Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

zKillboard rewards 50 millionth recorded kill

  • YC117-11-17

    Squizz Caphinator, the owner of zKillboard, has been waiting for eight years to give out a reward for a secret contest. Every capsuleer in New Eden was taking part, although none of them knew it. On November 5th, YC117, the moment he had been waiting for finally arrived - the 50 millionth kill since December of 2007 had occurred, but due to the exact 50 millionth kill being an unreported kill, the 50 000 001th kill was the winning kill for the contest. Revileushin Eyri had unknowingly won the two [...]

    Amarr Championships - Day 3 Eliminations - 14:45 UTC!

    • YC117-11-15

      Day three of the Amarr Championships is upon us, and will begin at 15:00 UTC today, streamed live on the CCP Games twitch channel starting at 14:45 UTC. The rulesets for this weekend of the Amarr Championships can be found here, and the general ruleset is available here along with the schedule. Today's six matches will see six hopeful champions for the Royal Houses of Amarr slashed to two, who will face eachother live on stage at Fanfest 2016 to decide the new Sovereign of the Amarr Empire. Tune in [...]

      Amarr Championships House Champions determined

      • YC117-11-13

        The first round of the Amarr Championships have concluded, and each House now knows who the champion is who will be representing them in the final battle for supremacy. The IC managed to obtain comment from the stewards of each house on their competition, and their goals for the Empire. House Ardishapur traces its lineage back to the days of the Reclaiming, when it was a member of the Council of Apostles. The Family is known for conservatism and is very religious. They once held the Bleak Lands, but [...]

        Announcing the Contenders of the Amarr Championships

        • YC117-10-16

          Hello Players We're pleased to announce the full list of contenders participating in the Amarr Championships. These pilots are currently assembling their teams, and we will be announcing the full list of retainers flying with each contender once they have been confirmed. House Ardishapur: Rodj Blake Venix SoulLess Zealot Laerise House Kador: Max Singularity Joshua Mistweaver Ithica Hawk Fafer House Khanid: Tyrrax Thorrk Damassys Kadesh Soldarius Edeity House Kor-Azor: Aldrith Shutaq Uriel Paradisi [...]

          Corporation Spotlight: Imperial Dreams

          • YC117-10-09

            In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the next in our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series. This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Imperial Dreams. Imperial Dreams was a founding corporation of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], a well knownAmarr loyalist alliance that operates under NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) rules even in nullsec. Many of the pilots who fly with Imperial Dreams want a sense of purpose; [...]

            CSM X - Summit I - Day Two Meeting Minutes

            • YC117-09-16

              The first CSM X Summit is now in full swing, with the second day of sessions between the EVE Online Development Team and the Council of Stellar Management occuring yesterday. After a good 8 hours of talks, and while there are a couple of sessions which have to remain under NDA, we are happy to present the minutes for the second day, for your reading pleasure. PDF Version Raw Text Version We still have 2 days of the summit left to go and will be releasing the minutes over the course of the rest of the [...]

              Congratulations to the Alliance Tournament XIII Winner

              • YC117-08-31

                With the Alliance Tournament XIII Grand Final having played out and concluded last night we would like to congratulate the tournament champions, Warlords of the Deep. After being knocked into the elimination bracket by The Camel Empire, they carved their way through every team in their path to the finals for a rematch, where they ultimately triumphed over their rivals. Second place went to The Camel Empire, managing to make it all way to the Grand Finals without losing a series, and only losing a [...]

                Lazerhawks CEO shuts down diplomatic channel

                • YC117-08-04

                  By ISD Lunaire Elois Hot on the heels of the invasions of TDSIN and Gambrini's home systems, the political world of Wormhole Space was once more thrown into state of chaos when Lazerhawks CEO Hidden Fremen disbanded the neocom channels 'Join W-Space' and 'Rainbow Knights'. Founded over a year ago by Hidden Fremen, Rainbow Knights served as "an arena for discussion and to help corporations who want to grow and be prominent w-space entities." according to Fremen. The channel was host to several well- [...]

                  The Confessor; An Analysis

                  • YC117-07-10

                    Since its release to the public by the Amarr Empire, the Confessor has erupted in popularity with capsuleers throughout the cluster. Fast, hard hitting and highly adaptable, the Confessor is a combat vessel unlike any other. The Confessor, the result of a combined research project between capsuleers and the Amarr Empire, is an extremely adaptable vessel able to switch between three different 'Modes'. While in Propulsion mode, the Confessor receives bonuses to its inertia modifier and maximum velocity [...]

                    Drifters destroy Celebrations

                    • YC117-07-10

                      Disaster Strikes As Drifters Attack Capsuleer Celebration Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] was celebrated its 12th birthday on June 27th in Sarum Prime at approximately 16:00 New Eden Time. The celebration included a great display of Amarr unity, as called for by Empress Jamyl Sarum . Some capsuleers had been waiting in the system for over two hours to participate in the event. In addition to over 200 capsuleers, the Amarr navy was also present. Among the many speeches JedsZero had this to say: "The [...]

                      Corporations in the spotlight : Rapid Withdrawal

                      • YC117-06-29

                        In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the next in our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series. This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Rapid Withdrawal. Rapid Withdrawal specialises in faction warfare, currently based out of the 0.3 system Sujarento in the Citadel. They are currently "fighting for the glory of the Gallente." Rapid Withdrawal participates in a number of activities ranging from DED sites, level [...]

