Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

5th Annual New Year’s Celebration to be Held in Umokka

  • YC115-12-30

    by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Umokka, The Forge Attention capsuleers! It 's that time of year again! The 5th annual New Years' Eve Celebration hosted by capsuleer Daggaroth is to be held on December 31 at 23:00 EVE Time The event will take place at Umokka X, Moon 4, outside the Caldari Navy Testing Facilities. All capsuleers are invited to bring ships equipped with lasers, fireworks or missiles to light up the night around the station. Music will be provided by New Eden Radio, and there will be a raffle held [...]

    Capsuleers Rally to Aid Destruction of Covert Research Facilities

    • YC115-11-15

      by ISD Eumaios Thelousses Empire residents take up arms in an attempt to eradicate newly discovered Serpentis and Angel research facilities located within the depths of Syndicate and Curse. The operation began at around 18:30, November the 7th, when roughly 1000 capsuleers gathered alongside Admiral Ren Karetta of the Imperial Navy in Sarum Prime and set forth towards RMOC-W within the Curse region. At the same time, Operational Admiral Auvier Bauvon of the Federation Navy departed from Meves with a [...]

      KW-I6T Escalation Rages for Hours

      • YC115-11-07

        by ISD Eumaios Thelousses KW-I6T - Catch - November 05 The Nulli Secunda [S2N] held outpost exited its shield reinforcement cycle on the evening of the 5th at which point Darkness of Despair [-DD-] and their allies took the opportunity to drop a small capital fleet of Dreadnought class ships to push the outpost further into an armour timer. As the hours passed the battle continued to rage as the battle participation reached over 1900 pilots. Black Legion [MEN.] entered the battle with a Dreadnought [...]

        War breaks out in GE-8JV

        • YC115-11-04

          by ISD Eumaios Thelousses GE-8JV, Catch - The N3 Coalition, consisting of alliances such as Nulli Secunda [S2N] and Northern Coalition [NC.], made a pre-emptive strike on Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.]'s staging system, GE-8JV, in an attempt to prevent its own space coming under siege as standings are changed. The initial N3 attack saw them reinforce both the Infrastructure Hub (IHub) and outpost in the system with Sovereignty Blockade Units. On 2nd of November, the IHub exited reinforcement and saw [...]

          Syndicate Competitive League to Host 4th Event on September 14/15, 2013

          • YC115-09-12

            by ISD Caiden S'or Syndicate, New Eden - As most pod-pilots are aware, one of the most recognizable events in New Eden is the Alliance Tournament. This event brings together many of the best pilots in New Eden for three weekends out of the year to decide who gets bragging rights (and some substantial prizes) as the best combat pilots around. It is quite an event, one which is unmatched in scope and following. Many Alliances have dedicated groups of pilots who train year-round for the opportunity to [...]

            Black Legion Alliance takes Nl6V-7 from RAZOR in Fierce Battle

            • YC115-08-18

              by ISD Caiden S'or Etherium Reach, New Eden - In the early morning hours, the climax of days of fighting ended in the loss of NL6V-7 for RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] to Black Legion. Alliance. [MEN.] As the system's Infrastructure Hub [I-HUB] came out of its final reinforcement timer on the eleventh of August, MEN. forces were bridged in to NL6V-7. A corporate CEO within MEN. who asked not to be named, said that an early intel miscue reported that no -RZR- capital ships were staged to defend. Thinking to [...]

              CSM8 Town Hall #2: August 17 1900 EVE

              • YC115-08-15

                The 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM8) will be holding its second Town Hall on August 17 at 1900 EVE time. This is an excellent opportunity to speak with your elected representatives to CCP on matters that you feel are important in New Eden, particularly as they approach their first trip to Iceland the last week of August. CSM8 is working in cooperation with EVE University and EVE Radio to provide an interactive session where you can listen, ask questions, learn about what the latest CSM is up [...]

                Capsuleer Communities Remain Strong Against Sansha's Nation

                • YC115-08-12

                  by ISD Caiden S'or Etherium Reach, New Eden - As Incursions by Sansha's Nation continue, more defined groups of capsuleers are forming to combat them. There are many reasons that capsuleers are drawn together in this cause. For some, the rewards in loyalty points and ISK are reason enough to risk their assets. For others, dreams of faction drops in the form of Supercarrier blueprints and the like are reason enough. Others still look to create an environment where all are welcome, regardless of [...]

                  The Angel Project Turns 1!

                  • YC115-07-26

                    The Angel Project, an iniative started to help new players get themselves established in EVE by providing them with ISK, skillbooks, ships, and other goodies, is turning 1 year old! In celebration, they are holding a giveaway to give awesome prizes to those same rookies! Included are PLEX, some awesome ships, and more. In addition, CCP is throwing five 50-Day Time Codes as well as an EVE Collector's Edition into the pool! Check out how to enter at the Angel Project website here.

