Pilot Modelling Contest Winner Announced

Sarum Prime, Domain - On 18.3.113, Revan Neferis has announced the winner of the first series of the Sani Sabik modelling event.

Mercy Regard, member of Veto. has been declared winner of the competition. Revan Neferis told her why she was chosen: "You have given us the perfection we were seeking to demonstrate the soul of this event in a Sani Sabik perspective. Your achievement is to be celebrated for your intelligence, beauty inside and out, self-confidence, savvy and a contagious sensuality to become more sophisticated and edgy at each step of our competition... you showed me why you are different than the others in the very core of your soul."

In response to winning, Mercy Regard stated: "Reading this announcement has left me with quite a smile on my face."

Fellow contestants congratulated Mercy on her success, such as Izanami Rei who said: "She is beautiful, congratulations." While other capsuleers were not so keen, such as Killer Gandry who expressed his view: "Though I don't agree with this I can see as why this was decided."

Mercy suggested that a following season of the competition would be a welcomed event: If I am allowed to do so, I would love to return in Season Two to defend my title." To her fellow competitors that entered the event, Mercy merely asks of them to "stay beautiful".

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