Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Caldari PvP Tournament: Day Five Review

  • YC108-12-14

    Day Five was make or break in the Third Caldari tournament and proved its status with some tense finishes, including the tournament's first draw, interspersed by some less competitive ties. The Corporation started things off with a heavy damage set-up that Insurgency had no answer to and ended in a flawless victory to the former. The R0NIN assured themselves of a play-off berth by defeating Kith of Venal in a match featuring four hookbills. Nebula Rasa easily beat a Lotka Volterra team featuring two [...]

    Ascendant Frontier Titan Destroyed

    • YC108-12-13

      ESOTERIA. An Avatar-class titan belonging to Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) was destroyed yesterday in the C9N-CC system by the Band of Brothers (BoB) alliance. "Steve," as the behemoth ship was known, was the first titan ever to be publicly launched by a capsuleer alliance. At the time of its destruction, the titan was located off the orbital plane of the C9N-CC system, a great distance from the central sun. Its location was pinpointed through the use of long range scan probes, after which BoB reportedly [...]

      Caldari PvP Tournament: Day Four Review

      • YC108-12-13

        Day Four of the tournament saw the knock-out stages begin take shape in a bruising day of battle that ensured some intriguing final group games. Few would have predicted some of those advancing and even fewer some who fell, which all lent to an air of mystery surrounding the championships as tens of thousands of pod-pilots crammed round any available holo-reel to watch developments. First out of the blocks were The R0NIN and they enhanced their prospects of making it through to the next round by [...]

        Battle in Querious leads to foundation of new outpost

        • YC108-11-29

          QUERIOUS. Firmus Ixion (FIX) has successfully erected their first outpost in the Querious region following a short but violent conflict between alliances based in the south. Firmus Ixion was defending their latest outpost construction effort with gathered allies against a vicious attack launched by Against All Authorities (AAA) from the Catch region. FIX have been residents of the Querious region for quite a considerable length of time, and have had to contest the region countless times in the past. [...]

          Red Alliance Finds New Allies, Old Friends and Re-conquers Territories

          • YC108-11-24

            SCALDING PASS. After months of resisting the south-eastern coalition with guerrilla tactics, the Red Alliance (RA) has finally started recovering some of its territories. What started as a lone effort in Cache against the E.R.A and UCC alliances has since spread to the neighbouring regions with the help of former allies and newfound friends. The first to join in and assist was GoonSwarm. After its attempt on the Outer and Cloud Ring regions, GoonSwarm moved south, leaving its historic home of [...]

            Third Capsuleer Tournament Announced

            • YC108-11-13

              At an open press meeting earlier this morning, representatives from the Caldari Gaming Commission announced the exact dates and rules for the next capsuleer alliance tournament. This will be the third time the tournament is held, and the Commission has promised to make this one bigger and better than before. “This will be our third tournament, and hopefully the most exciting one yet. We have many strong contenders out there, and I personally cannot wait to see all the new tactics and setups that our [...]

              Caldari Corporation aids in Gurista plans

              • YC108-10-25

                NONNI – Pilots in Lonetrek were left bemused last Monday by a shotgun trade between Obuchi Kun, a known Gurista operative and Auluras Reikatoh, the CEO of Igneus Civitas. The Gurista operative fled after the trade was completed before Caldari law enforcement could arrive on the scene. Caldari officials and a squad of marines were mere minutes away from apprehending Kun, who they believe has been working for over five months on a secret project for the Guristas. However, Kun slipped away to [...]

                Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate weathers Mercenary Coalition storm

                • YC108-10-25

                  CATCH – Over the past weeks the G-7WUF system, and its surrounding systems, has been the scene of large scale fighting between the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate [IAC] and the Mercenary Coalition [MC]. The attack on Conglomerate owned space stations in G-7WUF by over 20 Coalition Dreadnaught class vessels started a conflict that not only tested the resolve of the IAC, but also triggered several other alliances to come to IAC's aid. Despite admitting to heavy losses, the Conglomerate’s morale [...]

                  Capsuleer conflict rages in Mito Constellation

                  • YC108-10-13

                    LONETREK. The Mito constellation, home to the Caldari State loyalist capsuleer alliance the Kimotoro Directive, is fast becoming a hotbed of violence and intrigue as numerous organizations become drawn into a conflict over territory and ideology. Despite some initial defeats the Directive is showing little sign of backing down, suggesting that Mito may be a war zone for quite some time. Now the target of two war declarations, the Kimotoro Directive has stated that both wars were expected for a long [...]

