Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

The Caedes and Rabisu Spotlight

  • YC118-11-16

    The alliance tournament has now concluded, bringing with it some awesome rewards for the winners. One of these rewards is the Caedes covert ops frigate. It's an immensely powerful ship with the ability to use the covert ops cloak along with technology not found in the average space ship. It has extremely powerful webbing and capacitor draining technology. The Caedes also boasts powerful hacking technology. Anyone wanting to add a Caedes to their collection will be expecting to have to pay around 140 [...]

    Conflict On The Rise in Providence in Wake of Realignment

    • YC118-10-11

      <img src='' width='351' height='51' /> Providence, New Eden - Just as the second half of day 4 of ATXIV got underway, reports started flowing in that a hostile fleet had entered Providence. In JEIV-E, Provibloc ships clashed with the primarily Triumvirate.[Tri.] and League of Unaligned Master Pilots [Lumpy] fleet. The invaders, [...]

      Alliance Tournament XIV - Team Spotlight: Test Alliance Please Ignore

      • YC118-10-07

        Welcome to the Alliance Tournament Team Spotlight, where we take a closer look at some of the teams competing in the Alliance Tournament XIV. Today, we are looking at Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST], who has had a team in the tournament before. TEST has competed in the Alliance Tournament 4 times before - in Alliance Tournaments X, XI, XII, and XIII - every Alliance Tournament since Test Alliance Please Ignore was founded in YC112. In YC117 they reached the semi-finals before being smashed by THE [...]

        Capsuleer reactions during the Coronation of Empress Catiz I

        • YC118-10-03

          With over two thousand capsuleers present in the Amarr system on September 28, YC 118.8 during the historic coronation of Empress Catiz I, CONCORD communication relays were filled with comms traffic. We, at Interstellar Correspondents, approached several capsuleers with for their opinions on the coronation ceremony. Capsuleer Thomas Moroh of BattleHamsters [BHSRR] had this to say I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Despite the need for action I hope this will actually go... 'peacefully', give or take [...]

          Alliance Tournament XIV - Team Spotlight: 404 Alliance Not Found

          • YC118-10-01

            Welcome to the Alliance Tournament Team Spotlight, where we take a closer look at some of the teams competing in the Alliance Tournament XIV. Today, we are shining the spotlight on 404 Alliance Not Found [U-WOT], who also participated in last year's Alliance Tournament XIII. Although this is only the second time 404 Alliance Not Found has fielded an Alliance Tournament team, several of their members have been in previous Tournaments multiple times with other alliances. In YC117, 404 Alliance Not Found [...]

            Alliance Tournament XIV - Team Spotlight: Complaints Department

            • YC118-09-29

              Welcome to the Alliance Tournament Team Spotlight, where we take a closer look at some of the teams competing in the Alliance Tournament XIV. Today, we are looking at Complaints Department [P45], who are newcomers to this year's tournament. In an interview with Frag Solo of Complaints Department, the capsuleer disclosed that he had previously taken part in Alliance Tournament XIII under the banner of Tactical Narcotics Team [TNT], and this factored into his decision to take Complaints Department into [...]

              Tom Ocilithon and the Mid-Grade Asklepian Epsilon Implant

              • YC118-07-08

                New Implants Discovered In Serpentis shipyard and research sites On June 29th, YC115, capsuleers across the cluster began to invade Serpentis sites in the hope of rich rewards spurred on by The Scope news reporting and lucrative rewards offered. The capsuleer Tom Ocilithon was one of the first to get his hands on a Mid-Grade Asklepian Epsilon, one of several implants that were rumored to be held within the sites. When asked about the circumstances around the acquisition he replied "I'd just like to [...]

                World War Bee - The end of an era?

                • YC118-06-11

                  On 29 March, the strategically valuable system of M-OEE8, long held by the Imperium, fell to the then newly formed Moneybadgers Coalition in a 3000-Capsuleer battle the likes of which New Eden had not seen in years. By the end of the night, The Imperium had lost the system's sovereignty, Moneybadgers Coalition was in control of the system, and World War Bee had begun with a price tag of almost 460 billion ISK in that first night alone. Battlefield impression - Curtsey of ISD Astrea Tsukishiro That [...]

