Against All Authorities Settles into Reclaimed Space

HY-RWO, Catch - Over the course of the last few months, Against All Authorities [.-A-.] have been successfully assaulting and reclaiming much of their former territory in the regions of Catch and Stain.

.-A-. had been evicted from their regions by a combined force comprising of The Initiative. and White Noise. amongst others. Since then they have undergone a time of refreshment, "after the long period of stagnation", as Mutafakaz, long-time member of the Russian Thunder Squad, put it.

Many old and new combat pilots had been joining the Alliance, boosting the total fighting numbers despite the relative lack of Fleet commanders and enabling .-A-. to recapture their territory, which was also possible thanks to allied forces, a big part to "Stain Empire".

As a group, the pilots of .-A-. seem to agree that their operations were a success and as alliance diplomat Christos Hendez explained, they "are quite proud of that".

Questions about future campaigns yielded no further comment from Against All Authorities. White Noise. and The Initiative. were also unavailable for comment regarding future relations between the two alliances at time of writing.

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