                    War Erupts in the South, Avatar Activates Judgement Device

                    • YC108-10-03

                      FEYTHABOLIS. A Doomsday-class device was activated successfully on Sunday by the Ascendant Frontier Titan during a skirmish with Band of Brothers forces. While casualties were low, this is yet another landmark in the scale that capsuleer-driven politics and warfare are taking. Witnesses to the event mention a "blinding white light" that engulfs everything in sight, leaving nothing but scorched remains behind it. The conflict between the two neighbours erupted shortly after BoB's announcement that it [...]

                      Ascendant Frontier completes first Titan.

                      • YC108-09-26

                        FEYTHABOLIS. Yesterday at approximately 12:20 New Eden Time, the Ascendant Frontier Alliance (ASCN) deployed the first capsuleer owned and built Titan into the AZN-D2 system. The Titan is the majestic Avatar of Amarrian design now named CYVOK´s Avatar after its current pilot and one of the leading figures who made the production possible. The launch is the result of 8 months of hard work and dedication of an entire alliance, at the cost of over 160 billion ISK, as well as a sophisticated operation to [...]

                        Pilot embarks on 0.0 Experiment

                        • YC108-09-20

                          Over the past few months there have been a growing number of pod pilots taking notice of a young, quick witted and sometimes foolhardy capsuleer named Innominate Nightmare. Much to the dismay of his instructors at the Caldari State War Academy, he decided to jump in a shuttle and head off to unsecure space in search of what he termed “The meaning of life”. Recently though, his actions have made some people wonder if his intentions are philosophical or financial in nature. His journey so far has taken [...]

                          Innominate's Travels

                          • YC108-09-18

                            Over the past few months there have been a growing number of pod pilots taking notice of a young, quick witted and sometimes foolhardy capsuleer named Innominate Nightmare. Much to the dismay of his instructors at the Caldari State War Academy, he decided to jump in a shuttle and head off to unsecured space in search of what he termed “The meaning of life”. Recently though, his actions have made some people wonder if his intentions are philosophical or financial in nature. His journey so far has taken [...]

                            ISS and U´K fight pirate invasion together.

                            • YC108-09-13

                              Providence. Forces of the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate and Ushra´Khan have defended against heavy attacks upon the 9UY4-H system over the past week; an invasion force comprised of several pirate corporations is responsible for the attacks. Sykosys, a pilot from U´K, reported that the invasion started weeks ago when they saw an increase in the number of Finite Horizon pilots in the Providence region. Apparently more like minded corporations and alliances joined them such as the Establishment, [...]

                              Over 30,500 Capsuleers join in the celebration

                              • YC108-09-04

                                At 1939 Galactic Time, 30,538 capsuleers were logged into the Gal-Net communication channels, more than the channels have seen in the history of Gal-Net Comm. Unsubstantiated reports put over 700 capsuleers in the Jita system at the time of the Gal-Net user record. Said Lt. Commander AeolusWind, a member of ISD's STAR division, "It's amazing to see the capsuleer brotherhood has expanded such a great deal, but it still has that warm toasty feeling like when eveyrone in Gal-Net Comm was a rookie." Such [...]

                                Big Blue Loses Outpost, Plans to Leave Geminate

                                • YC108-08-18

                                  GEMINATE: Recent history has repeated itself for The Big Blue alliance after the capture of the outpost in the 8MG-J6 system by forces of Euphoria Unleashed, joined with SAS, Exotic Dancers and The Corporation. In a short statement made soon after the conquest, Escador, diplomatic contact for the new owners, stated, "Our new capital pilots have gained some much needed experience, and we now have a nice staging point for our future plans." For many in the Big Blue, the invasion is reminiscent of [...]

                                  Struggle for Stability Continues in the South-East

                                  • YC108-07-28

                                    INSMOTHER. War is still raging in the south-eastern regions of New Eden, as operations against the coalition were intensified by the Red Alliance. Stepping up military efforts in its former territories, the Red Alliance has regained sovereignty in the C-J6MT Factory and momentarily that of the F2A-GX Refinery in the Insmother region. Several Capital-class encounters have marked the campaign over the last few weeks, most notable of which was the second Capital-class only fleet fielded by the RA against [...]

