Pandemic Legion Attack Z-UZZN

Z-UZZN, Querious - On 15.3.11, Pandemic Legion [-100] invaded Z-UZZN, resulting in the Atlas. alliance [ATLAS] owned station, ‘Z-U ATLAS LAZY HOUSE’ being placed into reinforced mode.

Public relations Officer for Against All Authorities [.-A-.], bl4xy, explained that they were aware that -100 were forming a fleet but also believed that the station would be saved. He said: ‘We have eyes in their staging system 24/7 so we know when they are forming up. Knowing PL they’ll always come for a fight, win-win for everyone. We were expecting to save the station, or at least have a good fight in the process.’'Z-U ATLAS LAZY HOUSE' in reinforced mode

When asked about .-A-. and allied forces relationship with -100, bl4xy said, ‘we know PL isn’t in this to control space and I doubt they want Querious. Everyone’s in this for fights - tensions aren’t any higher than between any other two enemies.’

In closing, bl4xy stated: ‘As always, great fun having a fleet fight, especially against decent opponents who can hold their own for a change.'

Elise Randolph, member of -100, explained the reasons for invading Z-UZZN: ‘We reinforced the Z-UZZN system because it was close to them and close to us - a nice venue for both parties to have good fights.’’

There was a suspected combined loss of more than 400 ships in the fight which saw the station go into reinforced mode and with both sides apparently eager for fights, further confrontations seem likely sooner than later.

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Battle report

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