Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Caldari Alliance Championship, the Last day

  • YC107-12-31

    The final battle was held yesterday at midnight between Band of Brothers and Kaos Empire. Before this last fight of the tournament, the two alliances both had to fight their way through the quarters and semi finals of the championship, encountering well known alliances such as Red Alliance, the Five, The R0ck and Tribal Souls. Band of Brothers met Tribal Souls in the quarter finals and quickly took out their support ships leaving only the battleship of Tribal Souls to stand up alone against the [...]

    Caldari Championships, the Second Day

    • YC107-12-30

      The second and third rounds of the Caldari alliance championship were held yesterday and the teams were clearly better matched against each other. Witnessing many thrilling fights and spectacular tactics, we have seen some of the world's most expensive ships being used. The losses are estimated at several billion ISK with still one more day to go. The Rock showed up in the second round using one of the rarest ships in New Eden; the Imperial Armageddon. The Sudden Death Squad stood their ground and [...]

      Caldari Championships, the First Day

      • YC107-12-29

        Yesterday saw the first round of the Alliance Championships. Organized by the Caldari Gaming Commission, held in an undisclosed system. The matches proved to be exiting affairs with sometimes surprising results, stunning competitors, onlookers and gamblers alike. There were five teams who scored a flawless victory against their opponents. The first of those was claimed by the United Confederation of Corporations against the Distant Star Alliance. The second alliance who scored a flawless victory was [...]

        Betting Services Open for Business

        • YC107-12-27

          Tensions are rising as only one day remains until the start of the alliance fighting tournament. Voices have been sounding from all over, trying to guess the outcome of the event, and some teams have been revealed as definite favorites by the public. Ever since their original announcement, the Caldari Gaming Commission has remained quiet regarding the event, only stating that they will release the tournament pairings at 18:00 today. Two large capsuleer corporations have decided to use the opportunity [...]

          Northern allies G and IRON withdraw from the south

          • YC107-12-20

            Last week saw the organised withdrawal of G & IRON forces from the ASCN territories of Impass and Feythabolis, following several weeks of fierce fighting in the southern fringe regions. The conflict, which has in recent weeks seen much coverage and interest on the GalNet communications network, has sparked considerable speculation regarding the reasons for the unexpected move. A number of observers have suggested that the recent capture of an IRON outpost in their home region of Deklein by BOB forces [...]

            Two outposts change ownership in one day

            • YC107-12-12

              Three alliances took over two outposts today in AZN-D2, Feythabolis and in JU-OWQ, Deklein. BoB was responsible for taking control of the outpost located in JU-OWQ, which was owned by IRON. G and Iron took over the ASCN outpost in AZN-D2 after weeks of preparation. The system AZN-D2 has been a hotspot for weeks and every day there were fights between ASCN and the G and IRON forces. G and IRON have laid siege on this system by taking over the starbases owned by ASCN and by building their own. It is [...]

              New Souls for the Paragon and Esoteria Regions

              • YC107-12-11

                If a pilot were to venture into the regions that were once the territories of the Stain Empire, he would be most likely to encounter only death and destruction. The latest pages in the history of the southern regions are indeed ones of conflict and struggle, both political and military. It started with a fratricide war between the Stain Empire and the Stain- Alliance, a conflict amplified by an invasion of northern forces, leading to instability and fractioning. Yet, if the same pilot were to venture [...]

                Mordu's Legion to strengthen its Pureblind position

                • YC107-12-11

                  PURE BLIND. As part of their relocation strategy, Mordu's Legion has recalled its 5th Dreadnought 'Night Stalkers' Task Force to the Legion's HQ in 5ZXX-K, putting the 'Night Stalkers' commander Colonel Akuras in charge of the whole Mordu's Pure Blind Fleet. The highly specialized strike unit was transferred to the Pure Blind theatre "to strengthen the Legion's presence in our claimed space", according to Mordu's Command COO Jasolbold Adralkhan. "Col. Akuras, one of our most respected officers, will [...]

                  Over 230,000 Perish in Slave Transport Betrayal

                  • YC107-12-09

                    ASHAB | Amarr Empire Singed bits of biomass lay stretched over several thousand kilometers of space near the Amarr gate in Ashab this morning. The lives of over two-hundred and thirty-thousand slaves were extinguished as Amarr freighter pilot Darien Dashel violently exploded under the weapons of the Electus Matari (-EM-). Earlier the freighter, part of a rehabilitation convoy carrying recently freed slaves towards new homes and lives of freedom, veered suddenly towards the Amarr home worlds. The [...]