                  Rare Revenant supercarrier destroyed by TEST

                  • YC118-05-23

                    Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] engaged and destroyed a Revenant-class supercarrier belonging to pilot Damien Shroud of Project.Mayhem. [16-13] on May 22, YC 118 in the Erila system on the edge of Caldari space. This marks only the sixth capsuleer-piloted Revenant destroyed in New Eden since the resurgence of Sansha's Nation. TEST joins Black Legion., Pandemic Legion, Goonswarm and Snuffed Out in the list of alliances who have successfully destroyed one of these elusive vessels. (Example image [...]

                    Hard Knocks Inc. onlines first XL Citadel ever in New Eden

                    • YC118-05-20

                      The first extra-large Keepstar Citadel has been constructed and onlined by Hard Knocks Inc. in low orbit over J115405 (Hard Knocks Inc.'s longtime home system, codenamed RAGE) on May 19, YC 118. Construction begins on Hard Knock 's Keepstar Citadel __ - Image courtesy of J3rzii Upwell's Keepstar Citadel is designed to be a major or primary headquarters for large alliances and coalitions. While all citadels are capable of mooring ships, Keepstar citadels are the first structures capable of supporting [...]

                      First Capsuleer Citadels Cause Turmoil Across New Eden

                      • YC118-05-03

                        On Wednesday, 27 April, Upwell Consortium released the designs for the Astrahus, Fortizar and Keepstar model Citadels. The first wave of Astrahus-class Citadels have already made a dramatic entrance to the New Eden cluster. The Astrahus Citadel is Upwell's medium-sized model. It is designed to support a small to medium group of pilots in friendly or hostile territory. Before a Citadel is at its full defensive strength, a Citadel must first be anchored then onlined. Anchoring an Astrahus takes 24 hours [...]

                        Arrival of Succession Trials Champions Anticipated by Honor Guard of Avatar Titans

                          Amarr Prime - The arrival of the Kor-Azor and Tash-Murkon champions for the YC118 Championship Finals of the Imperial Succession Trials was anticipated in grand style yesterday, as Avatar-class Titans of the Imperial Guard took up station outside the Emperor Family Academy in Amarr. The Champions ' Honor Guard (Credit: New Eden Geographic) The formation of eight Avatar-class Titans, one for each of the Champions and Retainers of the Kor-Azor and Tash-Murkon teams, took up station close by the Emperor [...]

                          Weekend Seminars To Provide Capsuleer Education Opportunities

                          • YC118-03-04

                            New Eden - Life in New Eden can be very challenging for new pod pilots. Knowing how to fit ships properly, navigating between high security space and low security space, and finding a home within a corporation can all be very daunting to tackle for the inexperienced. Sometimes the success or failure of a pilot's existence rests with the friends (or enemies) one makes the first few days after waking from the clone vat. While it is true that New Eden can be an unforgiving environment full of pilots [...]

                            Corporations in the spotlight - Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society

                            • YC118-02-16

                              This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society [.DIX.] Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society [.DIX.] was founded by BoodaBooda, former Test Alliance CEO. [.DIX.] is a PVP corporation with an active role in the Psychotic Tendencies alliance and an active participant in various alliance operations. They are currently based in the Fade region with ongoing operations against other residents of the area. BoodaBooda describes the current corporation specialties as "covops [...]

                              Sleeper Social Club CEO Declares Alliance Closure

                              • YC118-02-16

                                "It's actually quite difficult to sit here and try to describe all the great things about Sleeper Social Club and Future overall group of people I've ever meet in an online community ... or in real life." Jim Womack, formerly of Sleeper Social Club, reflects upon the alliance's history after the announcement from the Alliance Executor, Biterno Sintaph, that the alliance's doors would be closing indefinitely. SSC vs. Lazerhawks "Fall of The Souvlaki" In an alliance announcement that was [...]

                                EVE_NT in Nottingham on Feb 19 with EVE: Valkyrie & CCP Devs

                                • YC118-02-03

                                  EVE_NT takes place in Nottingham, England February 19-20. This popular event has been attracted up to 200 EVE players in the past and is both rich in content and fun. The event offers a Friday night pub crawl and a whole day of activities and spaceship camraderie on the Saturday. CCP Developers CCP Masterplan and CCP Lebowski will be in attendance. They are currently working on the Citadels expansion and the new capital mechanics so they'll have plenty to talk about. We're also bringing our [...]