The Northern & Deklein Coalitions invade 6VDT-H

Forces from the Northern Coalition (NC) and Deklein Coalition (DC) have invaded the Solar System 6VDT-H within the region of Fountain.

IT Alliance, sovereignty holders of 6VDT-H, came under attack from Northern Coalition and Deklein Coalition forces on 27.01.113 with the system’s combined population reaching up to 850 pilots.

Station ‘GVD RKK LITE WAS HERE’ owned by Tin Foil Corp, member of IT Alliance, came under fire from hostile forces and was placed into ‘reinforced’ mode at 19:37 New Eden Time.

Fuzzy II, member of the Deklein Coalition alliance Test Alliance Please Ignore, gave his opinion on the engagement so far and the future prospects of IT Alliance’s residency within 6VDT-H, “a breakout from IT seemed not thought through much though” in response the question about IT alliances future within the solar system Fuzzy II commented, “it won’t surprise you my answer is none.”

Hulemand, member of IT Alliance, explained that their presence in the system was evacuation related, “The engagement was simply to get as many of our ships and pilots out of the currently heavily camped station.”

Devilish Ledoux, member of the Deklein Coalition alliance Goonswarm, explained the strategic importance of this solar system, “Well, this is/was IT-bloc's staging system for their defence of Fountain, and rather than continuing to degrade their systems over time, we decided to strike at the heart of their strength in the region. It's not a very subtle strategy, but so far, it's been very effective.”

When asked about IT Alliances defence capabilities, Devilish Ledoux commented that, “the fight going on right this moment is their first serious attempt at a defence, they [IT alliance] appear to be much more interested in escape than actual defence at this stage.”

A source from within IT Alliance who wished to remain anonymous stated that, “It seems test/goons/DC [Deklein Coalition] have had the upper hand all day. Especially seeing as they steam rolled through a lot of fountain overnight it seems. IT Alliance seems to have the cash to support a long gruelling war while DC seems to be shoring up more numbers on a more regular basis. I think IT Alliance will lose 6VDT-H and some more.”

As the engagement continues, there have been over 230 Vessels and 170 pilots killed within the Solar System from each side.

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