                    Glimpses: Industry

                    • YC107-12-06

                      Many entrepreneurs suffer from difficulties meeting their material or financial goals in the industrial sector. A small collection of others prosper and go on to bigger and better designs as time marches on. What is their secret? How do they accomplish success while others are stunted, and what can be done to change the course of a corporation heading for failure? Many corporations were asked, both large and small. Among the respondents, it was variously stated that some of the key factors appear to [...]

                      ISS Marginis: Outpost shows stability after opening

                      • YC107-12-06

                        Over a month has passed since the opening of the ISS Marginis Outpost on October 26th. The area reportedly has seen little conflict or open disagreements. Dividends have been issued on time, and the commitment to the project continues unabated. Peace, often difficult to attain and sustain, appears to be the result of an open-door and welcoming policy that is keeping the ISS Marginis outpost in operation. Practices of “active diplomacy”, as said by Count TaSessine, involves keeping any piracy or unrest [...]

                        BoB’s day out, a nightmare for Venal residents?

                        • YC107-12-05

                          BoB’s day out, a nightmare for Venal residents? Last night there were an exceptionally large number of pilots surrounding the Venal Region when Band of Brothers decided to relax a little up north. Venal has always been a heavily contested area and lately it has been a central region for the Phoenix Alliance together with their close friends NBSI Alliance and The Forsaken Empire. In the last two months the Five has been flying around the area as well, with nothing else on their mind but the total [...]

                          A Pact in Red Blood

                          • YC107-12-04

                            After the withdrawal of The Five from the south-eastern regions, a rapid expansion of the Red Alliance was witnessed as it both grew in numbers and territory. The new landlords were quickly recognised by many of the non-affiliated residents, and a peaceful transition was possible in most regions. Some, however, chose to break free and claim independence as well as territory, with varied degrees of success. While the Miners With Attitude managed to lay claim to the region of Tenerifis, others were not [...]

                            Uncertainty within the TeddyBears. Possible Disbandment?

                            • YC107-12-02

                              We all know, or at least heard about the ominous and at times ubiquitous pilots belonging to the TeddyBears Corporation. It has recently come to the attention of this reporter that the long standing CEO & Founder of the Teddybears, Zarquon Beeblebrox, has resigned her position in favour of pursuing different aspects and possibilities in her career. I have caught up with Lady Beeblebrox as she was leaving a clandestine meeting between herself and unnamed parties belonging to the upper echelons of [...]

                              Mordu's Legion and Imperium: Tensions Are Mounting.

                              • YC107-12-02

                                This week we saw another sortie of Mordu's Legion forces into Empire space. Just a few nights ago a well-armed expeditionary force ,commanded by Lt. Amlerik Raun, had entered the system of Shenda and proceeded to systematically lock down all the exits and stargates of the system. The aim of the enterprise, according to the second in command, Lt. Kikui Viraki, was to 'contain forces of Imperium Alliance and engage them with extreme prejudice.' Apparently, Mordu's spies have kept a constant eye on [...]

                                Mass Exodus comes out of The Blue.

                                • YC107-12-02

                                  Mass Exodus comes out of The Blue. It is worrying when almost 50% of the founding members suddenly and without warning leave an alliance. This is what happened just a few days ago to The Big Blue Alliance. The Big Blue Alliance was set up shortly after the fall of XECTIC Alliance, set up by a number of the largest industrial corporations within the EvE Universe. With the goals of making lawless space free for all to live and trade. TBB incorporates not only N.A.G.A., one of EvE largest manufacturers [...]

                                  ISS left BoB controlled region after break in contracts

                                  • YC107-11-27

                                    The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has recently come across a bump in the road in the form of the once hospitable Band of Brothers Alliance. With a swift turn around in policy BoB gave ISS just three days to vacate their space, after recently renegotiating its contracts with the ISS. For many months the ISS has had access to the Period Basis region, a BoB controlled territory, to set-up and maintain their Starbases deep in lawless space. While the terms of the contracts binding both parties remain [...]

