Pilot Modelling Competition Down to Final Five

Sarum Prime, Domain - A Sani Sabik modelling contest, hosted by Revan Neferis, has judged the field down to a final 5 of 100 original entrants. Announcement of the final winner is expected shortly, along with the distribution of the 2 billion ISK prize fund.

As a Sani Sabik event, the contest emphasizes beauty as a sign of an entrant's genetic traits and a model's attitude, history and reputation is therefore also likley to influence the judges. Certain challenges of an undisclosed nature were also undertaken in private by the finalists.

The contest was limited to 100 entrants, with a panel of five judges: event host and former leader of Bloodveil, Revan Neferis of Propaganda Due; Darveses of printcraft; former leader of Glamour Syndicate, Kaleigh Doyle of Seduction Studios; Koronakesh from Noir. Mercenary Group and Vlad Cetes of Destructive Influence.

Entrants were also judged on their answers to the question "Why do you want to be top?" and encouraged to "Be creative, be harsh, be daring, play dirty and bring us your best shot!" in their replies.

The final five models competing for the 2 billion ISK in prizes are: Killer Gandry of Red Horizon; former co-CEO of the Guiding Hand Social Club, Istvaan Shogaatsu (now a member of Rogue Drone Systems); Aliastra pilot jetena, Mercy Regard and Fort (both from Veto.). Announcement of the final winner and the exact nature of the prize is expected soon.

GalNet References

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