Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Free Jump Clone Access Service Celebrates First Anniversary

  • YC111-12-24

    New Eden - Estel Arador Corp Services [EACS] recently celebrated its first year of providing free jump clone access to capsuleers from all over New Eden. During the year, EACS has helped provide over 4000 capsuleers with free jump clone access, "There were 4032 clients in the first year, which is way more than I expected before I started the service," said Estel Arador the man behind this venture. The service currently provides access to approximately 447 jump clone facilities scattered throughout [...]

    ATLAS Deploys in Geminate

    • YC111-12-22

      Eurgrana, Metropolis - ATLAS is staging out of Eurgrana in a large-scale campaign to disrupt Widly Inappropriate's [WI.] operations in Geminate. Last week, WI. intelligence officers reported the interception of an ATLAS internal communication with deployment instructions and plans for a full scale attack in Geminate. Just a few hours later WI. scouts reported 200+ ATLAS arriving in Eurgrana with carrier-class ships and support. Tomcat of Wildy Inappropriate. reported that "ATLAS is invading [...]

      Heiian Society Honours Caldari Ideals

      • YC111-12-16

        <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> New Eden - The Heiian Society recently announced that it is accepting nominations for those corporations whom best represent the Caldari culture and ideals. Dex Nederland of Lai Dai Infinity Systems [LDIS] said in a recent statement that the society "is accepting nominations for corporations to be honoured as State Corporation of the Year, Non-State Corporation of the Year, and Start-Up Corporation of the [...]

        ATLAS Turns on Cry Havoc After Mutual Attack on Wildly Inappropriate.

        • YC111-12-15

          BWF-ZZ, Geminate - ATLAS seized an opportunity to attack Widly Inappropriate. [WI.] along with Cry Havoc in the BWF-ZZ system recently. However, when WI. escaped to safety, ATLAS turned their guns on the Cry Havoc fleet they were fighting alongside just moments before. Cry Havoc reports that as part of their ongoing efforts to "get engagements with WI. and disrupt their industrial activities in the region", the WI. jump bridge structures in the BWF-ZZ system were put into reinforced mode and guns were [...]

          West Geminate Alliances Form Coalition, Infighting For Leadership Control Underway

          • YC111-12-12

            Geminate - A coalition of alliances has been formed with the goal of capturing systems in Geminate after Widly Inappropriate. [WI.] dropped sovereignty in the area. Currently, leadership by TERMINATION [-74-] is being challenged by In Tea We Trust [TLEAF]. Phunkadin of TLEAF reports "On the very first day, the Coalition joined together and formed up an impressive fleet of nearly 200 in under 3 hours. There were carriers, dreadnoughts and even an Aeon ready to do battle, accompanied by hundreds of [...]

            Anatomy of a Hot Drop: How ATLAS and Friends Killed a WI. Capital Fleet in West Geminate

            • YC111-12-10

              AD-5B8, Geminate - In a surprise engagement prepared by Ihatalo Cartel Navy [IHANA] and Black Legion [MEN.], Atlas [ATLAS] hot-dropped Wildly Inappropriate [WI.] capitals in West Geminate, resulting in 50 capital ship kills with minimum losses. Elo Knight of Black Legion is a former member of ATLAS that "setup a control tower in QP0K-B System in Geminate to draw out fights from WI. and other Alliances. WI. eventually destroyed [the] tower, so he... and Securitas Protector [of Ihatalo Cartel Navy] [...]

              Disputed Intel Implicated in Titan Execution

              • YC111-12-10

                WY-9LL, Fountain - Divine Retribution [DVRN], a Sons of Tangra [SOT] alliance corporation, gave the order to hot-drop and destroy one of their own Avatar-class titans last week. The titan pilot, Hurley, was thought at the time to be defecting to IT Alliance, but she claims adamantly that this was untrue due to a long and well-known emnity between herself and several IT Alliance member corporations. A joint force from Sons of Tangra and allies Pandemic Legion engaged the super-capital at a control [...]

