BIG Merchant Bank of EVE Celebrates Fifth Year of Operation

Jita, The Forge - One of the oldest surviving publically-owned enterprises in New Eden, BIG Merchant Bank [BMBE] recently celebrated its fifth birthday.

The BIG Merchant Bank is part of the BIG family of services run by Tornsoul. BIG is perhaps most famous for the BIG Lottery, but over the years a number of services have arisen based on BIG's reputation for honesty and reliability.

Despite occasional setbacks and an attempt at an outright takeover by Eefrit from EVE Financial Services four years ago, Tornsoul has managed to keep control of one of the largest companies in New Eden, and even show a profit.

According to CEO Tornsoul, there was some doubt when she first came up with the idea, but it soon caught on and there are now a number of competitors, though many others have closed up shop following internal thefts and embezzlement.

After five successful years of operation, BIG Merchant Bank of EVE remains in business, offering large-scale ISK loans with interest rates of 1 - 2% a week on secured collateral.

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