Pandemic Legion Loses 42 Billion ISK in Robbery

H-PA29, Venal - Pandemic Legion had an estimated 50 billion ISK in assets stolen when now-former member Saint Schala became disgruntled with his corporation-mates on 03.02.113.

The loot is believed to be mainly spaceship hulls, with an estimated 32 dreadnoughts, 3 carriers and a number of advanced cruisers being claimed stolen.

Saint Schala said he also took all the wallet of the SniggWaffe corporation but gave it back on a second thought, explaining that he didn't wish the young pilots of Sniggwaffe to be helpless due to his actions.

Saint Schala sold the fruits of his heist back to Sniggerdly for approximately 42 billion ISK, 8 billion ISK less than their real value.​ "A trusted friend in PL acted as a middle man for negotiations," he explained.

With the 42 billion ISK proceeds from his successful heist against Pandemic Legion to sustain him, Saint Schala said he now plans to move to low security systems for a while and might join a corporation where other thieves have regrouped. He stated "I wouldnt expect anyone to give me access to large assets now, it doesn't bother me."

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