Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Federal Defense Union to enter Alliance Tournament

  • YC110-12-19

    Orvolle - In a speech delivered yesterday from the Orvolle system, Federal Defense Union commander Corbolia Palmezine issued a challenge to the Union's pilots. Palmezine detailed a plan to identify the top capsuleers within the Union, and grant them the authority to organize a team to represent the union in the upcoming Alliance Tournament. Palmezine recognized the immense challenge posed by the Alliance tournament, but fully supported the decision to enter a team sponsored by the Federal Defense [...]

    Alliance Tournament VI Signups Open Tomorrow!

    • YC110-12-18

      The Sixth Alliance Tournament is fast approaching, and signups for this popular tournament will begin on Friday, 19th December at 11:00 GMT. You can find the sign-up page here. This year's tournament is not just limited to Alliances; Faction Militias has been invited to participate as well. You can learn more about the signup process for Alliances and Faction Militias here. We also recently announced our new team of Expert commentators who will join us in Iceland for the tournament in early February. [...]

      Returning Pirates Ambush CVA Fleet

      • YC110-12-18

        G-5EN2, Providence - It has been over a year since the last Celtic Anarchy fleet roamed the skies of New Eden. In recent weeks, however, the former corporations of Anarchy Empire have celebrated their old comrades' return with fast raiding gangs striking in Minmatar hit-and-run style. One such gang headed to Providence to set a trap for old foes Curatores Veritas Alliance (more commonly known as CVA). Sky Fox of Celtic Anarchy [K.O.S] spoke about the corporation's return: "The glorious workers and [...]

        Mistake Costs Pilot Billions

        • YC110-12-08

          Hedion, Domain, The Amarr Empire - Two weeks ago, a moment's forgetfulness cost Kaos Erebus an Obelisk and several billion ISK worth of cargo. The Sniggwaffe pilot, flagged as a -2.0 security risk in the global CONCORD database, entered the 1.0-rated Hedion system, triggering the stargate's automatic warning alarm. Within minutes, Sarum Family forces detained and destroyed his ship. He was forced to flee Hedion in his pod, leaving behind the remains of his personal goods in the wreck of the freighter. [...]

          Veto. Celebrates Third Birthday

          • YC110-12-03

            K3JR-J, Venal - The 20th of November marked the third birthday of notorious pirate corporation, Veto. Former Federation Citizen #D-03071984/FNA395 turned Gurista loyalist, Ethan Verone shed a little light on the corporation - its past, present and possible future. "We started out as a ten man corporation founded as an anti-CONCORD Assembly movement. There were tough times at first, as we attacked targets many times our size. When we eventually decided to allow ourselves to grow, the corporation grew [...]

            EVE Alliance Tournament VI

            • YC110-12-01

              The Sixth Alliance Tournament has been announced! We're returning with a full cast of commentators, experts, explosions and it will be broadcasted live! Read more in CCP Mindstar's dev blog, and head on over to discuss it in the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussions forum.

              State of the Militia

              • YC110-11-30

                Iesa - Nearly six months ago the Amarr militia was formed for the purpose of protecting the empire's interests. Since the very beginning we have had a smaller, but more dedicated force, which has fought tirelessly to dispatch the ships of our enemies and to secure occupancy over vital systems. In order to mark this milestone we have spoken to our fellow crusaders about their views on the state of the militia. Mad Scot, receiver of the Kourmonen Campaign Medal, was asked how he thought the militia has [...]

                Brotherhood of Sparta builds first known Orca Industrial Vessel

                • YC110-11-25

                  On November 14th, 110 at 07:43, the Brotherhood of Sparta Corporation completed their first Orca industrial vessel. They believe this is the first ship of its kind to be produced following the public release of the long awaited blueprint. Amendment : Recently leaked ship manufacturing and registry information(viewable here) has indicated that the above data is incorrect. An update will be posted when we have more information. Most small corporations dream of being the first group to accomplish [...]

                  First Sub-Capital Titan Kill Confirmed

                  • YC110-11-23

                    Following further investigation into the destruction of a RAZOR alliance Erebus on the 21st, sources have come to light revealing that this was not the first sub-capital titan kill. On 06.11.110, at approximately 01:30 am, the Erebus titan "Hope of Heaven," belonging to F4ze of Triumvirate. was destroyed after being bumped out from its sheltering control tower by Pandemic Legion agents. Mr Rive, of Black Omega Security corporation, piloting an Eris, trapped the super-capital within a warp interdiction [...]