                                    Seleene discusses the Mercenary Coalition

                                    • YC107-11-23

                                      Almost a year ago a new alliance was started, one that stood out from the multitude that existed already. A few days ago I had the pleasure of talking to one of it's leading members; Seleene. The Mercenary Coalition started with two corporations namely Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams' and 'Body Count Inc'. Later more corporations were added such as the 'North Star Networks' and 'the Corporation' and even today the Coalition is still expanding. Seleene told me that Battle Angels Inc have been asked to [...]

                                      ‘G’ Ascend on a new Frontier

                                      • YC107-11-21

                                        For quite some time now Feythabolis has been a stable home of the Ascendant Frontier. That is until a few days ago when the G Alliance aided by it’s family of IRON and Razor popped up to set up shop in the area. The weary peace was shattered when the, until recently friendly, comrades in arms came to position a G Alliance owned POS in Ascendant space. Ascendants reply to this brash act of defiance was one of extreme force in deploying not one but five Dreadnought class ships to engage the POS. As [...]

                                        Freedom transport fleet attacked

                                        • YC107-11-20

                                          Last Friday evening saw forces from the Ushra’Khan clash with elements of an Amarrian loyalist corporation named the 1st Praetorian Guard while transporting tens of thousands of slaves to freedom in the Minmatar Republic. According to Darmed Khan of the Ushra’Khan, his organisation was carrying out a planned mission to evacuate approximately twenty seven thousand rescued slaves from locations within the Amarrian territories. Upon their arrival within Matari space, several thousand of these former [...]

                                          An interview with Khaldorn Murino, part two

                                          • YC107-11-19

                                            Arielle deVoir: Are you concerned about the safety of Eckarine Mitumi? Khaldorn Murino: You mean Eckarine Hnolku, I take it? We swore a blood oath to free her, and we do not take such things lightly. We had a location on her in the Bleak Lands, but were unable to effect a rescue before the Amarrians started a war against the Blood Raiders. Our agents search for her in the new Blood lands, but without success at the moment. But rest assured, we swore to the doctor that we would save his wife - and we [...]

                                            An interview with Khaldorn Murino regarding Insorum and the U'K, part one

                                            • YC107-11-18

                                              Arielle deVoir: Good evening Khaldorn Murino: Greetings, Ni-Kunni. My council has asked me to speak for them on this matter. I am here to relate to you certain facts regarding the Insorium debate which, you must know, may be dangerous knowledge. Arielle deVoir: Can you tell me what the Ushra'Khan have been doing the last couple of months? Khaldorn Murino: Well, as you know, we tasked ourselves with defending the good doctor on his mission, but unfortunately we failed in our duty; on the way to [...]

                                              Providence – A region in conflict

                                              • YC107-11-14

                                                Last week saw the withdrawal of PIE Inc from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, sparking a modicum of controversy and speculation on the GalNet Communications Network as to the future of the two Pro-Amarr factions and the fate of Providence – a lawless region which shares its borders with the south eastern edge of the Amarr Empire. Speaking in a statement on Wednesday, Gaven Lok'ri – CEO of PIE Inc, said that his organisation would be returning to “the heartland of the Empire” where in the absence of [...]

                                                MMC Lottery winners announced.

                                                • YC107-11-10

                                                  REPUBLIC. Yesterday the The Minmatar Mining Corp held the last round of their mining lottery, closing the event with the announcement of the winners. Pod-pilots Joan Sade, Dondo Yonderboy, Jes Salvatore, Sloth Arnini and Hege will be awarded a Rupture-class Cruiser each, with a bonus 720mm 'Scout' I artillery provided by the Republic Fleet. The MMC lottery, consisting in mining one million units of unprocessed Scordite ore during several rounds, was received with varied degrees of enthusiasm from the [...]

                                                  Takamatsu Trading Exchange Opens First Starbase

                                                  • YC107-11-08

                                                    Last week, the Takamatsu Trading Exchange set up its first starbase in the Obe system. The massive Charon freighter “Takamatsu” set sail from the DED Testing Facilities, along with her three Bustard tenders, and set up its first TAKA starbase. “Today is a wonderful day for the Takamatsu Exchange,” said Masaki Takamatsu, CEO of the Takamatsu Trading Exchange, “with this starbase we begin to expand our influence outside of the local stations, and in particular avoid the state's station fees.” While the [...]

