Split Infinity. Captures First Sovereignty

​ ​KW-OAM, Tenerifis - The alliance Split Infinity. [S1.] has been successful in capturing its first system.

S1. is an alliance of about 250 capsuleers that recently captured sovereignty for the first time. The alliance is lead by SI Radio, which is well known and has been broadcasting to capsuleers since the year 107.

S1. was previously not a major force in outlaw space, as they chose to reside primarily in class 6 wormhole space. When asked about why he decided to push his alliance to take sovereignty, Quivering Palm, CEO of SI Radio, stated: "We felt that gaining our own [sovereignty] would be the next logical step. It was quite challenging to get everyone organised and the logistics were... different than anything else we have [previously] done."

Errik Thrakkar, Primary Diplomat for SI Radio, revealed that throughout the entire operation, "80 or so [pilots were involved], including the unsung logistics heroes." He also remarked that the decision to take sovereignty was not one that was made overnight: "[We've been planning this] since late last year, perhaps November or so." He finished up by saying that the alliance's immediate plans were to settle into their new home in outlaw space and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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