                                    Alliance PvP Tournament - Final Day Summary

                                    • YC108-07-25

                                      The last day of the tournament saw Band of Brothers move through the final rounds and secure victory and the first prize against Ascendant Frontier. Proving it is not just destructive power that wins matches, both teams went into the final with an extremely well thought out line-up and found after thirty minutes of fighting that they were evenly matched against each other and unable to break the opposition’s defence. The final came down to an interceptor dual, which saw both teams field Crow class [...]

                                      Alliance PvP Tournament - Day Five

                                      • YC108-07-25

                                        The final day of the group stages was one marred by the most forfeits in the competition, but those games that did go ahead provided some firsts for the Tournament. Saturday saw the first tied game of the tournament between Ascendant Frontier and Electus Matari which ended with no kills on either side. While Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate surprised commentators with a deliberate loss against Kaos Empire, in an apparent attempt to manipulate the tournament in their favour and fight Band of Brothers [...]

                                        Alliance PvP Tournament - Day Four

                                        • YC108-07-22

                                          Day four of the Alliance PvP Tournament was one of few surprises but the results it generated ensured that Saturday will tense in a few groups. Some unique tactics including smart bombing fleet commanders podding their own players and mining lasers on Megathrons were the highlight of a day that was spoiled by a large number of forfeits. With the tournament moving into the Second Round, many alliances appeared to have given up both on qualifying and the Caldari Navy Raven on offer as compensation. The [...]

                                          Alliance Tournament - Day Three

                                          • YC108-07-17

                                            Day three of the Alliance Tournament saw several teams securing their place in the next stage of the competition with a third consecutive win in their group; while others tipped as favourites to win Sunday’s matches surprised commentators as they were defeated by the opposition. After forfeiting their first two fights on Friday and Saturday, Pure attended their third against The Five with a lone Ishkur pilot as an apparent sporting gesture. The Assault Frigate was destroyed and The Five secured their [...]

                                            Alliance Tournament - Day Two

                                            • YC108-07-16

                                              Day two of the Alliance Tournament saw Friday’s winners continue their march towards the next stage of the competition. While loosing teams and default winners from day one showed their willingness to assimilate winning strategies. Maintenance drones were heavily used during all matches and some teams resorted to targetting them early on in an effort to gain the upper-hand. The Five continued their success from the first day with a win against Serenus Letum; however several subsequent matches proved [...]

                                              Alliance Tournament - Day One Synopsis

                                              • YC108-07-15

                                                New Eden´s Second Alliance Tournament saw the introduction of official live holoreels to the capsuleer community, whilst on the battlefield an impressive display by some of the pre-tournament favorites coupled with some strong individual performances gave the discerning fight-fan everything they wanted. It wasn’t a good day to be a destroyer or interdictor pilot, especially flycatchers as they suffered heavy losses in a trend that started in the very first match as The Five took out Dusk and Dawn. In [...]

                                                NORAD space invaded by expanding Goonfleet

                                                • YC108-06-30

                                                  OUTER RING. Fierce battles have been raging throughout the Outer Ring Region as the Goonswarm alliance continues their expansion efforts into space held by members of the New Outer Ring Allied Democracy (NORAD). Goonswarm was founded at the beginning of the month after splintering off from the OSS alliance and immediately annouced that they would contest NORAD's control over Outer Ring. The region has seen a number of battles in recent weeks, with much activity centred on the 4C-B7X system, the [...]

                                                  ECAID testing new freighter cargo containment system, Insurance companies overjoyed

                                                  • YC108-06-30

                                                    The ECAID division of ISD, in conjunction with Freighter manufacturers, cargo expander manufacturers and some ship insurance providers, are in final testing of a new cargo containment control system. The updated control software resolves a major issue with dispersion of containment fields upon the destruction of a freighter. Previously, these containment fields would implode upon collapse, thus crushing the cargo and rendering it unsalvagable. The new control software reverses the implosion of the [...]

                                                    *TEST* Stargate Collision causes pilot headaches.

                                                    • YC108-06-27

                                                      JITA. Congestion reached an all time high in the major trade hub of Jita yesterday as over 500 pod pilots all vied for the same space. The system which has recently become the focus of much attention in light of the statue errected to honor capsuleer corporation BURN EDEN for their successful completion of the riddles laid out in the will of a wealthy Caldari citizen. The statue has been the focus of much attention and has resulted in many pilots being hemmed in temporarily after a collision between [...]

