Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Join the 6th annual New Years’ EVE Celebration in Umokka on December 31st

  • YC116-12-30

    by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Umokka, The Forge - New Eden Radio's New Years' Eve fireworks show will once more be lighting up the night in Umokka on December 31st. As in previous years, the fireworks show will be held outside the Moon 4 Caldari Navy Testing Facilities. New Eden Radio will be providing the music as well as a carrier and other prizes that will be up for grabs. Fireworks in Umokka Last year's event was a hit, with around 250 capsuleers from all walks of life in New Eden strutting their stuff in [...]

    Standings Organization TSCA Celebrates 5th Anniversary

    • YC116-12-12

      by ISD Tedra Kerrigan The Standings Corrections Agency (TSCA) recently celebrated its 5th year of operation - congratulations! TSCA, run by Imiarr Timshae, is celebrating this milestone by offering an EVE University course on the 12th of December on "Standings and Standings Mechanics" at 23:00 UTC. TSCA will also be offering 15% off of their going service fee for the next 5 weeks. Standings are a passion of Timshae; "You're literally fresh off the bus and the first missions you are offered will cause [...]

      Join the EVE University Super Lecture Session "This is Education" on November 23/24 – Fleet action included!

      • YC116-11-23

        EVE University, famous for their extraordinary and high quality introduction lectures to EVE Online, has announced a super lecture session on the 23rd and 24th of November from 21:00 UTC to 06:45 UTC free for everyone. This super lecture session "This is Education" is a wonderful opportunity for every new and returning player to get familiar with the EVE Online mechanics in a fun and quality way. Participation is highly recommended! The EVE University Super Lecture Session is currently scheduled as [...]

        Alliance Tournament XII - Final weekend on September 6 and 7

        • YC116-09-06

          After three weeks of heavy fighting and intense combat, the final weekend of Alliance Tournament XII has approached. Crazy matches, live commentary, high quality studio broadcasts, interviews with the devs and a lot more awaits us on September 6th and 7th with the free Alliance tournament broadcasted from 15:00 to 21:00 UTC. During the three first weekends of the Alliance Tournament we saw intense and exciting small scale PVP action only to be topped by this final weekend. Watch now how the remaining [...]

          Alliance Tournament XII - Summary of the second weekend

          • YC116-08-25

            The 12th iteration of the annual Alliance Tournament continued during the second weekend (broadcasted and commentated live on August 23rd and 24th) with exciting matches, fierce fighting, surprising upsets and teams against the wall facing extermination the tournament. The Alliance Tournament is a double elimination tournament, which means that you can afford to lose one match and still continue the tournament. The loser of a match is kicked down to the losers' bracket of the tournament; in this [...]

            Second weekend of the Alliance Tournament XII about to kick off with action!

            • YC116-08-23

              The second weekend of the Alliance Tournament XII is about to kick off with fast paced and action filled matches broadcasted live for free on August 23rd and 24th from 15:00 to 20:00 UTC. After a furious first weekend with thrilling fights and some spectacular matches, the second weekend of the Alliance Tournament XII organized by CCP is about to kick off with teams already fighting against elimination from the tournament. As the Alliance Tournament is a double elimination tournament, each team can [...]

              Welcome to the first weeked of Alliance Tournament XII

              • YC116-08-16

                Welcome to the first weekend of the Alliance Tournament XII! In this year's spectacular Alliance Tournament XII we see teams from 64 alliances fighting tooth and nail in the CCP organized and controlled tournament environment to win the fabled Alliance Tournament and exciting prizes. The Alliance Tournament spans over four weekends until the final winner is determined in a best-of-five match. During this first weekend on August 16th and 17th we will see 32 action packed matches between some of the [...]

                Alliance Tournament XII Signups are Ongoing!

                • YC116-06-04

                  If your alliance executor has not yet signed your alliance up for Alliance Tournament XII, go ahead and link him to this news item so he can click this link and correct that mistake. I guarantee this event is something you do not want to miss. For reference, the URL to the signups is: Want information on the format of the tournament and all of the rules involved? Read this devblog to get to know them well. And in the tradition of Alliance Tournaments, [...]

                  The BIG Lottery 11 Year Anniversary!

                  • YC116-04-28

                    The BIG Lottery celebrates its 11th anniversary with the next draw (#287). Tickets to win part of a 100bn ISK jackpot prize will be on sale from Monday April 28th, through until Sunday May 11th, with the draw taking place on Monday May 12th. The prize breakdown for round #287 will be as follows, and further details are available on the BIG Lottery site. 1st Prize - 50,000,000,000 ISK 2nd Prize - 20,000,000,000 ISK 3rd Prize - 10,000,000,000 ISK 4th Prize - 10,000,000,000 ISK 5th Prize - 10,000,000,000 [...]

                    Capsuleers to Commemorate the Battle of Caldari Prime

                    • YC116-03-21

                      Luminaire, Essence. Commander A9, in cooperation with New Eden Radio will be hosting a celebration commemorating the Battle of Caldari Prime on 22 March. The battle, believed to be one of the largest in the history of New Eden, took place on 22 March, YC115. In Commander A9 's words, the celebration will 'recognize and honor the soldiers, pilots and citizens from all empires who participated in Operation Highlander.' Operation Highlander was the Gallente-led mission to destroy the Leviathan Shiigeru [...]

                      Capsuleers Light Up the Night in Umokka

                      • YC116-01-30

                        by ISD Tedra Kerrigan Umokka, The Forge While the 5th annual New Years' Fireworks Celebration might not have had the attendance it enjoyed in previous years, the attendees certainly did not lack for enthusiasm. The pre-show started at around 23:00 and was quite impressive, with lasers, missiles and even fireworks lighting up the darkness around the station. Local was filled with happy chatter as the capsuleers awaited midnight. On a slightly less cheerful note, one capsuleer set up a memorial for his [...]