                    Heart torn from Racing League

                    • YC110-11-19

                      NEW EDEN - In a recent turn of events, capsuleer Gyra Rho, the heart of the Interstellar Racing League for the last 5 seasons, was forced to quit her position as race planner, organiser and official judge due to overwhelming commitments dirtside. In an official statement Ms Rho said 'Due to an unfortunate series of events, I will no longer be able to perform my duties as organizer of the Racing League...It is with a heavy heart that I do this on such short notice, but circumstances have diverted my [...]

                      Iron Alliance Titan downed in VFK-IV

                      • YC110-11-06

                        Deklein - On the morning of the 22 nd August, Imperial Republic of the North (IRON) lost 1 titan to Band of Brothers (BoB) alliance forces. The Avatar class vessel, piloted by Capsuleer Lord2evil , was ambushed as it came into action to defend a cynosural jammer, according to the attackers reports. TheArchJudge , Public Relations representative of Finfleet and witness to the event, gave BoB's version of events: "SirMolle had something special planned for us. Having scanned the safe-spot the night [...]

                        Second BoB Titan Downed

                        • YC110-10-31

                          The Northern Coalition forces destroyed a second Avatar class Titan in Obe. Obe was the scene of another Greater BoB Community vs. Northern Coalition battle yesterday. Pod pilots present at this battle numbered about half of those active at the E-OGL4 battles, but the Northern Coalition deployed a much larger percentage of dreadnoughts than in previous engagements. The dreadnought-heavy composition of the fleet allowed the Northern Coalition to destroy a second BoB Titan in less than a week. More [...]

                          Titan and Two Motherships Downed in E-OGL4

                          • YC110-10-30

                            Northern Coalition and Greater BoB Community forces met in battle on the 26th and 27th of this month in the E-OGL4 star system. Over 1,000 pilots were present during the exchanges and hundreds of ships were lost, including two GBC motherships and a GBC titan. Despite some earlier setbacks, it appears that The GBC "Max Damage" offensive has been steadily advancing into the Tribute region via the Taisy/M-OEE8/E-OGL4 corridor. The NC has been successfully holding a defensive position in the next system [...]

                            BOB Titan Destroyed in E-OGL4

                            • YC110-10-27

                              Tribute Region, 20:30 - Initial reports from E-OGL4 indicate that Northern Coalition forces have successfully destroyed an Avatar class Titan piloted by Shrike of the Band of Brothers Alliance. Information is scarce as the battle is still underway in E-OGL4. Reports from the field suggest additional super-capital losses from Band of Brothers, but as of yet these are unconfirmed reports only. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

                              Wedding Celebration To Be Held In Rens

                              • YC110-10-08

                                Pod pilot Ezekiel Nelson has announced the wedding celebration of corp mate Torahna to be held in the Rens star system at 22:00 on the evening of October 8th. The celebration will include a public lottery as well as some light entertainment. The lottery is a 1 million isk per ticket affair. The pot will start at 300 million isk and grow with ticket purchases. First prize in the lottery wins the jackpot of isk, second prize will be an unfitted standard battleship of winner's choice, and third prize [...]

                                Vale of the Silent Conflict Grows

                                • YC110-09-29

                                  TVN-FM , Though the battle rages between Band of Brothers and the Northern Coalition in Pure Blind and Deklein, the Northern Coalition has sent forces to engage Triumvirate in Vale of the Silent. Triumvirate are in the process of conquering Hydra Alliance's systems in the region; should they succeed, then Northern Coalition alliance PURE. will find themselves engaged on two fronts. Triumvirate. spokesman Sha'blach painted a grim picture (though one Triumvirate members seem to face with relish) of the [...]

                                  Molea Cemetery Destroyed by Jihadswarm

                                  • YC110-09-28

                                    Azia Burgi's cemetery was destroyed earlier this week by the JihadSwarm faction of GoonSwarm. Dozens of corpses have been stolen and several surviving caskets have been defaced. Forgotten by many, the cemetery was the solo project of Azia Burgi. As reported in an article early this year, Azia "…thought it was a little sad that people just left their victims corpses alone in space after such a violent death. " Azia began collecting these corpses and placing them in secure "caskets" to be anchored in [...]

