United Front Alliance Disbanding

Branch - Following the forfeit of their Alliance Tournament IX Pre-Qualifying match, The Interstellar Correspondents can confirm that as of 4.5.113, United Front Alliance [UNIT] will begin disbanding.

Quoting from a UNIT leadership mail circular from IceMen24, it read: "Sorry to tell you that we will disband UNIT in 10 days."

The message continues as to the reasons for the disbandment: "Northern Coalition [NC] is dead and the plan for the future from Razor Alliance include only some old Northern Coalition allies. Only allies with a relationship [to Razor Alliance] will be set blue."

It continued to explain that due to UNIT’s position as Razor Alliance pets, they would have no standings to Razor Alliance future contacts: "So with United Front Alliance as "pet" ally from Razor Alliance we can't get you blue to those who are blue to Razor Alliance. We need a load of work now to get Razor Alliance working again and better so we have no time to run a "pet" ally."

STURMOVIKA, member of UNIT, revealed that there had already been an evacuation order to members of UNIT for the Branch Region two weeks ago: "We got told to move our shiny stuff to a safe station in empire. We moved our expensive ratting ships into low-sec and only had combat ships here in Branch and Tribute. After the situation got worse, we started to evacuate our non-combat ships to Venal. We have nearly finished it, so the losses are at a minimum... two days ago we got the order to evacuate the regions of Branch, Tenal and Tribute as soon as possible."

VAGABONDR, another member of UNIT, expressed how he felt about it all: "I think it's horrible, but we have nothing else to do here." When asked if he believed the lack of cohesion in the Northern Coalition is to blame, he replied, "Yes, though the enemy is too strong, and goons are traitors, they could make a difference. Many of the United corps joined the battle, we were one, and they [Goons] just reset in without warning".

IceMen24, who wrote the official disbandment mail circular to UNIT, explained to us the backstory of why this happened: "Razor Alliance moved out of Tenal and Branch to get stuff safe but with the fall from the Northern Coalition we have no place or time to handle a pet ally [United Front Alliance]. Also we are talking about the future from Razor Alliance and we thinK there is no place for a pet ally.’

IceMen24 then finished by saying that once the disbanding of UNIT is complete there may be a chance for some capsuleers to join Razor Alliance, he stated that they are only accepting single capsuleers and not corporations into the alliance.

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