The Hull Miners Union Celebrates 4th Anniversary

PC9-AY, Syndicate - 19.2.113 marked the 4th anniversary for the combat-focused corporation, The Hull Miners Union [ONION].

The corporation was formed by a small group of like-minded pilots who wanted no more than to "have fun" and shoot other pilots. They started as a pirate corp of five members and were known to roam in the Maut system of the Placid region. From those meagre beginnings, ONION has become a part of Northern Coalition and is claimed to have more than 38,000 kills to their name.

According to former CEO and one of the founding members, Moridin Bashere, they joined Chaos Incarnate "for a bit" for their first alliance where they were focused on "sov warfare in the drone regions". They later moved to the Syndicate region so they could focus on "small gang" warfare. Bashere explained why: "We didn't grow right away and mainly stayed around twenty pilots during that time."

They went on to create the alliance Gentlemen's Club [STRPR], however left after little more than a year, always preferring small gang action, something Bashere believes, as he claimed that "nano fleets" are their "specialty".

They have been unable to find themselves a permanent home it seems, however through the years, they have always been able to maintain their core members and now average about eighty pilots. When asked how they manage to keep their pilots, Bashere explained: "We are a fun corp. Most corps worry about the ISK coming in and what they need to buy with it. Our guys the first thing they ask when they log in is are there any gangs going... we concentrate mostly on the [combat]."

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The Hull Miners Union Killboard
Corporate Announcement

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