Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Arcane Technologies spearheads first official Inter Alliance Industrial Cup

  • YC106-12-16

    Within weeks of Concord recognising the outer rim alliances as sovereign nation-states, Arcane Technologies (ATUK) has organised their first official tournament. In a press release earlier this week, ATUK representative Stan Hyd announced a championship with a difference, the first Inter-Alliance Industrial Cup. Teams of eight pilots from all of the alliances will be allowed to compete against each other in a loadout-unrestricted, anything-goes battle, the only catch being that industrial ships are [...]

    BIG surprise in BIG Lottery - Imperial Armageddon

    • YC106-12-13

      The BIG lottery, a bi-weekly event held by BIG corporation, is proud to announce their second best prize ever! This highly coveted item, the Imperial Issue Armageddon, will be handed out to the winner of the forty-second Lottery. The winner of the lottery will be announced Monday, the 20nd of December. At this time, a remarkably small amount of tickets have been sold, increasing the win chances of any that choose to participate drastically. The Imperial Issue Armageddon was donated by WarHound of PAK, [...]

      Inside The Alliances Part 1: The Phoenix Alliance

      • YC106-12-12

        This article begins a series of stories about the alliances which make up the political landscape of EVE. With wars being fought and controversy surrounding their very existence, we could think of nowhere better to start than The Phoenix Alliance. The Phoenix Alliance was officially founded in the early part of the present year by Rona Corp, 20th Legion, KIA Corp, Blades, Oberon, Occassus Republica and The Wolf Brigade. They lay claim to the regions of Venal, Tenal and Branch, and call them home. The [...]

        Freelance Unincorporated to compile list of pod-pilot slavers

        • YC106-12-08

          Freelance Unincorporated, a Minmatar freedom fighter corporation and member of the Ushra’Khan alliance, announced today that they will compile a list of capsule pilots actively engaged in slave trade for use of Ushra’Khan According to Maggot, Freelance Unincorporated pilot, they will offer individuals and corporations engaged in slave trading a chance to repent first, rather then naming and shaming slavers out in the open unlike previous lists, most noteworthy those released by Gradient. It remains to [...]

          New evidence in Bob vs Fountain suggests ulterior motives to attack

          • YC106-11-05

            Bitter fighting erupted in the Fountain Alliance Sovereign space this Sunday between the forces of the FA and a coalition of corporations calling themselves BoB, which amongst others, includes Arcane Technologies, Reikoku and most notably, Evolution. As was reported earlier, Sunday saw the beginning of bitter fighting between the former allies, Evolution and the Fountain Alliance. This was an extremely unexpected move. The FA had allowed Evolution members free access to their resources and [...]

            Trouble in Querious attracts unexpected visitors

            • YC106-10-31

              Yesterday night, forces belonging to the MASS corporation and The Collective attacked the station located in 3BK-O7 in what appears to be an action instigated by a rogue Collective pilot. Held by a Fountain Alliance corporation, Stain’s ally, the attack was not only unprovoked, but a surprise as well. The Fountain Alliance was quick to respond. Whilst their diplomats met each other, forces were dispatched in case the talks proved pointless. After a few tense hours, both parties withdrew, with no loss [...]

              Gallente Corporation relocating to Caldari space

              • YC106-10-10

                Galactic Trading and Logistics CEO Jashira Ne’Rgha announced today that the GTAL headquarters are being relocated to the Caldari system Otsasai, in the Lonetrek Region. Why Ms. Ne’Rgha opted to move the GTAL headquarters to a Caldari system is unknown. In a brief interview she made the following statement: “Galactic Trading and Logistics are moving to expand their horizons. Business has been slow the last few years, so we opted to move our headquarters to another region of space. We hope to acquire [...]

                Trooper B99, Jeffrey Lebowski Triumph in Wiyrkomi Qualifier 1

                • YC106-09-07

                  As Day 2 of the COLOSSUS Qualifiers draws to a close, the first two members of the Wiyrkomi Corporation's Final team are on the score card: Trooper B99 of the Zoners and Jeffrey Lebowski of Imperial Dreams. Spanning 34 jumps and ending up deep in the bowels of the Catch region, tonight's race saw the two winners go toe-to-toe for much of its duration, leaving most of the other contenders in the dust. At the qualifier’s halfway mark, as the route veered off into HED-GP, the racers were confronted with [...]

                  Morkt Drakt, Feral First Members of Lai Dai Team as COLOSSUS Qualifiers Open

                  • YC106-09-06

                    Tonight saw the opening of the first round of qualifiers for the COLOSSUS race. 18 brave contestants attempted to qualify for the Lai Dai Corporation, with pilots Morkt Drakt of Lai Dai and Feral of Drink Starsi™ finishing first and second, respectively, to take their spots in the final ten-man Lai Dai team. The race's route took contestants through the dangerous, lawless expanses of the Orpana constellation through to contested areas of the Venal region. Unsurprisingly, most of the pilots encountered [...]