                                                    Hostile forces seize Phoenix Alliance capital class vessel

                                                    • YC107-11-07

                                                      It has emerged that a capital class warship belonging to a capsuleer alliance operating in the northern fringe regions was captured late last week. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Friday morning, is reported to have been perpetrated by members of the R.I.S.K Alliance - who are believed to have removed a fully armed dreadnaught class capital ship from a starbase owned by their enemies, the Phoenix Alliance. The dreadnaught - an Amarrian designed Revelation, the ‘PA Big Daddy’ is the [...]

                                                      Geminate locals destroy unwanted Outpost

                                                      • YC107-11-07

                                                        An Outpost platform was destroyed mere hours before its scheduled completion. The would-be Outpost, built by Lacuna Viators, was destroyed last week week in the QPOK-B system of the Geminate region. The main aggressors were 4S Corp, who were aided by Xanadu and Hirr forces. It is difficult to estimate the financial cost of something as vast as an Outpost, but it is safe to say that Khatred, CEO of Lacuna Viators has lost many billions of isk. Mr. Khatred, it appears, had been planning an incursion [...]

                                                        The human side of pirates, is Verone getting married?

                                                        • YC107-11-03

                                                          I decided it was time for an open hearted conversation with Verone after rumors of him leaving the world of crime and vice. I can tell you right now that we haven’t seen the last of Verone when it comes to piracy and highway robbery. He will be back, however a lot more has been said and announced in this conversation Verone started as a production director in his first corporation after the academy, however like many traders he was harassed by pirates and other low lives who wanted a share of the [...]

                                                          Stain Alliance VS Stain Empire Part 1: An Empire in Peril

                                                          • YC107-11-02

                                                            Intergalactic communications have seen a unique occurence happen within the galaxy for perhaps the first time in the public domain. A Civil War between two factions of a historically significant alliance. Stain has long been a dominant force in Alliance politics, stretching back virtually as long as we can remember. While other alliances rose and fell, Stain seemed inviolate, steadfast in their claim to their regions and strong in their willingness to defend that claim. Behind the scenes though, [...]

                                                            Catfight at the local beauty contest.

                                                            • YC107-10-27

                                                              The Glamour Syndicate has launched it’s first annual Ms. EVE election nearly three weeks ago, sadly this beauty contest has already ended ugly. The last few days the election has been tainted by rumors of corruption, tempers flying high and envious women who cannot bear to see others in the spotlight. What started as a way of highlighting the importance of beauty and giving credit where credit was due, it seems to have ended in a cheap catfight, sadly without any mud even. The idea of Kaleigh Doyle [...]

                                                              Gallente Drinks Inc nears completion of shipping contract

                                                              • YC107-10-27

                                                                Last Sunday evening saw the successful delivery of another shipment of Gallente Drinks Incorporated’s lucrative supply contract. The third delivery out of four was transported to GDI’s headquarters in the Yulai solar system by “A GOD” and “Brecher”; the capsuleer pilots who had won the supply contract. As their contract nears its end with the final supply run scheduled to take place in the near future, the two pilots are reported to be very eager to complete their indenture to Gallente Drinks Inc, [...]

                                                                RONA Mega-Corporation becomes latest victim of corporate larceny

                                                                • YC107-10-27

                                                                  Gotchy – a director within the Rona Corporation announced in a press release on Monday that his organisation had become the latest victim in a recent trend of corporate robbery. Speaking in an interview on Wednesday evening, the director explained that the incident – which occurred at around 14:00 EVE Standard time on Monday had seen the removal of five to six billion ISK worth of assets and corporate funds including a large number of ships and modules as well as numerous industrial goods such as blue [...]

                                                                  ISS Marginis Outpost open for business

                                                                  • YC107-10-27

                                                                    CATCH. The first publicly owned Outpost, ISS Marginis, has opened for business last October 26th. Finished more than one month ahead of schedule, the Gallente Administrative-type Outpost located at the KDF-GY system is expected to inititate operations with unrestricted access to all pilots regardless their affiliation. Docking rights may be reevaluated in case of acts of piracy in the Outpost’s and neighboring systems, or due to committing acts of aggression towards the ISS Alliance. “We have [...]

                                                                    Conflict Central

                                                                    • YC107-10-23

                                                                      Some startling figures, recently brought to light, show us the severity of the conflict following CONCORD's decision to open the Alliance Registry. There are currently over 12,000 pod pilots claiming membership in the various alliances that have formed since the registry was opened. The major alliances currently in operation are as follows: [5] Alliance, Ascendant Frontier, Band of Brothers, Firmus Ixion, Forsaken Empire, G-Alliance, Imperial Republic of the North, Imperium, NBSI Alliance, Phoenix [...]

