Sub-warp Racing Venture Announces New Season

Ikao, The Citadel - Late last year, Julius Rigel, CEO of Sub-warp Racing Venture [SRV], vanished from the public eye. He has recently re-emerged and has revealed the latest season of SRV's flagship series, Impulse Con.

For several months, there was no word from SRV regarding future events after the cancellation of the fourth season of Impulse Con. Rigel has now apparently returned for good and is making public appearances to promote Impulse Con YC 113.

On the matter of his disappearance, Julius has respectfully declined to comment and instead chose to simply offer assurances that any party affected by the cancellation of the fourth season will be fully reimbursed. When it comes to former participants he said: “I am hoping they will understand the circumstances and that it will not deter them from participating in future events.”

On March the 5th, 6th and 7th in the Ikao system, the first set of three "informal" races got underway to promote the re-establishment of the league. According to Julius, the events were successful, as "newcomers and veterans alike were able to claim some prizes".

The SRV offers both cash prizes and assorted market goods, including ships, to the pilots who prove to be the fastest in New Eden. All proceeds are funded by private donations and through the sponsorship of pilots and racing teams. Eventually, Julius hopes to establish SRV-officiated betting in order to make the league a self-sustaining entity.

Impulse Con YC113 has been officially set for April 10th. Julius wished to make capsuleers aware that, "like last year there will be a series of events. Including manual flight lessons, drag racing and a newcomer race, as well as a circuit race to start off the new season". The invitation to participate as a racer is open to anyone who wishes to register.

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