Hulkageddon IV Concludes with Almost 3500 Kills

Jita, The Forge - Hulkageddon IV has concluded with an alleged total of more than 200 billion ISK in lost ships.

Hulkageddon IV saw slight changes of the rules to inlcude destruction of all kinds of industrial ships including freighters, jump freighters, capital industrial ships, industrial command ships and the Noctis.

The most expensive kill recorded was an IT Alliance Anshar, a jump freighter piloted by Blue Halo which was destroyed in the Sagain system and estimated to be worth 6.3 billion ISK. Amongst other items it was reported to be carrying several battlecruisers, T2 frigates, T2 cruisers and a command ship. Unfortunately we were unable to contact the pilot for comment.

The event consumed a total of 3840 ships, of which there were 1393 capsules, 864 exhumers, 676 mining barges, 506 industrial ships, 30 transport ships, 6 industrial command ships, 2 freighters, 1 capital industrial ship, 1 jump freighter and 1 frigate.

First place in the event went to General Tso's Alliance [3XXXD]. They won the hulkageddon "Alliance/Corporation prize" and received two carrier class vessels and 3.45 billion ISK. Burseg Sardaukar, CEO of 3XXXD, claimed that his alliance was specially prepared for the event and focused on winning this years because of their good performance during Hulkageddon III. Burseg Sardaukar also stated that he is proud of his alliance members "ability to grief" and highlighted his most "notable member” as CSM candidate Manalapan, who has revealed she will support future Hulkageddon events if elected.

Sardaukar also achieved first place in the individual competition, scoring 164 kills and beating closest rival Leroxee by 30 kills. For winning the individual prize he received 2 billion ISK and a small group of faction ships, including a Nightmare, 2 Phantasms and 5 Succubi.

Helicity Boson, organiser of Hulkageddon, stated that the event consumes her time and takes a lot of effort to create, run and later sum up and give away the prizes. The prizes in Hulkageddon IV consisted of a series of achievements from which not all were accomplished. Of those that were achieved, they brought the total prize value for the event to an estimated 30 billion ISK.

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