                                                                      Vengeance and Judgement - Imperial Issue Armageddon stolen

                                                                      • YC107-10-22

                                                                        A few days ago, I was invited to witness the exchange of an Imperial Issue Armageddon, owned by Icarus Starkiller for a Nightmare battleship and 2.5 billion isk, both belonging to Hamish, CEO of the Tribal Trust of Pator, taking place in the system Pator, in orbit above Matar. Meeting before the exchange in a quiet restaurant, I interviewed Mr. Starkiller about the Imperial Armageddon, which he had won in an amazing stroke of luck in the BIG Lottery. “I read an article on the BIG Lotto and thought... [...]

                                                                        The truth about Electronic Parts

                                                                        • YC107-10-17

                                                                          THE FORGE. With hostility on the rise, some pod-pilots claim to have obtained more than a glimpse of the plan behind Mr. Vance and Mr. Stats’ research efforts. Twice again since their last reported appearance the scientists made use of the FTL Caldari comm channel to have electronic parts delivered to their labs at Sukuuvestaa’s station in Josameto. The researchers met the usual mix of hostile and helpful pod-pilots, yet this time they were willing to explain some of their project’s goals: according [...]

                                                                          Eve Relief Effort's faith tested

                                                                          • YC107-10-11

                                                                            The ERE took a serious blow today, suffering the loss of a portion of their latest aid shipment at the hands of Johnny W, a Gallente pod-pilot. The humanitarian organisation have been lending a hand to the poor, underprivileged and less fortunate of the galaxy for some time now and this is the first time they've been taken advantage of in such a way. The theft took place yesterday evening, during the ERE's latest convoy run. Eleven pod pilots were recruited from the local channel in Algogille, with a [...]

                                                                            Research project raises controversies

                                                                            • YC107-10-11

                                                                              THE FORGE. Stirring once again the otherwise calm Caldari FTL comm channel, researchers required pod-pilots' logistic assistance. As reported earlier this week, Mr. Vance and Mr. Stats are purchasing a few thousand units of Electronic Parts offering to pay roughly 40% above average market values. Such good is legal and traded in vast amounts inside the Caldari State, yet their claims that the parts are to be used in an undisclosed “research project [that] is for [the] benefit of all of eve and not for [...]

                                                                              Hunt the Bounty – Round one

                                                                              • YC107-10-08

                                                                                Following the successful completion of his game show “Beat the tank” at the start of the month, Vincent Aslo ran the first round of his new game this week. This latest contest, titled “Hunt the bounty” involves contestants pursuing the eccentric Aslo around a solar system with the objective of catching him and winning the ‘bounty’ a monetary prize. The first round of “Hunt the Bounty” - the latest in a series of mini-games run by the former Gallente-Television host; was won by Aranel Tinuviel who [...]

                                                                                The difference between madness and ambition, an update on Evolution and BoB

                                                                                • YC107-10-06

                                                                                  We started discussing the history of Evolution briefly. They have been an established name for a few years and are well known for their ability to start or end a disagreement rather swiftly. They don’t allow people to stand in their way and are used to doing exactly what they want, in their own time. ‘Adapt or Die’ has been a favourite saying of Evolution in the past, according to SirMolle it’s not just a motto but fact. Considering their history this doesn’t sound too farfetched. It’s clear that [...]

                                                                                  Aslo's Tank is finally beaten

                                                                                  • YC107-10-01

                                                                                    Vincent Aslo held a third and final instalment of his "Beat The Tank" contest recently, suffering yet another defeat. His opponent this time around was a Deteis pod-pilot by the name of Pearl Charaxes. The reward was two million isk and, of course, the pride of hammering one of the richest men in the Federation. Though Mr. Aslo has stated that this will be the last round of "Beat The Tank", he hints that a new game, called "Hunt The Bounty", will be even more fun and rewarding. Coming to a system near [...]

                                                                                    Bloody protest against Concord

                                                                                    • YC107-09-28

                                                                                      Starting in Oursulaert Miz Cenuij has begun his protest against Concord, he is now moved on to protest in Jita and this is where I eventually meet him up with him. Miz Cenuij is a well known pirate and his protest is far from peaceful or silent. The pirates have suffered the unfair treatment of Concord long enough in silence, and Miz Cenuij has thought up a way that will make everyone’s soul scream. Whether that is in delight or disgust depends on whether you are a victim of Miz Cenuji or Concord. How [...]