                Gallente Capsuleers Strike Back at Caldari Strongholds

                • YC111-12-09

                  BREAKING NEWS - After successfully pushing the Caldari out of Covryn, the Gallente just hours ago announced the capture of Murethand as they continue their push against the Caldari held systems. After Murethand fell, Julius Foederatus, a Luminaire General within the Federal Defence Union [FDU] stated the reason he believed the Caldari have been pushed out of Covryn, and now Murethand: "[It was] an incredible amount of hard work put in over the past few days and persistence of FDU plexers for the past [...]

                  Ushra'Khan Celebrates Five Years

                  • YC111-12-09

                    CATCH - Celebrated as freedom fighters by capsuleers of the Republic and denounced as terrorists by those supporting the Empire, Ushra'Khan [UNITY] recently achieved five years of service to the Minmatar people since the alliance's inception in November of 106. Flying under the mantra "we are the Ushra'Khan, we come for our people", UNITY's purpose throughout the years has remained mostly unchanged: eliminate slavery by whatever means necessary - specifically throughout Providence and Catch, regions [...]

                    Amarr and Caldari Capsuleers Seize Minmatar Strongholds

                    • YC111-12-09

                      News Flash - Reports of a joint Caldari and Amarr capsuleer effort against the Minmatar Republic have been coming in, with a number of Minmatar strongholds changing hands and more expected over the next days and weeks. More than half a dozen systems have been taken so far, with early reports suggesting that Damar Rocarion and Bad Messenger are the leaders behind the attacks. Jade Constantine, spokesperson for Star Fraction, accused Minmatar officials of allowing the attacks to happen: "I have [...]

                      Wildly Inappropriate Abandons West Geminate to Smaller Alliances

                      • YC111-12-08

                        Geminate - Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] removed their sovereignty in a large part of West Geminate and several Smaller Alliances have entered the area and are now taking control of systems in the region. Diplomat Meno Theaetetus revealed that due to the recent infrastructure changes, Wildly Inappropriate. "had already decided to remove [sovereignty] in a large part of West Geminate" and that "a number of small Alliances have taken the chance to claim a few Systems we had removed [sovereignty] from." [...]

                        All Female Pirate Corporation Throws a Bash - 300 Pilots, 8 Billion in Prizes, Some Wrecks

                        • YC111-12-03

                          Evati, Metropolis - Some 300 pilots attended the recent "Party In Evati." Four hours of music and interviews, prize giveaways, free frigates for friendly skirmishes, a holovideo premiere and even pirate-themed poetry were organized by the Hellcats [HCATS] pirate corporation and partners, Split Infinity Radio [EDGAR]. Hellcats is a women-only organization, self-described as "bloodthirsty, devious, merciless, calculating, independent badass girls with initiative, attitude and a sense of humor." CEO [...]

                          BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Freighter Fleets Attacked

                          • YC111-12-03

                            NULL SECURITY SPACE - Multiple freighter fleets suffered severe losses this evening as massive logistical operations took place all across New Eden. The latest reports indicate twenty-seven freighters belonging to RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] and SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] fell victim to hot drops in separate attacks. The first attack was reported around 20:02 when a large -RZR- logistical operation was surprised by Triumvirate [TRI] after bridging in to a control tower in NL6V-7, a -RZR- jump bridge system in [...]

                            Covert Moon Mining Operations Net Billions for C.R.S. Corporation

                            • YC111-11-27

                              Undisclosed System, New Eden - Using covert ops to scout activity in nullsec regions and blockade runners to ferry starbase structures, C.R.S Corporation [C.R.S] has set up multiple undercover mining operations behind Alliance-controlled borders harvesting moon resources. A source close to C.R.S. claimed "The corporation has sneaked behind sovereignty borders and set up moon mining [operations]. They utilize covert ops pilots and probe when no one is in system to detect the moon probes. Moons [...]

