Corporation Offers Prize in Anticipation of 10,000th Kill

Ammold, Heimatar - Cloak and Daggers corporation, [C-D] member of the –Mostly Harmless- alliance, is approaching a grand total of 10,000 enemy ship destructions.

To mark the occasion, the capsuleer from C-D who destroys the 10,000th vessel will be awarded 1 billion ISK or a faction battleship of their choice. In the event of multiple corporation members being involved in the engagement, the 1 billion ISK will be divided equally amongst them. The prize was decided by Xalib Zondo, CEO of C-D.

Speaking to Signaldog, member of C-D, he revealed where the idea for the prize first began: "We have a group of close knit players, who have taken great pride in being a successful combat corporation. As we have progressed, we have discovered that we are nearing our 10,000th combat kill. In order to more rapidly approach this goal, our corporation directors came up with this competition."

Signaldog also told of how the competition has improved morale and motivation within C-D: "Overall, the corporation pushes for a better reputation within our alliance and within the Northern Coalition, but this competition has quickened the pace. We have seen a small surge in active pilots within the corporation and all our pilots are constantly jockeying to be the winner."

C-D member, AARC described how he felt about the competition and how he believes it is not to be taken too seriously: "I personally think it's something that brings the corporation members closer to each other. I think it's something to have fun about."

The on-going campaign against the Northern Coalition has demanded a change in the location of key assets, however these factors have not the efforts of C-D capsuleers as Signaldog explained: "As always, the battlefield remains fluid and we have relocated some of our assets to safer systems, but this has had little to no effect on our pilots as they are well trained and equipped. We will continue to maintain our status as a fighting force within the -Mostly Harmless- alliance."

When asked how enemy forces have responded to this competition, Signaldog explained that so far, well-guarded communication has prevented enemy forces from becoming aware of any such competition: "I don't think our enemies are currently aware of this competition as we keep a close eye on our communications. We are only a small piece of a much larger fighting force."

General Thunderbolt, CEO of MERCENARY GUERILLA WARFARE, a corporation who regularly engages in combat with -Mostly Harmless- alliance, gave his opinion on their combat abilities: "well some of them are good but most of them are not. Mostly useless, mostly harmless, now - Mostly dead."

The 10,000th kill will soon be achieved and the Intersteller Correspondents will be looking to bring you the announcement of the winner of the 1 billion ISK or the faction ship when awarded.

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