                                    Alliances Continue to Support Militias

                                    • YC110-09-18

                                      Despite CONCORD restrictions, large alliances continue to support the militias. While some provide indirect or clandestine support, others have been more overt about their efforts. Ushra'Khan and Electus Matari are two alliances that have been publicly supporting the Matari militia's cause. During the opening weeks of the militia formations, The Tribal Liberation Force appeared to be on an almost unstoppable rampage across Amarr contested space. Offering little resistance, many considered the Amarrian [...]

                                      The Star Fraction launches Erebus-class Titan

                                      • YC110-09-17

                                        Black Rise - The Star Fraction completed the construction of an Erebus class Titan last week and has moved it into the Black Rise region for operations against the State Protectorate militia. As told last month, The Star Fraction has been conducting operations against the Caldari militia by fighting against those that support the "tyrant" Heth. Previously limited to war declarations on selected State Protectorate member corporations, Star Fraction intends to raise the bar with the introduction of the [...]

                                        Militia pilots slaughtered by comrades

                                        • YC110-09-12

                                          Rancer - The war continues with numerous brave capsuleers giving their lives to ensure the freedom that we all hold dear. These capsuleers now face a new threat, not only do they have to watch for the Federation forces but also for rogue elements within the State Protectorate itself, one such element are the members of a corporation by the name of 'The United'. The United is a self confessed 'pirate' based corporation that has decided to join the militia not to aid the Caldari cause but to line their [...]

                                          Hydra Outpost Conquered by Reunited Triumvirate Alliance

                                          • YC110-08-17

                                            TVN-FM, Vale of the Silent - Triumvirate. [TRI] alliance recently announced the conquest of Hydra Alliance's [HYDRA] "Hydraponics" outpost in TVN-FM, a system straddling two routes into Tribute and close to areas of useful resources. The fall of the outpost marked the culmination of a startlingly swift campaign... or was this just the beginning? Birth of an Outpost Splagada of Tides of Silence corporation was in charge of Hydra Holdings Inc's finances at the time, which made him responsible for [...]

                                            ISGC Racing League Season V - Round up

                                            • YC110-08-15

                                              New Eden - Season V has recently come to a close and has been one of the most successful seasons for the League with an increase in the number of racers and teams, it has however also been a season of upsets, firstly with the death of Kendar Zek a great supporter of the league and well known philanthropist, and secondly with the title for the frigate class going to a rookie. The individual prizes this season went to: demon flir - [Scuderia Caille] Individual Frigate Champion Takashi Kurosawa - [...]

                                              Alliances Involved In Militia Politics

                                              • YC110-08-12

                                                The Emergency Militia War Powers Act prohibits pod pilot alliances from joining the militias. Despite the prohibition, some large alliances are becoming actively involved in militia politics. Star Fraction has openly declared war on corporations that have joined the Caldari militia; the State Protectorate. For over a month, Star Fraction has been selectively targeting the corporations of fleet commanders in the Caldari militia. Jade Constantine tells us: “Any corporation that describes itself as a [...]

                                                Odamia Retaken By Federal Forces

                                                • YC110-08-09

                                                  After two months of occupation, the system of Odamia has been reclaimed by Federal forces. In a three day operation called “Operation Padlock”, members of Mixed Metaphor corporation successfully recaptured Odamia, the first system seized by a militia since the Emergency Militia War Powers Act was enacted. CEO Andreus Ixiris of MXD tells us that the heroes of the day were Dreadchain, Gabriel Karade, and Carlos Jaeger. These three pilots were pivotal in taking the control bunker in the system. The past [...]

                                                  Premade Outpost Platforms

                                                  • YC110-08-09

                                                    Evolving Markets - Thousands of items trade hands on GalNet daily. Most items are relatively easy to build and are aimed at the average pod pilot. One pilot on GalNet has decided to try something different; create a product that is both time and resource consuming to build, and offer it for auction to the alliance that has the funds and space to deploy it. An Outpost Platform can cost anywhere from 25 to 30 billion isk to build. Purchasing and transporting the goods, as well as the time involved in [...]

                                                    Morality and Legality

                                                    • YC110-08-07

                                                      Two of the main professions pod pilots engage in are mission running and mining. With these occupations attracting such large numbers, it is of little surprise to most that there are other more shady lines of work that thrive off the efforts of these pilots, namely ore theft and “ninja” salvaging. Although victims of these two activities question the morality of what they consider stealing, they also begrudgingly admit that the “thieves” are well within the bounds of current law. Ore Theft Almost as [...]

