E-UNI Changes Policy from NRDS to NBSI

Aldrat, Metropolis - Eve University [E-UNI], the well-known training corporation for new capsuleers, have changed their Rules of Engagement policy from NRDS [Not Red Don't Shoot] to NBSI [Not Blue Shoot It] in null-sec space and wormholes.

CEO Kelduum Revaan said: "The change is something we have wanted to make for some time as flying NRDS in null-sec is unfortunately quite uncommon, and puts our members at a significant disadvantage when encountering neutrals in null-sec and w-space. So in a recent review of our Rules of Engagement we came to the conclusion that we now have sufficient standings set to deal with the majority of potential issues."

There has apparently been a number of minor incidents during the transition period, but according to Revaan, the number of training fleets heading into null-sec and wormhole space have increased, and Eve University looks forward to having many more classes on these topics in the future.

Revaan confirmed that members are still not authorised to fire on haulers, mining barges or other non-combat vessels, and the corporation retains an open Non-aggression pact policy, so any group, regardless of previous conflicts with E-UNI may request blue standings.

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