                              Cold STEEL Alliance Completes Outpost Goals in Providence

                              • YC111-11-23

                                P6N8-J, Providence - Cold STEEL Alliance [STEEL] have announced the completion of their two newest outposts which they hope will provide better combat and infrastructure support for them in the Providence region. [STEEL]'s CEO, evilPHish, revealed why the two newest outposts, Magrathea and Patria Aquilla (in N-RMSH and DNR-7M, respectively) would help the region: "It is easier for allies, friends and guests alike to store things, take cover or conduct market activities." To support the building of the [...]

                                Solar Fleet Attempts to Gain Ground in Geminate

                                • YC111-11-10

                                  Geminate, U-L4KS : In what has been reported as "an attempt to gain a foothold in the Geminate region", SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] forces engaged elements of the Wildly Inappropriate. [WI.] alliance, losing fourteen of their carriers in the process. Tomcat, of Lone Star Joint Venture [LSJV], alliance leader for [WI.] reports that during an operation to take down several SOLAR FLEET towers "[SOLAR] shows up in the system U-L4KS, with their fleet of forty to fifty, mostly battleships, and begins to hit a jump [...]

                                  Ships of Eve 3 Lottery Under Way

                                  • YC111-11-08

                                    Jita - Another record setting lottery is currently under way. The Ships of Eve 3 "Fleets of Eve" event includes a first prize of 223 ships and 80 tech 3 subsystems. Organized by T'Amber of Ships of Eve [SOE-E], the event will be "fleet themed, with prizes of multiple choice semi-customizable fleets" with the prizes "designed to be accessible and useful for anyone." There are a total of twenty prizes, with first prize being "a custom fleet of 223 ships and 80 tech 3 subsystems." Winners of the lottery [...]

                                    PIE Sponsors 'Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Awards'

                                    • YC111-11-08

                                      Rodj Blake of PIE Inc. [PIE] has announced that his corporation is sponsoring the Amarrian Loyalist of the Year awards and that nominations are still open. According to Rodj Blake there will be two awards given, the first, Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year, will be presented "to the Amarrian, Khanid or Ni-Kunni pod pilot deemed to have achieved the most on behalf of the Empire during the last twelve months." The second award, Loyal Servant of the Year, is to be presented "to the non-Amarrian pod pilot [...]

                                      G.A.N.J.A. Launches Attack On Minmatar Republic Targets

                                      • YC111-11-08

                                        Abudban, Heimatar - On 1st November, G.A.N.J.A. commenced with their first violent protest against the Minmatar Republic, targeting the transport convoys within the Abudban system. Two Chandlers, two Traffickers and one Merchant became the first casualties. After previous peaceful demonstrations failed to garner a response, G.A.N.J.A. moved their plans forward and attacked three regions simultaneously within the Minmatar Republic in what they hoped would damage the Minmatar economy in retribution for [...]

                                        BIG 'Triple Titan' Lottery Drawing Date Extended

                                        • YC111-11-03

                                          BIG has extended the drawing date for their "Triple Titan" lottery an additional thirty days in order to give time for additional capsuleers to get in on the chance to own up to three of New Eden's most powerful ships. Each of these ships is worth an estimated "seventy to ninety billion isk". According to TornSoul, CEO of BIG [BIG], "each ticket is valid for all three draws, so ten million isk could win you three titans." The titans, an Avatar-class and two Erebus-class, will be fitted and ready to be [...]

                                          Theft Occurs During 'Ships Of Eve' Free Event

                                          • YC111-11-03

                                            Heimatar , During the "Full Metal Jacket" event organized by T'Amber of Ships of Eve corporation [SOE-E], two participants are alleged to have stolen "400 frigates, 200 or so skill books and a large amount of assorted tech 1 modules" valued at "around 500 million isk." T'Amber, who runs these events for rookie capsuleers has put a hold on giving out any free prizes until "corpses and killmails are supplied". The event, which was a "red vs. blue" team combat, was to have culminated in the winning team [...]