                        Alliance Tournament XIII Draw Results

                        • YC117-06-11

                          Greetings glory-seeking spaceship pilots A total of 90 teams have put their names forward to enter Alliance Tournament XIII, but only 64 will be chosen to compete in this grueling contest. For Alliance Tournament XIII, we extended the option to the teams that placed in the top 16 of Alliance Tournament XIII to directly buy-in to the tournament. Of those 16 teams, the 12 that elected to exercise this option are: The Camel Empire Nulli Secunda Pandemic Legion The Tuskers Co. The Afterlife. THE R0NIN [...]

                          Corporation Spotlight: Pro Synergy

                          • YC117-05-27

                            In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the next in our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series. This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Pro Synergy; looting and salvaging specialists who operate in systems across high sec. The corporation seems to be thriving despite changes to the rules and regulations governing salvaging and looting of wrecks. Most of these changes are a result of the appearance of salvage [...]

                            Wormhole Fight Escalates As Residents Repel Major Invasion

                            • YC117-05-27

                              Conflict between capsuleers in wormhole space is not exactly an infrequent occurrence. The pirates and marauders that inhabit unknown space are dangerous and bloodthirsty individuals who fight and kill friends and foes alike on a daily basis. Many capsuleers are forcibly ejected from Unknown Space if they are unwilling to fight or if their actions prove toxic to the capsuleer community within J-Space. The Dark Space Initiative (TDSIN) is one of the many corps who actively take up arms against other [...]

                              Corporation Spotlight: Theoretical Heresy

                              • YC117-05-18

                                In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the next in our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series. This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Theoretical Heresy (founded 2011.07.05) of the Fatal Ascension alliance. IC had the opportunity to speak with the CEO Maidas Mulligan. Fatal Ascension is one of the larger 0.0 alliances, and is currently in the process of a controlled withdrawal from 0.0 pending its [...]

                                BIG Lottery 12th Anniversary Round Begins!

                                • YC117-04-27

                                  The BIG Lottery 12th Anniversary Round (#313) has begun! Ticket sales for the Anniversary Round (#313) will run from today, through until Sunday, May 10th and the winners will be drawn on Monday, May 11th, 2015. Prizes are as follows: ISK ISK ISK ISK ISK For more information on the BIG Lottery, New Eden's largest and longest running non-profit lottery, as well as details on how to buy tickets, you can check out the BIG Website here.

                                  Pilot Profile: Nbonga

                                  • YC117-04-21

                                    Thera If any one pilot could be said to be 'winning' the Fountain conflict, it would have to be Thera-based Nbonga, who has racked up 655 mostly-solo kills in March with only 25 losses. According to EVE-Kill, an enemy has a 3.45% chance of survival against his solo Sabre, and he has an efficiency rating of 97.66%. Taking advantage of intelligence, Nbonga is often able to find the best places to wait in ambush - high-traffic stargates in low-or null-sec systems, where he can expect large numbers of [...]

                                    Corporation Spotlight: Es and Whizz

                                    • YC117-04-16

                                      In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the first of our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series. Our first target in the spotlight is the corporation "Es and Whizz" of "Hedonistic Imperative" [RELAX] who on the 5th of this month celebrated its 10th anniversary. The corporation evolved from a humble smuggling operation moving illegal goods within the empires to a full blown manufacturing concern providing an end-to- [...]

                                      Catch Region Faces Change

                                      • YC117-04-15

                                        Catch - Infamous for being one of the bloodiest and most heated regions in all of 0.0 security space and neighbor to Immensea, home to B-R5RB, site of one of the largest battle in New Eden 's history, the citizens of Catch are no strangers to war. For about a year, the HERO coalition has occupied Catch and has suffered constant invasions from every side. Since their occupation of GE-8JV it has become one of the deadliest system in the Cluster with ship deaths numbering in the hundreds on a slow day. [...]

                                        The BHAstion

                                        • YC117-04-08

                                          Genesis - Moon mining, the process of extracting the minerals of a nearby moon, is one of the most lucrative and profitable operations an aspiring corporation or alliance can attempt. The minerals extracted from these moons have a great variety of industrial uses and require one to place a tower in a moon 's orbit in order to extract this resource. With so many requirements, moon minerals have become very valuable on the market but none are as valuable as the extremely rare minerals known as "R64s". [...]

                                          Basgerin Pirate

                                          • YC117-03-30

                                            Las Vegas - Walking into any room where a significant number of capsuleers have gathered is always interesting. Typically, the room darkens slightly, no matter how brightly lit the area is as the color of attire is predominantly grey and black. The second noticeable fact is that they are often loud. Laughing, cheering and jeering drowns out most other sounds. I know it is a generalization, but it seems that they love to be heard, if not necessarily seen. On one particular occasion, upon entering a [...]

                                            Rare Revenant-Class Supercarrier Downed in Impass

                                            • YC117-03-06

                                              Impass - In the outlying regions of 0.0 capsuleers make a hobby of obtaining and flying the most valuable or 'shiny' ships they can possibly find. Among the vast archives of possible targets these pirates search for, none is more shiny then the Revenant-class Supercarrier, designed by Sansha's Nation to lead major incursions into Empire space. Before now it is believed that only two Capsuleer-piloted Revenants have ever been destroyed, until the recent loss of Ingeneer's Revenant in Impass. Image of a [...]

                                              Tensions heat up between several wormhole residents

                                              • YC117-02-20

                                                Wormhole space continues to offer riches and dangers to capsuleers new and old. It is not uncommon for squabbles over these lucrative pockets to break out, and one such fight seems to be brewing between Hard Knocks Inc. (HK) and No Holes Barred (NOHO). Wormhole space, or w-space, as it is known to many is largely unknown to many capsuleers. However there are large numbers of pilots who flock to the uncharted systems in search of wealth and fortune. Within the secluded systems ruled by ship-affecting [...]