                    Nulli Secunda Continues Efforts to Recover Sovereignty Loss

                    • YC115-07-24

                      by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Etherium Reach, New Eden. Early this month, members of the N3 Coalition alliance woke up one morning to discover that they had lost sovereignty in more than 200 systems in Etherium Reach, Detorid, Omist, Immensea and other regions. According to sources, a spy disbanded the alliance holding a large chunk of the coalition's sovereignty, kicking out all its corporations and dropping sovereignty in more than 200 systems. He allegedly also made off with 400 Billion ISK. In addition, [...]

                      Live from Alliance Tournament XI!

                      • YC115-07-20

                        As of 13:15 UTC, Alliance Tournament XI is live and broadcasting! On the first day of matches, we have an action-packed schedule of 32 matches! The tournament can be watched live from the official CCP channel. Tune in now to watch some epic fights as 64 teams fight for glory. And don't forget we'll be running competitions throughout the tournament with awesome prizes from our sponsors at Razer, Evetimecode and Alienware. And once again, check out our amazing teaser trailer featuring CCP [...]

                        SOMER Blink Celebrates 900 Trillion ISK in Prizes

                        • YC115-07-12

                          by ISD Tedra Kerrigan SOMER Blink, New Eden's most popular instant lottery, are hosting yet another landmark celebration - this one in honor of having handed out over 900 trillion ISK (the actual current number at time of writing is 915,434,170,395,168 ISK) in prizes. The celebration includes free gifts - capsuleers who had registered a Blink account before the celebration commenced may redeem free gifts and the chance for any prize to be doubled. The event ends Tuesday, 16 July 2013. The grand prize [...]

                          EVE University Summer Classes To Commence on July 15th

                          • YC115-07-10

                            EVE University, one of New Eden's oldest and most successful rookie training corporations, has announced that they will be commencing training classes for rookies on July 15th. From "Trading 101" classes, to "Aggression and Engagement" and "Drones 101", EVE University has training classes to suit a wide range of playstyles and interests. The corporation is also on the lookout for lecturers and teachers who can assist in delivering further training opportunities for new players. You can read more about [...]

                            Alliance Tournament XI Silent Auction Now Live

                            • YC115-06-12

                              The random draw for Alliance Tournament XI was streamed live yesterday through CCP Games channel. The VOD from the draw can be seen here, and the results of the draw can be seen here. From today to 23:59 UTC on June 16th, we will accept bids from alliances towards one of the remaining 32 spots in the tournament. All alliances are able to participate in the silent auction regardless of if they were signed up for the random draw. Submit all bids to CCP Gargant via EVEmail. A bid is accepted [...]

                              The Angel Project

                              • YC115-03-18

                                by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Amarr, Throne Worlds - Last year, a remarkable thing happened in New Eden. A capsuleer began going around giving random strangers things they needed. It wasn 't a scam. It wasn't a trick. It was the Angel Project, brainchild of Sindel Pellion, a member of TEST Alliance Please Ignore. After reading dozens of threads on scamming and the respect it garnered, Ms. Pellion decided that while "scamming may be a part of life in New Eden, it isn't part of MY life." So she started the [...]

                                DeathRace 2013

                                • YC115-03-14

                                  by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Dantumi, Lonetrek - On Saturday the 16th of March, Rixx Javix is sponsoring and organizing what he calls a 'DeathRace' across the breadth of New Eden. The race will start at 17:00 EVE time on March 16 and is free to all comers. Javix, a known pirate, says that he was partly inspired by a Badger race he participated in almost four years ago. Shortly after the Badger race, during a long and boring gate camp in Providence, the idea for a New Eden DeathRace was born. The first [...]

                                  Capital Flashpoint JAUD-V

                                  • YC115-03-08

                                    by ISD Eumaios Thelousses Several days ago, Darkness of Despair [-DD-] destroyed a Zombie Ninja Space Bears [ZN-SB] Territorial Claim Unit in system JAUD-V. The lack of an Infrastructure Hub in the system caused an immediate drop of [ZN-SB] sovereignty and ignited a battle which peaked at over 1,300 pilots. Luckily for [ZN-SB], they are part of the Honeybadger Coalition, a self-appointed governing block ruling over a vast tract of south-eastern New Eden. "HBC bros are fantastic," DNLeviathan says. To [...]

                                    The Tuskers Hold Second Frigate Free For All

                                    • YC115-01-02

                                      On January 5th The Tuskers will run a second frigate free for all, open to the entire EVE community. The event is aimed at encouraging rookie players into PvP combat and will take place between 18:00 and midnight New Eden Standard time, with a multitude of prizes available. Please see the Tuskers announcement by Suleiman Shouaa on the Ingame Events & Gatherings forum for further information on location and prizes