                                            Ushra'Khan Takes Ownership of Two Stations in Catch

                                            • YC111-11-02

                                              Catch , Ushra'Khan [UNITY], an alliance who describes themselves as "New Eden's oldest 'Freedom Fighters'", has announced that ownership of two Against All Authorities [.-A-.] stations has been transferred to their possession in the Catch region. UNITY a dedicated foe of the Amarrian "slavers", once fought for dominance of the Providence region, going head to head with the Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], ultimately losing their two stations, "Unity Station" and "The Minmatar Outpost", to them. [...]

                                              Pirate Corporations Band Together for 'Hulkageddon'

                                              • YC111-10-29

                                                Sinq Laison , A group of pirate corporations and several capsuleers within empire corporations declared a one day pogrom against empire-based miners; the operation was designated "Hulkageddon" and was spread out over multiple regions and systems with fleet commanders coordinating the times of attack. Members of approximately eighteen corporations took part, including The Python Cartel. [GROP3], I.M.M. [IMM], The Bastards [BSTRD], and Space Jerks [UJERK] alongside members of the empire corporations The [...]

                                                Breaking News - CVA disband

                                                • YC111-10-28

                                                  Breaking News - Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] stunned New Eden just hours ago when they appeared to disband their alliance, and rumours began to circulate. Elsebeth Rhiannon of Electus Matari, gave her understanding of the situation: "All sorts of rumours are circulating, of course. The most popular one seems to be that it was an inside job, possibly including unauthorised access to Neocom." CVA breaking down is seen as a good moment for opposing alliances, some believing that it would benefit [...]

                                                  The Second Chance Express - Amarr Nuns Rescue Ejected Passengers

                                                  • YC111-10-22

                                                    Niarja, Domain - Humans that are being spaced and left for dead are given a second chance at life by rescuers from the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine [SHOSK]. Nuns from the Order have been shepherding stranded space travellers back to safety after they have been left out in the cold by their previous captains. Louella Dougans of SHOSK revealed that the nuns pick up between 100 and 300 stranded space travellers in a typical week. "I come across them quite often, particularly at [...]

                                                    G.A.N.J.A. Protest Held in Rens

                                                    • YC111-10-22

                                                      Rens, Heimatar - Following on from a recent article by The Interstellar Correspondents, G.A.N.J.A. corporation held a non-violent protest in Rens where they and 3 other corporations (the identity of which has not been revealed by the G.A.N.J.A. spokesperson) self-destructed some 79 ships. The protesters gathered at the Brutor tribe Treasury located at planet VI, moon 8 in Rens; the station is a popular local trade hub. G.A.N.J.A's demonstration took the same form as their previous protest in Orvolle - [...]

                                                      Last Stand Alliance Honors Fallen Member

                                                      • YC111-10-21

                                                        Bika - A memorial service was held for Last Stand [LS] alliance diplomat Psi Cloned of Forsaken Resistance [FRCRP]. Psi Cloned's sudden and unexpected death prompted his alliance mates to hold this "sending off" in "honor of his life, and his contributions to their lives" states Marrick Drak of Senatus Populusque Romanus [SPQR2][LS]. As described by Marrick, "the service was held in the Bika system, at a planet, we anchored an arc of cans labeled to pay tribute to him, and in the center of this arc we [...]

                                                        Fighting Erupts in Curse As Newcomers Move In

                                                        • YC111-10-20

                                                          LJ-YSW, Curse - Tensions have risen sharply in Curse after Darkside. moved into Hale constellation. Local residents Kahora Catori spoke out on GalNet, claiming that Darkside. are invading their home to gain access to the Serpentis and Angel Cartel agents that occupy the area. The Hale constellation already sees frequent and vicious engagements between allies, Kahora Catori, Panda Supremacy and Blade. and Gentlemen's Club and Triumvirate, among others. Atropos Kahn of Kahora Catori gave his alliance's [...]

