Heathen of the Year to be Chosen

Kasrasi, Derelik - Kazzzi, of Heathen Legion, part of the Ushra'Khan alliance, has announced the Heathen Achievement Award. It will be awarded to the capsuleer who is best able to express their hatred for the Amarr Empire.

Kazzzi intends to "bring reform to the Amarr Empire by any means necessary and provide aid to those free-thinking Amarrian citizens oppressed by their own tyrannical government".

The competition has so far received interest from both Amarr and Sansha loyalists.

The latter refuse to talk exclusively of hate, with ValentinaDLM of Zaratha Zarati stating: "I do hope that when Master Kuvakei decides to show the Empire and Republic what unity feels like, that they will finally understand there was never a need for conflict."

On the other hand, Amarr loyalists such as Rodj Blake of PIE Inc., dismiss the award as a meaningless show of hatred: "The enemies of Amarr are not motivated by a desire to create a better world, but by hatred of the existing order. Because they primarily seek destruction rather than construction, they collectively have little idea what it is that they want to replace the Empire with."

As a reward to the best participant, to be chosen by Kazzzi himself, Heathen Legion plans to award a Revelation-class dreadnought that was manufactured from blueprints they salvaged from a destroyed Amarr loyalist starbase.

The Interstellar Correspondents will monitor this contest and publish a follow-up once a winner has been chosen.

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