                                                      Battle In Southern Corridor

                                                      • YC110-07-26

                                                        On the evening of the 25th, Against ALL Authorities alliance engaged a mixed fleet including members of Paxton Federation, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, and Sev3rance in SV5-8N. Reports indicate that as many as five -A- titans were involved. HED-GP is considered the beginning of the southern route from empire space into the regions of Catch, Stain, Esoteria and Paragon Soul; any alliance holding the corridor can wreak havoc on supply lines for other alliances. With [...]

                                                        First State Tower Destroyed by Federal Forces

                                                        • YC110-07-13

                                                          After a two day effort, Federal forces led by SSgt Sniper succeeded in destroying the first verified State Protectorate tower in the Villasen system. The tower, deployed by the Secretariate corporation, was discovered on a routine recon sweep by Sniper’s corporation. The tower was determined to be of a research/invention type, and it was decided to remove the structure at once. Stiff resistance was put up by State Fleet Commander Daniel Jackson’s force in two decisive engagements. With the defeat of [...]

                                                          Max Damage Minimized in Deklein

                                                          • YC110-07-13

                                                            Deklein - In the early hours of the 10th, Band of Brothers attempted to use its new ‘Maximum Damage’ warfare philosophy. The current residents of the region, Imperial Republic Of the North, stopped the juggernaut in three decisive battles. Unable to bring the full force of its MAX assault into Deklein due to cynosural jammers, BoB was forced to use conventional ships in the opening moves. The initial attack occurred in VFK-IV where BoB attempted to neutralize the system’s cynosural jammer. Although [...]

                                                            The Max Age Has Begun

                                                            • YC110-07-10

                                                              Band of Brothers has initiated an operation they call “Maximum Damage”, or the “Max Age” for short. In the first of four planned deployments, Shrike has led the first team of over 350 capital ships and 600 support ships into a staging area in Saranen, Lonetrek. Once all four deployments have been completed, they will work in concert to sweep through the Northern regions laying waste to everything they can. As Shrike told us, “The capital age is here. We just moved 350 capitals 50 light years in 2 [...]

                                                              IC Presents: Faction Warfare Statistics

                                                              • YC110-07-10

                                                                POLARIS - The Interstellar Correspondents proudly present a new statistics service for the residents of EVE. The IC Faction Warfare Statistics System gives you the latest information available about the progress of the wars currently taking place between militias, wherever you are in the universe. From raw, searchable, pilot statistics to corporation information, rankings and historical graphs, the newly developed system will provide the data to you in an easy to understand format, straight to your [...]

                                                                Federal Pilots Raid Into Nourvukaiken

                                                                • YC110-07-07

                                                                  In another display of disdain for the Caldari Navy and the State Protectorate militia, Friedrick Psitalon and his Dead Parrot Shoppe comrades led a raid into the Nourvukaiken system on the evening of the sixth. Nourvukaiken has been a major staging area for the State Protectorate with easy access to Tama, an entry point into the contested zones. The stargate to Tama itself has been used repeatedly as an assembly point for State fleet ships. One such assembly was interrupted when Friedrick’s raiders [...]

                                                                  New Alliance Forms in Southern Regions - IAC Engages Roaming Gang

                                                                  • YC110-07-03

                                                                    A new alliance has recently formed in the southern reaches of the cluster. Members formerly of Triumvirate., Mercenary Coalition and Insurgency. came together in response to an idea put forth by Darknesss, CEO of D00M. corporation, forming The Requiem. INZi, CEO of one of the nine founding organizations, coracao ardente [CORA.] explained how they came together: "All the old Triumvirate. CEOs [have been] in a channel since Tri ended, and Darknesss was talking about creating a new alliance. We were [...]

                                                                    Taking the Fight to Jita

                                                                    • YC110-06-28

                                                                      Many State Protectorate pilots are content with hiding in Caldari Navy protected systems; many fleets have been spotted loitering around the gates leading to the contested zones. Most of these pilots feel safe in their strongholds and go about their normal day to day activities with impunity. Friedrick Psitalon and his pilots of The Dead Parrot Shoppe, Inc. have decided to disabuse them of this notion. In a daring night-time raid, Friedrick led his small tactical fleet through Perimeter and into Jita [...]