                    Press Release: Caldari State Announces Opening of Sign-Up For COLOSSUS Race Series

                    • YC106-08-17

                      Continuing its fine tradition of providing State citizens with only the best in sports and entertainment, the Caldari State proudly announces its forthcoming COLOSSUS race series. It’s months of brutal, no-holds-barred racing action as eight of the State’s biggest and most powerful corporations pit their representatives against each other -- no vessel restricted, no piece of equipment off limits, no tactics forbidden! Kaalakiota racer next to you getting on your nerves? Send some missiles his way! [...]

                      The Search for Goran Mitelek Continues

                      • YC106-06-28

                        Several weeks ago a prison convoy carrying the UDI operative Goran Mitelek, believed to have been one of the persons responsible for the attack on the Elarel Rent-a-Dream Pleasure Dome last month (“The Elarel Massacre”), was attacked en-route to the Avair Theology Council Tribunal while passing through the Ebo system deep in Amarr space. Most of the convoy was destroyed, including the transport carrying Goran Mitelek, and the remaining debris contained only unidentifiable pieces of biomass - leading [...]

                        Apocalypse Winners To Give Ship Back To Amarr Empire

                        • YC106-05-30

                          The Ionstar corporation, last week’s winners of the BIG Lottery’s Imperial Apocalypse, today announced their intention to release the “Impoc,” as it has become colloquially known, into the hands of the Amarr Navy. According to a source inside the corporation, Ionstar’s board of directors is “well aware that the Empire wants it back badly. As we are loyal citizens of the Empire and would not appreciate the attention a ship of this immense stature would garner, we thought it best that it be returned to [...]

                          BIG Corporation Announces Imperial Apocalypse Giveaway

                          • YC106-05-11

                            In a surprising turn of events, the well-known BIG Corporation have announced that their bi-weekly lottery, long a staple in the EVE cluster, will be giving away an Imperial Apocalypse battleship as the main prize in the drawing of May 24th. The Imperial Apocalypse, long known to represent the pinnacle of Amarrian starship engineering, was reportedly donated to the corporation by Gallente holoreel actress Martina Monterneux. Says TornSoul, CEO of BIG: “Martina approached us some time back because she [...]

                            Drink Starsi™ - an interview with Jera

                            • YC106-03-28

                              The new Ultra-Quafe advertisment campaign has sparked a lot of controversy in both Amarr and Caldari. Drink Starsi™ has been one of the most vocal Caldari corporations in denouncing their competitor's strategy, even going as far as calling for the complete removal of all Quafe advertising in Caldari-controlled space. Jera , the CEO of the Caldari soft drink corp, graciously granted me an interview despite her busy schedule. Q and A session with Jera Beringe : "Can you tell us a little about your [...]

                              Abandoned Immensea stations a source of conflict - CONCORD logs reveal the truth

                              • YC106-03-10

                                One month ago, DED - the enforcement arm of CONCORD - activated a hidden spy module in the previously abandoned stations, to monitor their use for the good of the empires. One month ago, the surveillance systems began their collection of usage data - including any claims of ownership and conquest that might come to pass. Today this information was revealed to a stunned crowd of CONCORD officials and reporters. It would seem that not only had various corporations claimed the stations, but some of them [...]

                                Curse Alliance responds to allegations

                                • YC106-01-21

                                  _ CURSE: In the past few days, Minmatar in the Curse Alliance have been responding angrily to the accusations made by certain members of the Thukker Tribe and others. To delve further into this controversial issue, I called upon my good friend and associate Morkalum Takor to report on the matter from the inside of Curse. The following is the result of his work._ Recently, the media spotlight has been pointing towards the Curse Alliance that is occupying the Thukker Tribe Sovereignty within the Great [...]

                                  'Change and positive growth' - an interview with Halseth Durn

                                  • YC106-01-19

                                    There are always at least two sides to a conflict, and the one in Venal is no exception. Halseth Durn of Oberon-Inc came forth as the spokesperson of the newly formed alliance a few days ago, and I called upon him to provide me with his view of the events there. Oberon corp is known to many as the progressive Amarrian industrialists on whose agenda is the abolishment of slavery, in favour of high-tech equipment. They have been in the forefront of at least two alliances, the old Syndicate-Placid [...]

                                    'Venal is Cursed' - an interview with Jade Constantine

                                    • YC106-01-15

                                      Far beyond Caldari space lies a region named Venal. It is a rich but dangerous area of space, and home to the infamous Guristas pirate cabal. Enterprising corporations have been going there for ages, to harvest its plentiful asteroid belts and to collect CONCORD issued bounties. But what makes Venal different from other regions in this galaxy? Why have several allianced risen and fallen there, and why is there almost constant warfare - if not between alliances, then war within an alliance? A few days [...]