Writing Contest Offers Rare Prizes

Jita, The Forge - Silver Night, of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, has announced his second annual fiction contest, offering capsuleers the chance to win a faction battleship and 300 million ISK fitting as a prize for the best story.

The rules for the contest state that there must be only "One entry" per capsuleer, the fiction must "not exceed 3,000 words" and that stories "must not center around a pod pilot".

As the contest last year was a huge success with more than 120 stories submitted, Silver Night is eagerly looking forward to new stories, claiming: "It is an extraordinary world... only limited by people's imaginations."

The top prize will see the winning capsuleer have a choice of faction battleships and also 300 million ISK for fittings. 2nd prize will see a choice of a Navy-issue or Fleet-issue battleship along with 100 million ISK awarded. 3rd place will see a capsuleer choose between a number of Empire faction cruisers that are available.

Submission deadline for the competition is 20:09 on the 27.03.113.

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