                                                                      Bringing Order to Chaos

                                                                      • YC110-06-26

                                                                        Anarchy reigns in the militia communication channels. No one knows what fleets are active, what they are doing, or who is commanding them. Within days of the formation of their militia, the Caldari had an effective organization. One Gallente pilot is trying to bring the same form of order to the Federal Defence Union. Aegis Commander Remy Valios of Strix Armaments and Defence has been actively seeking corporate CEOs and Fleet Commanders to work with him in establishing a general council. While the [...]

                                                                        Amarr Militia Free Ship Give Away

                                                                        • YC110-06-26

                                                                          Several people have gone to great lengths to support the Amarr Militia in their time of need. Most notable are HuLiGaNkA and DanFraser. DanFraser has been giving away fitted Punishers to any pilot who needs one and HuLiGaNkA has been working to supply DanFraser with the needed modules to fit the ships and is also directing all logistical support for the Militia. DanFraser's background is an interesting one. "Well, I signed up for the militia as soon as I could get the corporation joined up. I was [...]

                                                                          First Federal Defense Union Carrier Killed

                                                                          • YC110-06-26

                                                                            Heydieles - Federal Defence Union carrier class vessel destroyed. In the early hours of the 24th, the State Protectorate fleet commanded by Boromos engaged a Federal Defence Union fleet in the Heydieles system. "[The main Caldari] fleet was out in Old Man Star camping the Villore gate. They had about 80 people...I had intel that there was a 100 man Gallente fleet nearby so I started setting up a fleet to go back his ass I convoed [Boromos] and worked everything out, when I had about 40-50 [...]

                                                                            The State Re-Organises

                                                                            • YC110-06-24

                                                                              Nourvukaiken - The Secretary General in consultation with some of his top advisors has created four Directorates to assist in the running of the State militia forces. The four new Directorates are: Directorate of Strategic Planning [DSP] which will be headed by Drayco Directorate of Economic Affairs [DEA] which will be headed by Asquiro Directorate of Diplomatic Affairs [DDA] which will be headed by Krystal Engle Directorate of State Affairs [DSA] which will be headed by Manela Solaris Each [...]

                                                                              Infighting Threatens Militia Stability

                                                                              • YC110-06-19

                                                                                It has been less than two weeks since the formation of the Federal Defence Union militia and infighting between corporations has already begun. An incident earlier in the week has led to Phoenix Tribe declaring war on Pillowsoft; they are now actively pursuing and attacking their fellow militia members. During a fleet operation headed by Elijah Ghost, a member of Phoenix Tribe and a member of Pillowsoft accused each other of looting wrecks at a combat site; the argument turned ugly when the two [...]

                                                                                Fleet Strikes Deep Into Enemy Territory

                                                                                • YC110-06-16

                                                                                  Choonka – A fleet, on a mission from God, set out from Choonka with spirits high. Striking deep into enemy space, they secured several key positions while leaving the local forces running in circles. Darth A3ONZ led the crusade backed up by his Wing Commander Rogue Seven. The small fleet consisted of frigate class vessels and some support vessels. At one time, the fleet was forced to fall back from Ardar due to a large enemy fleet jumping into the system. Several of our brothers and sisters were lost [...]

                                                                                  Caldari Fleet Annihilated in Tama

                                                                                  • YC110-06-16

                                                                                    Despite even odds, a State Protectorate fleet of almost 80 pilots was crushed this evening by a Federal Defence fleet in Tama. Elijah Ghost's fleet arrived in Tama with only minutes to spare before the State Protectorate fleet warped in on them. Targets were called with confidence and dispatched with ease. Final assessments indicate the State Protectorate lost 75% - 80% of their fleet in this engagement. With losses barely above 25%, the Federal Defence fleet easily won the day. In a disturbing show [...]

                                                                                    Amarr Militia Awards Faithful Pilots

                                                                                    • YC110-06-15

                                                                                      Capsuleers who perform exceptional work for the militia, either by capturing strategic locations, or completing dangerous missions, are rewarded by the organisation with promotions. The prestigious ranks available at the upper echelons of the militia have been established to recognise pilots that strive far beyond their starting rank of Paladin Crusader. In the last 48 hours the first promotions have been issued, giving the devoted few new ranks ranging from Templar Lieutenant, all the way up to [...]