                                                      Band of Brothers Take Querious

                                                      • YC108-06-10

                                                        QUERIOUS. The Band of Brothers Alliance added a new region to its assets last week, storming Querious in full force and eventually capturing the region despite heavy resistance from a large coalition of alliances. They are now claiming the war for Querious as over, and the region as BoB sovereign territory. The lead up to these events stems back many months. For several of the coalition alliances, the aim originally was to remove Firmus Ixion, who had long inhabited the region. “We have not gotten [...]

                                                        Interstellar Correspondents Seek Reporters, all races welcome.

                                                        • YC108-06-10

                                                          POLARIS. The Interstellar Correspondents, have decided to throw open their doors in a recruitment drive to find the best reporters in the galaxy. The Interstellar Correspondents are looking to boost their coverage of events and politics in all regions of EVE, from Yulai to the furthest reaches of low security space. Having a good grasp of interstellar politics is a must. You must have a sound understanding of all of the history of New Eden, as well as the political relationships between all of the [...]

                                                          Civil war at an end – new hope for Deklein coalition.

                                                          • YC108-06-01

                                                            DEKLEIN. Last fortnight saw the end of the civil war between the Northern Freedom Coalition and the Freelancer Alliance. The conflict had been brought about by rogue individuals in the NFC feeding false information to their leaders in order to break up the coalition between the two alliances. Peace was restored after diplomats from both sides met to negotiate the terms of a ceasefire. Avril Dewar, who recently took over the presidency of the NFC commented that at the time one person in NFC had been [...]

                                                            Making It BIG

                                                            • YC108-05-19

                                                              BIG corporation celebrates the third anniversary of its galaxy renowned lottery program this coming Monday. The prize money is ever-increasing but, at last count, it exceeded 11 billion ISK already - not to mention a coveted Navy Issue Megathron and many other goodies. TornSoul, CEO of BIG corporation is thrilled by the donations that have allowed such a huge prize. "We had planned to just assure there would be at least 3 billion in cash prizes... A sponsor, out of the blue, approached us asking if it [...]

                                                              Third Anniversary for BIG Lottery

                                                              • YC108-05-18

                                                                This coming Monday will mark the third anniversary of the BIG lottery, a biweekly event which has become one of the most widespread and successful gambling enterprises in known space, capping off what has been a month of major milestones for the BIG Corporation. What began 3 years ago as a fledgling entry into the galaxies vast gambling industry, with just 38 participants and a 6.6 million ISK prize pool, today stands as one of the premiere privately run gambling operations in civilised space. [...]

                                                                War Erupts in the South

                                                                • YC108-05-17

                                                                  PARAGON SOUL - Last week saw a breakdown in the relationship between the two alliances Tribal Souls and Ascendant Frontier. Breaches of confidence, combined with resource and outpost placement disputes, reportedly led to a slowly building crescendo of diplomatic ill-will. The end result: a capital fleet supported by hundreds of smaller vessels was deployed by ASCN for precision strikes in key systems of the Paragon Soul region. Facing little resistance, they quickly conquered and destroyed all of [...]

                                                                  Dark Angels continue savage attacks in Curse.

                                                                  • YC108-05-11

                                                                    CURSE. The last few days have seen an alarming resurgence in reports of Dark Angels hostilities in the troubled southern region, with some victimized pilots now claiming that the sheer organizational lethality of the corporation suggests something deeper is amiss. The attacks came in the same manner as before, either victims were lured in by a fake distress signal, or they were ruthlessly engaged wherever they were found. Attempts to communicate with the pilots were met with silence. “I was traveling [...]

                                                                    Riddles Solved by Burn Eden

                                                                    • YC108-05-07

                                                                      Nine hours after the official announcement, Shin Ra and Heinky of Burn Eden managed to come up with solutions to all of the eleven riddles from Ruevo Aram’s will. Following the victory, a Caldari State official made this announcement: "As a part of our deal with Ruevo, we will honor his request and erect a statue commemorating the winners. May his soul rest in peace, and congratulations to Burn Eden." The whereabouts of the statue remain uncertain, although Jita is rumoured to have been chosen by the [...]