                                                          ILF Believes Upgraded Starbase Will Improve Economy on Intaki Prime

                                                          • YC111-10-18

                                                            Intaki Prime, Placid - Recognizing gaps in the availability of some local products, the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] have upgraded their starbase in the area to include a research and manufacturing facility. Under the leadership of corporation member Sumerio Rayej, the starbase has been producing several profitable items with a focus on small and medium ship rigs. An Ishkur, their first Tech 2 ship to be manufactured, is set to be completed within the next couple of days. Sumerio explains why the [...]

                                                            Non Violent Protest in Orvolle Claims 73 Ships

                                                            • YC111-10-15

                                                              After a recent Scope article was released mentioning the damage done to many agricultural plantations within the Ammatar Mandate during the Elder Invasion of YC110 by a Minmatar-Thukker slave recovery force, capsuleers of the G.A.N.J.A. corporation were quick to demonstrate their outrage publicly in a non violent protest. Kimberly Hughes, spokesperson for G.A.N.J.A. described the protest: "We simply assembled into The Scope HQ located at planet VI, moon 1 in Orvolle, undocked and then destroyed our [...]

                                                              Pandemic Legion Victors of Alliance Tournament VII

                                                              • YC111-09-21

                                                                Pandemic Legion has taken the championship in Alliance Tournament VII over Circle-of-Two. Both teams proved their worth over the six days of the tournament. Pandemic Legion came into the final match with five flawless victories out of six matches. Circle-of-Two's matches have been more mixed with several close calls and not a single flawless victory among them. For the final match, Pandemic Legion pulled out their trusty bomber fleet and employed it with great success alongside a wave of drones. The [...]

                                                                Alliance Tournament VII Finals this weekend!

                                                                • YC111-09-19

                                                                  Following two exciting qualifying rounds we are pleased to announce the final live show to determine who will be crowned the Alliance champions for the seventh tournament. Previous qualifying matches are available and details of our live show schedule and how to connect can be found here.

                                                                  Titan Downed in Etherium Reach

                                                                  • YC111-09-16

                                                                    WPV-JN, Etherium Reach - Forces from VooDoo Technologies [VIP], Legion of xXDeathXx and Red Alliance brought down a Black Nova Corp [BNC] Erebus in WPV-JN on 10.09.111. WPV-JN is currently held by VooDoo Technologies, who seized the system from Exalted. on the 14th of last month. Black Nova Corp had previously assaulted and removed a VooDoo Technologies tower from Moon 3 of Planet VI in the system, replacing it with one of their own. When asked about his corporation's presence in the region, Coranor [...]

                                                                    Qualifying Ends For Alliance Tournament VII

                                                                    • YC111-09-14

                                                                      Day Four of Alliance Tournament VII qualifying is over. Results are to be announced tomorrow as we head through the week into the Finals weekend. Match results are posted and statistics are available. Statistics now include a sortable listing of all ships used in the four days of qualifying, including what was fielded, what was lost, points value, and survival rate. Today saw a return to the strategic cruisers and marauders that dominated last weekend. Although not as prolific as in Day One and Day [...]

                                                                      Day Three Qualifying For Alliance Tournament VII Ends

                                                                      • YC111-09-13

                                                                        A break free Day 3 of Alliance Tournament VII has successfully concluded. Last weekend saw most teams using extensive ECM and sub-battleship fleets, with the Rook and Drake dominating. Day One and Day Two also saw the use of 34 strategic cruisers. This was the first time the new ship class has ever been used in a tournament and they held up remarkably well, in some cases forcing a match to the time limit through sheer durability. Read more at our dedicated tournament website! [...]

                                                                        Three Rare Vessels Stolen And Put Up For Sale by Former KenZoku Pilot

                                                                        • YC111-09-11

                                                                          Jita, The Forge - SFShootme recently announced that he had stolen two Raven State Issues and a Tribal Tempest from KenZoku. Only four Raven State Issues and four Tribal Tempest are known to exist and the embezzled vessels are currently estimated to be worth about half a trillion ISK. The rare battleships feature unmatched attack and defence capabilities and were originally awarded to the Band of Brothers Alliance, now known as KenZoku, as reward for winning the third alliance tournament. According to [...]

