Unprecedented Number of Pilots Honour Poreuomai

​ PATOR IV – In what turned out to be a surprisingly large gathering, over 250 pilots gathered to mourn the departure of the pilot Poreuomai.

Pilots in Orbit of MatarTwo speeches were given in tribute and in an unprecedented gesture, numerous pilots self-destructed their ships.

In her speech, Neridah Tanz of Masuat’aa Matari praised Poreuomai, stating that “A cursory search will show the character of [his] combat record, his debating skill, and reveal his enthusiasm and excitement for this community”, while Ugleb of Sarz’na Khumatari described Poreuomai by saying “This is a man who has not turned from the truths in his life, this is a man who knows his self.”

Ugleb was praised by Zoolkhan, a member of Mirkur Draug’tyr, who stated “The speech was just right. Ugleb is a master of words — He finds them while the rest of us still seek them”. Zoolkhan added that though the number of pilots that attended was well beyond his expectations, “it was very touching to see so many old friends, former Ushra’Khan pilots and foes, to gather for this event”.

Ugleb, who many say was closest to Poreuomai, was also rather shocked: “Look at the number of people who came in person, inspired by his tale. His contributions to date will be well remembered, as will he.”​​

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