                                                                                      Legion patrol receives support from local capsuleers

                                                                                      • YC107-09-27

                                                                                        During a routine tour of their new home space last weekend, a Mordu's Legion patrol received assistance from a number of resident capsuleer organisations operating within the Pure Blind region. Upon learning of the patrols intentions the capsuleer contingent, primarily made up of pilots from Cutting Edge Incorporated and Bladerunners offered their services in securing the area. Reinforced by these numerous capsuleer vessels, the patrol now numbering over twenty ships, and led by Lt. Amlerik Raun made [...]

                                                                                        Viqer Fell offers a new solution to the Amarr

                                                                                        • YC107-09-25

                                                                                          Continuing our series of interview, this time we present you a well known name in the Minmatar community: Viqer Fell. For friends he is the perfect picture of a loyal tribesman for his enemies he is a cold hearted psychopath or a troubled and disillusioned slave. Viqer fell started his pilot career as a miner, he met the other founders of his corporation and they quickly became friends, they shared the same ideas on the fate of their people. The corporation would grow famous under the name The [...]

                                                                                          Revolutionary thinking - A conversation with Jade Constantine

                                                                                          • YC107-09-23

                                                                                            The Interstellar Correspondents are happy to bring you a new series of articles which are based on interviews with famous or infamous capsule pilots. Today we bring to you Jade Constantine, a cunning troublemaker to foes and an enlightened soul to her friends. Jade was able to pay for her original education as a pilot because she had successfully sued her previous employer for negligence while she was recovering in the hospital. She worked for a period as an undercover Valentine agent for the Gallente [...]

                                                                                            Stargate changes alter the face of trading - Yulai in decay

                                                                                            • YC107-09-15

                                                                                              Yulai, once a vibrant trade hub, now slowly decaying. What used to be one of the largest open markets in our space has lost a significant portion of trade to other systems, a direct result of the stargate re-routing which took place almost two months ago, when the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic took action against rampant smuggling of illegal goods. The dwindling of trade in Yulai has not surprised trade moguls. Visiting Yulai, I had the opportunity to speak to KIAEddz, CEO of mercenary [...]

                                                                                              Speculation grows over Placid market orders

                                                                                              • YC107-09-09

                                                                                                Following last weeks reports of unusual buy orders in the Placid region, bars and other gathering places popular with merchants in key stations along the regions trade routes have been awash with rumours concerning the motivations of Jevako Niedboux, the man at the centre of these extraordinary dealings. Gossip and conjecture between traders increased today when Niedboux updated his market buy orders requesting further volumes of small arms and Caldari officer insignias, as well as placing several new [...]

                                                                                                ALMPC return with more events planned

                                                                                                • YC107-09-09

                                                                                                  The Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium ran a racing event back in June and, after a tough few months, they're back on track, planning another event for this Sunday. I had the opportunity to speak to Benilopax, CEO of the ALMPC, last night and he's very excited about the coming event which will run through most of the day, starting early in the afternoon. The two main races, to be held in the Kino system, are scheduled for 17:00 Eve Time and 19:00 Eve Time, both promising impressive rewards [...]

                                                                                                  Gladitorial combat spills into the public arena

                                                                                                  • YC107-08-29

                                                                                                    The rumours of gladiatorial raiding parties attacking Amarrian Vitoc convoys were confirmed late last night, as a convoy led by Edooba Ashwan was ambushed in the Rasile system. One Bestower, belonging to the Amarr Trade Registry, was destroyed in the conflict and many slaves onboard were taken by the seemingly rogue gladiators. The Impel carrying the Vitoc shipment escaped relatively unscathed, and Ashwan commended the pod pilots who helped to fight off the gladiators, mentioning Garreck, Pulgor, [...]

                                                                                                    The first Outpost, foundation for a new empire.

                                                                                                    • YC107-08-20

                                                                                                      In the system 5P-AIP it can be found, the privately owned outpost of Ascendant Frontier. It looks compact but can house the entire alliance and has all the luxuries a lonely pilot could want, including Quafe and a brothel, advertising in neon pink of course. A short interview was granted by Prometheus Wrong, the man who gave the station and the entire project its name. It was not so much as a project but more a mission that demanded the time of every alliance member, it asked for more then the usual [...]