control of the Northern Coalition. While the Northern Coalition forces (mainly Morsus Mihi, Razor, Mostly Harmless, Majesta [...]

                                                                                  Rebellion Alliance Collapses: Geminate Opens Up

                                                                                  • YC113-02-16

                                                                                    O2O-2X - Rebellion Alliance collapsed as it lost all of its sovereignty in Geminate over the weekend. Rumors abound, but the cause of the collapse is not known for certain. Several systems in Geminate were fought over viciously in an impressive string of battles, some of which had over 900 capsuleers in system and saw numerous titans and supercarriers fielded. The battles come as no surprise to people familiar with the region: Geminate has been a hotbed of conflict in recent years. It may take days to [...]

                                                                                    Standings Corporations Join Forces to Expand Service

                                                                                    • YC113-02-13

                                                                                      New Eden - Two corporations who share a common goal have decided to form a partnership as they help capsuleers raise their standings with megacorporations and factions. DNLeviathan and Imiarr Timshae have announced that Standings4U, run under SOZA Innovations [SOZAI] and The Standings Correction Agency [TSCA] will be working together to bring their services to capsuleers even more efficiently and effectively than before. Though their services are open to all capsuleers regardless of race or political [...]

                                                                                      Freight Service Customers Get Another Choice

                                                                                      • YC113-02-13

                                                                                        A new freighter company, Universal Railways has been opened to compete for freighter contracts, otherwise typically dealt with by Red Frog Freight. Universal Railways who published their first share report at the beginning of February, boasted a company value of just over 2 Billion ISK. CEO of universal Railways, Cista2, commented that; "What we have now is a moderately sized, but fully functional company. We are 4 executives including Dezolf, Stealing Honest, Anachronic and myself. Currently 7 pilots [...]

                                                                                        Split Infinity. Captures First Sovereignty

                                                                                        • YC113-02-09

                                                                                          ​ ​KW-OAM, Tenerifis - The alliance Split Infinity. [S1.] has been successful in capturing its first system. S1. is an alliance of about 250 capsuleers that recently captured sovereignty for the first time. The alliance is lead by SI Radio, which is well known and has been broadcasting to capsuleers since the year 107. S1. was previously not a major force in outlaw space, as they chose to reside primarily in class 6 wormhole space. When asked about why he decided to push his alliance to take [...]

                                                                                          Noir. Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

                                                                                          • YC113-02-09

                                                                                            Mesybier, Essence - On 19.01.113, mercenary corp Noir. celebrated its 3rd anniversary. The Interstellar Correspondents caught up with Noir. CEO, Alekseyev Karrde to capture his thoughts on Noir. and their three year history. Aleksayev Karrde explained how his own experiences lead to the creation of the corporation: "After a long period of 0.0 warfare as part of a small alliance, I needed a change. Decided to go merc. Applied to a corp then in Devine Retribution alliance and for two weeks I had a [...]

                                                                                            Unprecedented Number of Pilots Honour Poreuomai

                                                                                            • YC113-02-05

                                                                                              ​ PATOR IV – In what turned out to be a surprisingly large gathering, over 250 pilots gathered to mourn the departure of the pilot Poreuomai. Two speeches were given in tribute and in an unprecedented gesture, numerous pilots self-destructed their ships. In her speech, Neridah Tanz of Masuat’aa Matari praised Poreuomai, stating that “A cursory search will show the character of [his] combat record, his debating skill, and reveal his enthusiasm and excitement for this community”, while Ugleb of Sarz’na [...]

                                                                                              Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                                                                                              • YC113-02-04

                                                                                                **Y113.01.14 - Y 113.01.31 ** The focal area over the last two weeks continues to be the Fountain region, with pressure mounting on IT Alliance (IT). The key outpost system of 6VDT-H, which was IT's staging area in the region, was subject to an around-the-clock siege by the Deklein Coalition starting on the 27th. The system fell four days later in the afternoon of the 31st, with TEST gaining sovereignty that evening. IT Alliance and its allies did not appear to undertake any large scale efforts to [...]

                                                                                                Sansha Incursion Defeated: Nation Supercarrier Destroyed

                                                                                                • YC113-01-31

                                                                                                  <img src='' width='280' height='50' /> Colelie, Sinq Laison - In the early hours of 28.01.113, Sansha forces were defeated by a mixed fleet of at least 100 capsuleers and a Nation supercarrier was destroyed. This was despite the efforts of Nation loyalists who attempted to defend the Sansha forces by activating smartbombs against the attacking pilots. Sansha forces were first seen in the Parchanier system in the Algintal constellation. Once word of [...]

                                                                                                  Pilots to Gather in Honour of Departing Capsuleer

                                                                                                  • YC113-01-29

                                                                                                    PATOR - A gathering on the evening of 1.30.113 has been scheduled to honour Poreuomai, a pilot that served as a faithful representative of the ideals held by the Minmatar Republic. Poreuomai was considered by many to be a cornerstone of the Minmatar capsuleer ​community and will be missed by capsuleers throughout New Eden. Ugleb of Sarz'na Kumatari is leading the efforts to gather capsuleers wishing to pay their respects to Poreuomai, who will be departing the capsuleer community permanently as he [...]

                                                                                                    The Northern & Deklein Coalitions invade 6VDT-H

                                                                                                    • YC113-01-28

                                                                                                      Forces from the Northern Coalition (NC) and Deklein Coalition (DC) have invaded the Solar System 6VDT-H within the region of Fountain. IT Alliance, sovereignty holders of 6VDT-H, came under attack from Northern Coalition and Deklein Coalition forces on 27.01.113 with the system’s combined population reaching up to 850 pilots. Station ‘GVD RKK LITE WAS HERE’ owned by Tin Foil Corp, member of IT Alliance, came under fire from hostile forces and was placed into ‘reinforced’ mode at 19:37 New Eden Time. [...]