Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

Y113.02.01 - Y113.02.28 .

February was an eventful month in the outer regions. The first two weeks saw what can only be described as a total collapse of the IT Alliance bloc. The alliance was seen to reduce and then altogether cease its attempts to fight back against the invading Deklein Coalition, resulting in the bulk of the Fountain region falling before the end of the 10th, with the last station succumbing to attacking forces on the 15th.

Although IT Alliance still holds many stations throughout Delve, it appears that alliance operations have ended. The major powers in the area now include the Pandemic Legion alliance, who have taken key stations systems such as NOL-M9 and now control of much of the high value moon resources in the area.

In Geminate and nearby low security areas of empire space, an attack was launched on the Northern Coalition (NC). This began with the seemingly intentional disbanding of the Rebellion Alliance on the 13th, after which a coalition of alliances primarily from the northeast of New Eden launched an assault on the area. Thousands of ships have been destroyed in the past two weeks, with two stations in Geminate falling to the invaders.

The most notable battle of this conflict so far has been dubbed by capsuleers as the "Valentine's Day Massacre". This huge battle within the Uemon system on February 14th saw the greatest observed loss of titan class vessels in the history of New Eden. An astounding twelve titans and seven supercarriers were reported as being destroyed in this single clash. The NC suffered the larger blow, losing ten of the titans and five of the supercarriers.

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