                                                                      Providence crisis averted – ISS outpost construction to proceed

                                                                      • YC108-04-30

                                                                        PROVIDENCE. A military stand-off following a border dispute between the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate earlier this month has been resolved peacefully after diplomatic talks. The incident saw the two alliances contesting the placement of ISS starbases in relation to CVA territory, apparently due to miscommunication that can be blamed on a directors' illness. The brief war threatened to disrupt the construction of ISS’s seventy billion ISK twin outpost project in [...]

                                                                        Forsaken Empire: Another alliance to disband.

                                                                        • YC108-04-20

                                                                          'The Forsaken Empire disbands', announced in a press release. The alliance just one of many prominent coalitions to dissolve within recent weeks, reinforcing the current trend for large-scale dispersal and reformation of the universe’s major capsuleer power blocs. The decision of FE leadership to dissolve the alliance is being seen by many as part of a broader trend in universal alliance politics, highlighting a shift from large-scale alliances to smaller and often, more successful units. Whether or [...]

                                                                          Interstellar Starbase Syndicate to manage sacked trade Outpost

                                                                          • YC108-04-12

                                                                            PURE BLIND. Following last week's successful siege of the EC-P8R solar system, which saw the TRUST outpost Viribus Unitis fall to an allied coalition led by Band of Brothers; the coalition has announced that they will allow the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate to take over management of the outpost. TRUST announced their disbanding on the same day stating the events of last week and the sceptical view on their neutrality as the reasons. Last Friday morning, Count TaSessine explained that the allied [...]

                                                                            Change in the Deklein Region, IRON Divided

                                                                            • YC108-04-10

                                                                              DEKLEIN. The Imperial Republic Of the North has splintered, and will be leaving the Deklein region to regroup in Empire space. The statement has been relayed by Darko1107, Co-CEO of EXODUS, Executor of the IRON alliance. In it, he explains the motivations and reasons behind the move, namely communication problems within the alliance, and disagreements concerning the Republic’s future as well as logistics problems in holding sovereignty in the region. As such, senior corporations EXODUS, Synergy. and [...]

                                                                              Alliances Band Together To Bring Down Capital Ship Production Outfit

                                                                              • YC108-04-05

                                                                                PURE BLIND. Shortly after the announcement by TRUST regarding their production and delivery of the very first Mothership-class vessel in private hands, the Band of Brothers alliance declared that it would be attacking the conglomerate’s Outpost in EC-P8R. Mustering what is possibly the largest allied pod-pilot fleet, composed of Ascendant Frontier, Axiom Empire, Band of Brothers, The Five and The Forsaken Empire pilots, they removed all defenses in that system, claiming the Outpost for their own. The [...]

                                                                                Infamous Corporation Arcane Technologies Closes Its Doors

                                                                                • YC108-04-05

                                                                                  Shocking news from GalNet this week; Arcane Technologies closes its doors. N00b Scriptor, ATUK CEO, announced that the corporation would be disbanded. In the light of recent achievements, the move did not only surprise outsiders as well as allies, it came as a complete surprise to the pilots of ATUK itself. N00b script0r and his fellow directors took a moment of their time to both reminisce on the corporation’s achievements and to explain the recent decision. Arcane Technologies started as an [...]

                                                                                  War Report: Conflict in the South

                                                                                  • YC108-03-31

                                                                                    Wicked Creek, Scalding Pass, Detorid - for months now these southern regions have played host to a fierce conflict between two of the largest political entities in this area of space. On the offensive there is a coalition of alliances: Veritas Immortalis, Chimaera Pact, Knights Of the Southerncross and Lotka Volterra, allied originally by their common goal - the removal of the political and military behemoth that is the Red Alliance from the south-eastern regions of known space. Prior to the war this [...]

                                                                                    Mysterious Corporation reported terrorizing Curse

                                                                                    • YC108-03-31

                                                                                      CURSE. News reports from the border stations tell of a new group of hostile pilots attacking wayfarers and residents in this traditionally notorious area of space. The hostile pilots, identified as members of the Dark Angels Corporation, were first sighted around the Utopia and HLW-HP solar systems last Sunday, apparently roaming the area attacking all ships in their path with no clear provocation or cause. Those who encountered the group, allegedly numbering in five vessels, reported that they did [...]