                                                                                      State Protectorate Academy Opened

                                                                                      • YC110-06-15

                                                                                        Nourvukaiken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support On the evening of the 14th the State Protectorate Academy was created with the purpose of helping to educate some of our younger militia members. "The Academy will feature guest lectures by Eve University, the largest and most successful teaching institution in New Eden, as well as lectures by experienced members of the militia." The academy is open to all militia members. If you wish to help as a lecturer or tutor then please contact Arin Nailin. [...]

                                                                                        Skirmish In Old Man Star

                                                                                        • YC110-06-15

                                                                                          Outnumbered almost three to one, a Federal Defence Union fleet of twenty five pilots engaged a State Protectorate fleet in the Old Man Star system. Aaron Mirrorsaver's fleet was assembling in Nisuwa when communications were relayed concerning an inbound Protectorate fleet of at least sixty pilots. Rather than engage the fleet with the fourteen or fifteen pilots at hand, Mirrorsaver pulled the fleet back to Old Man Star and called for reinforcements. By the time the Protectorate fleet reached Old Man [...]

                                                                                          Goonswarm Advances Through BND-16

                                                                                          • YC110-06-14

                                                                                            BND-16 – Earlier this week, Goonswarm launched an attack on the BND-16 system. After knocking out the cynosural jammer in the system, they proceeded to destroy enemy towers around the various moons. Smash Alliance and ROADKILL attempted to stop the assault, but the system was firmly in Goonswarm's hands as of this writing. The fighting in BND-16 started as small skirmishes and escalated to large-scale engagements over the course of several days. Gaining a foothold in the system allowed them to jump in [...]

                                                                                            Militia Fleet Goes Out Fighting

                                                                                            • YC110-06-14

                                                                                              In the few days since the militias were formed many have joined fight to secure Amarrian space, and with this time these capsuleers have been working hard to become a cohesive combat unit. This can clearly be seen by our militia consistently securing more strategic positions per member than any of the opposing factions. Yesterday Wraithstorm continued this effort to improve combat effectiveness by calling out for militia members to join him in forming a fleet “to get the pilots used to flying [...]

                                                                                              Amarr and Minmatar Tensions Boil Over

                                                                                              • YC110-06-14

                                                                                                Several days ago, Amarr loyalists led by Rodj Blake traveled to Pator to urge the Minmatar leadership to restrain from violence. The pleas were not heeded as evidenced by the recent Minmatar attack on the Amarr Empire at Mekhios. The Imperial Navy was able to force the invaders from the Kor-Azor Region of the Amarr Empire and Derelik Region of the Ammatar Mandate. Blake, CEO of PIE Inc., issued a Statement on the matter “I have no idea why they would attack us other than that they are bloodthirsty [...]

                                                                                                Inaugral Freespace Summit A Success

                                                                                                • YC110-06-13

                                                                                                  New Eden - On Sunday 1st June the inaugral Freespace Summit and race took place. The summit had been organised by Heartstone a member of Jericho Fraction (JERIC) which is a part of The Star Fraction Alliance (-SF-) , and was attended by some well known capsuleers such as The Cosmopolite and Jade Constantine. View Visual Record For those who could attend in person the summit and the start of the race were hosted in the system that gives its name to the universe in which we live, New Eden , for the [...]

                                                                                                  The Logistics of War

                                                                                                  • YC110-06-13

                                                                                                    In the continuing conflict between the Amarr Militia and those of the Republic and Federation the necessity for combat pilots is often the first thought on everyone’s mind. However, there is an important role to be played by those not necessarily on the front lines of the war, but rather working to make sure that those pilots fighting are never left in need of modules, ammo, or even a ship. We spoke to members of our militia that hoped to assist in creating a logistical backbone to keep our pilots [...]

                                                                                                    State Protectorate Promotions

                                                                                                    • YC110-06-13

                                                                                                      On 13th of this month due to his continuing dedication and self sacrifice to the State cause, Protectorate Ensign Prescience was promoted to Second Lieutenant. Upon receiving this honour he said "It is one of the finest moments in my career, I felt like a god among men. Which, as a pod pilot, is exactly what I am." One of the most outstanding things about this situation is that Second Lieutenant Prescience is Gallente by birth but Caldari by choice. He said about this "Im exercising my right as a [...]