                                                                          JihadSwarm Strikes Again

                                                                          • YC111-09-09

                                                                            JATATE, THE FORGE - The future of New Eden Research [NER], one of New Eden 's largest, public research companies, is in serious doubt after JihadSwarm, a GoonSwarm [OHGOD] entity, declared war on the research alliance on the grounds of "providing research to infidel mining operations." A JihadSwarm "mujahedeen" (warrior of faith) claims they have already stolen three control towers as they were unanchored in addition to starbase siege operations currently in progress. NER representative Tamia Clant [...]

                                                                            Alliance Tournament VII - Qualifying Round One Results and Replays

                                                                            • YC111-09-07

                                                                              Over the weekend, we saw the first of three rounds of fierce competition in Alliance Tournament VII where 64 Alliances battled their way through Qualifying Round One. Official Match results are available, along with the team rankings and the schedule for Qualifying Round Two. Full video replays of all matches are available on CCP's YouTube channel (playlists: Saturday and Sunday). Full match reports and other statistics have been compiled by the Interstellar Correspondents and are available on their [...]

                                                                              Day Two Qualifying For Alliance Tournament VII Ends

                                                                              • YC111-09-07

                                                                                Day Two of the qualifying rounds for Alliance Tournament VII have ended. Match reports are complete, videos are available and statistics have been compiled. In the first match after the break, The Fourth District used a primarily battlecruiser fleet very effectively in its match against ATLAS. The ATLAS Rooks were the first target of the 4TH, but the 4TH got lucky when a boundary violation by one of their Kitsunes also took out... Read more at our dedicated tournament website! [...]

                                                                                Day One Qualifying For Alliance Tournament VII Ends

                                                                                • YC111-09-06

                                                                                  Day one of the qualifying rounds for Alliance Tournament VII are complete and teams are now analyzing tactics and ship selections as they prepare for tomorrow's continuation. The delicate balance between DPS and ECM continued in the second half of the day as Beyond Virginity brought in a battleship heavy fleet to take on Hellstrome Alliance in a solid win for the first match after the break. Read more at our dedicated tournament website! Are you affected by the events in this [...]

                                                                                  IC Alliance Tournament VII Website Debuts

                                                                                  • YC111-09-05

                                                                                    Alliance Tournament VII is upon us, and Interstellar Correspondents is once again on the scene to provide you the best coverage available through its latest website: Tournament VI's match reports were an excellent way to provide you with detailed reports of the action. Great write ups, pictures added to highlight the excitement. Surely this was enough, right? Well... not quite. This time around, Interstellar Correspondents has stepped it up a notch with an all new IC Alliance [...]

                                                                                    CONCORD Releases Latest CORPS Briefing

                                                                                    • YC111-09-01

                                                                                      CONCORD has recently released it's fifth declassified CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) briefing previously limited to distribution among Member Nations, the Assembly itself, and DED watch commanders. The CORPS briefing is a periodic summary of alliance politics in regions considered to be outside of CONCORD's direct control. The purpose of the briefings are to educate the aforementioned parties of shifting influences in null-sec space in a concise and easy to understand format. The CORPS [...]

                                                                                      Don't Miss the Seventh Alliance Tournament Broadcasts!

                                                                                      • YC111-08-31

                                                                                        The 7th Alliance Tournament is the ultimate battlefield in which the top pilots in EVE Online fight for the glory and honor of their Alliance. Sixty-four alliances will compete over three weekends of intense, explosive action, with the final weekend broadcast live via EVETV. You can listen to Qualifying Round 1 this weekend, September 5 and 6, and Qualifying Round 2, September 12 and 13, on EVE Voice as well as on EVERADIO, Split Infinity Radio and New Eden Radio. Then EVETV takes the reins, [...]

