Standings Corporations Join Forces to Expand Service

New Eden - Two corporations who share a common goal have decided to form a partnership as they help capsuleers raise their standings with megacorporations and factions. DNLeviathan and Imiarr Timshae have announced that Standings4U, run under SOZA Innovations [SOZAI] and The Standings Correction Agency [TSCA] will be working together to bring their services to capsuleers even more efficiently and effectively than before.

Though their services are open to all capsuleers regardless of race or political affiliation, agreement is that most often the industrial pilots have the most to gain. DNLeviathan, CEO of Soza Innovations and driving force behind the Standings4U service states, "Most people want it for low tax rates and refinery loss, others for research [counterparts]."

Imiarr Timshae, the decision maker behind TSCA, responds to the question of why they are joining forces, "We met a few weeks ago when our seperate advertising campaigns collided. I ended up contacting DNL..." He continues, "We'd got to the stage in our conversation where we'd just talked about how we each operated and performed our service, and found striking parallels, so we eventually decided integration would be almost seamless, and we'd halve each other's workload."

DNLeviathan also states that the partnership with TSCA has given them the ability to "[have] improved service provision, [provide] greater...coverage, and with the joint management there is a greater response time to all inquiries."

Although standing increases are traditionally awarded based on combat actions in a fleet, it is not necessary for their clients to be an actual active participant in the combat, just a member of the fleet running missions. Mr. Timshae points out, "The grind for 0.00 [standings] to level four mission agent status is a tedious one." Because of this convenience, the services are not cheap but do free the client up to continue their day to day activities while their standings are being raised.

Since services are provided for corporations found in the space of each of the four races, they tend to live a rather nomadic existence. Since capsuleers will see them in all areas of New Eden, the easiest way to get in contact with Soza Innovations and The Standing Correction Agency is via their communications channel in your Neocom, Standings4U/TSCA.

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