                                                                                      Billionaire Killed in Murky Ransom Operation

                                                                                      • YC108-03-24

                                                                                        TAISY. Newcomer to the capsuleer community and billionaire Sid Cops was recently ransomed and killed by rogue corporation Total Ransom. What sets this incident apart is the sum paid by the victim, which totalled 2000 million ISK. It would seem Mr. Cops was visiting relatives in Caldari space, when he was caught in his Deimos by the pirates, who first ransomed him, and once paid, swiftly destroyed the ship and the capsule. Help did arrive, but too late to prevent the payoff and ensuing destruction. [...]

                                                                                        The Forsaken Empire Mounts Massive Operation with Newfound Allies

                                                                                        • YC108-03-24

                                                                                          D7-ZAC. Allied forces consisting of The Forsaken Empire, Kaos Empire and The Five were joined by Gurista Pirates in an effort to dismantle the hostile Starbases placed by IRON and G. In a bid to impress their newfound allies as much as to ensure the security of the Capital-class vessels, the coalition assembled a fleet of more than 320 vessels on the spot, consisting of around 150 Battleships, 150 miscellaneous support vessels, as well as a Carrier and four Dreadnoughts, with over a dozen on stand-by [...]

                                                                                          Tank and The Scrapper

                                                                                          • YC108-03-24

                                                                                            THE FORGE. A duel recently took place in Jita between Tank CEO of the Dark Cartel Corporation and Scrapper Secura of Knockout Inc.The duel, organised by Ronaldo ‘Green Eyes’ Ling, concluded in a victory for Tank CEO. M. Ling, a dual organiser and promoter self titled ‘Fight Promoter Extraordinaire’, announced that his prize fighter Scrapper Secura was seeking a skilled pilot to fight against. Tank CEO accepted the challenge and engaged Scrapper’s Deimos in his Cerberus. The two seemed evenly matched, [...]

                                                                                            Ascendant Frontier To Divide Forces

                                                                                            • YC108-03-15

                                                                                              Several days ago, high-ranking Ascendant Frontier members were notified of an imminent split in their alliance as the Dirty Deeds Corporation, along with Eye of God, planned to start a new alliance that would claim the Impass region. An anonymous source with access to this information has put forth a summary, partly confirmed in a conversation with Steel Rat, ASCN Director. Dirty Deeds Corp and Eye of God plan to present the inhabitants of Impass with two options: joining the new alliance or staying [...]

                                                                                              BIG bubble bursts, BIG Bank Check Bounces.

                                                                                              • YC108-03-05

                                                                                                BIG’s latest enterprise failed to live up to its promise and Big Bank has suffered a 140 million loss even before any members of the public used its services. “Not a single loan has been made,” were the words that Tornsoul used to describe the current state of the BIG Bank, “except one 'test loan' from an interested shareholder. This will be a heavy blow to investors who believed they would be getting huge dividends from the scheme after BIG's previous success”. What is worse is that the Big Bank has [...]

                                                                                                The 'Jewel of Branch' falls.

                                                                                                • YC108-03-01

                                                                                                  BRANCH - System BKG-Q2, long time home of The Phoenix Alliance (PA) has changed hands last week, falling to The Five Alliance (.5.) after a series of destructive dreadnaught strikes against all stations in the system. This development marks a major shift of power in the Northern theater as the conflict between .5. and PA continues. "After our conflicts with Red Alliance, there was a lot of animosity between The Forsaken Empire, PA and NBSI, what with them declaring us dead and defeated." said .5. [...]

                                                                                                  Trouble in the south escalates as Tribal Souls joins Stain conflict

                                                                                                  • YC108-02-22

                                                                                                    Paragon Soul - The Tribal Souls alliance announced their intent to join forces with Band of Brothers (BoB) and participate in their ongoing war with the Stain Alliance. The announcement places additional strain on the fragile political landscape of the war-torn southern regions and threatens to upset the tenuous relationship between the major alliances controlling the area. Sylic from Tribal Souls explained that the primary reason for entering into the conflict was the stabilization of the south. He [...]

                                                                                                    An Interview with Aralis

                                                                                                    • YC108-02-13

                                                                                                      Today we take a look at the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, known cluster-wide as the CVA. I was able to sit down with Aralis, CEO of the Amarrian loyalist industrial powerhouse Imperial Dreams, and the executor of the CVA, for an in-depth look at the last year of it's operations in the Providence region. Raekhan: Imperial Dreams has been the industrial backbone of CVA since it's inception. How did your corporation come to be in the beginning? Aralis: It was formed almost as soon as pod pilots hit [...]