                                                                                        New Eden Radio Celebrates First Anniversary

                                                                                        • YC111-08-30

                                                                                          Monday, August 31st marks the one year anniversary of New Eden Radio. New Eden Radio [NER] was founded by Tempest3K with the help of Codey28. Run solely by volunteers, they attempt to provide music, news, information and entertainment to the New Eden community. Tempest3K explained how New Eden Radio was born: "New Eden Radio came about mainly through myself and a couple of other staff just generally chatting about the fact that there wasn't a station concentrating on New Eden and it's community as a [...]

                                                                                          Intaki Liberation Front Delivers Aid to Intaki Prime

                                                                                          • YC111-08-29

                                                                                            Intaki Prime, Placid - Since May, the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] has been delivering aid in the form of giant secure containers filled with relief supplies anchored above Intaki Prime in an attempt to ease the shortages the planet is currently suffering from. Donated items have come from both their own hangars and the market place. Sumerio Rayej of the [ILF] tells as that: "We have to buy the items away from Intaki and then transport them it through low sec to get it to Intaki... I've personally [...]

                                                                                            EBANK Crisis Prompts Eve Central Reserve To Delay Launch

                                                                                            • YC111-08-28

                                                                                              Raussinen, Lonetrek - Eve Central Reserve (ECR) will not open to the public for at least another two weeks, bank's representatives confirmed. The announcement came after ECR's board of directors decided that the market's turmoil due to EBANK's crisis may overshadow the launch phase of their new service. Grendell confirmed that ECR's opening has been postponed, adding that its staff will use this time to improve security on the bank's procedures: "it is something needed due to the current state of the [...]

                                                                                              GoonSwarm Downs Triumvirate. Titan in 319-3D

                                                                                              • YC111-08-26

                                                                                                319-3D, Delve - Triumvirate. Alliance [TRI] lost a titan last week as it fell victim to some bad luck and a waiting GoonSwarm [OHGOD] trap. The Avatar-class Titan, piloted by Sokra, a member of the DOOM. Corporation and [TRI], was tackled, and destroyed during an attempt to save a [TRI] tower. According to Sokra, "[the] target was to defend our staging [tower] at [planet] 9-[moon]22, with double [doomsday]." The intent of the two titans was to deprive [OHGOD] dreadnoughts of their support fleet, "but [...]

                                                                                                Second Freespace Summit Successfully Concluded

                                                                                                • YC111-08-26

                                                                                                  New Eden, Genesis - On 16th August 111, The Star Fraction alliance succesfully held the second Freespace Summit. During the event, representatives from Ushra'Khan, Electus Matari and The Star Fraction shared their views on how the Freespace ideals can be brought to all capsuleers. Heartstone, who acted as chairman, opened the discussion pointing out that the recent discovery of wormholes has represented an improvement in capsuleer's freedom of movement. However, Heartstone also reminded the audience [...]

                                                                                                  EBANK Releases Financial Statements Revealing Depth of Crisis

                                                                                                  • YC111-08-26

                                                                                                    In a statement released yesterday Ray McCormack, chairman of EBANK, announced the astonishing news that the organisation currently has a deficit of 1.2 trillion ISK. Furthermore, to maintain the stability of the bank they are suspending withdrawals, and interest payments, on all accounts held with them until such time as the bank's balance sheet is restored to strength. When asked how long it might take until normal service resumes, Ray McCormack commented: "we're aiming for a year." The magnitude of [...]

                                                                                                    Burn Eden Loses Titan in 6QBH-S

                                                                                                    • YC111-08-25

                                                                                                      6QBH-S, Stain - The Systematic-Chaos alliance and allies destroyed a BURN EDEN titan on Sunday night. Twenty-eight capitals were also lost in the engagement. According to several reports, [SYS-K] fleet commanders anticipated that two titans belonging to BURN EDEN would attempt to ambush their fleet as they jumped into the 6QBH-S solar system. Two doomsdays were fired on the inbound stargate but only caught eight vessels. [SYS-K] managed to tackle Syrian's titan once heavy interdictors arrived at the [...]