Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

What is an Empire Control Tower Good For Anyway?

  • YC109-10-04

    Throughout the areas of the cluster known as empire space, there is an abundance of Starbase Charters that are available to capsuleers, and this begs the question; what exactly is the use for an empire based control tower and its associated assemblies? An empire control tower can only be erected within a star system with a mid-level CONCORD rating. To even consider deployment of a tower, the prospective corporate entity must be held in high regard by the local political and / or controlling corporate [...]

    Mercenary Coalition Titan destroyed.

    • YC109-10-03

      On September 28 at 12:30 EST, the Mercenary Coalition's first Titan-class vessel was destroyed by a joint fleet consisting of pilots from Red Alliance [RA] and Against ALL Authorities [AAA]. The Ragnarok-class behemoth named Armageddon Dawn found its final resting place in FAT-6P, a system located in the south-eastern part of the Catch region. The Interstellar Correspondents travelled to FAT-GP and spoke with several people who played key roles in the destruction of the Titan in an effort to find out [...]

      Dark Shikari on market manipulation

      • YC109-10-03

        The manipulation of markets is an old strategy that has seen success at the hands of many entrepreneurial capsuleers willing to gamble their fortunes. In the frontier economies of his enemies, market veteran Dark Shikari has created sizeable profits buying and reselling. Whilst Shikari may not have effectively hindered the economic or logistic foundations of his foes in the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, he has nonetheless found himself much richer thanks to their patronage. He is known to many as [...]

        x13 pilots score first low-sec Mothership kill.

        • YC109-10-01

          Last Sunday, the Tama system of The Citadel region saw the first low-sec Mothership loss. The Nyx, belonging to pilot The End, was set upon by a small x13 gang and quickly destroyed. Recent weeks have shown an increasing frequency for supercapital losses. Despite this, the kill scored by x13 forces was itself unprecedented. It was the first time a Mothership had been downed within the confines of Empire controlled space, where conventional interdiction methods do not work against the EW-Immune [...]

          Capital fleet battle erupts in drone regions

          • YC109-09-28

            L1YK-V - The ongoing conflict between the FREGE and Ka-Tet alliances escalated into a full scale fleet battle in the drone regions yesterday, with FREGE suffering heavy losses. An earlier skirmish outside the station in the R3P0-Z system between the FREGE forces and two Ka-Tet carriers served as a preface for the heavy fighting to come. After Ka-Tet intelligence located the FREGE fleet in L1YK-V, a Ka-Tet cyno pilot set up a jump point for his carriers and prepared for the attack. Only four Ka-Tet [...]

            Alliance tournament ends: Finalists rewarded

            • YC109-09-15

              The fourth alliance tournament has come to a close, with HUN Reloaded taking the glory and lucrative rewards that come with first place. In second place was Pandemic Legion, with Cruel Intentions and Terra Incognita taking equal third. The final rounds saw some of the most exciting match-ups in the tournament, with many upsets as underdogs came out victorious against more established and well known alliances. HUN Reloaded themselves were something of an unknown quantity. Now however, as the bearers of [...]

              Tenth Mothership downed.

              • YC109-09-14

                FAT-6P: As Tyrrax Thorrk’s second Aeon Mothership slowly succumbed to the growing firepower of a mixed Band of Brothers and Mercenary Coalition fleet, history was made. Not only was it another mothership loss and a key moment in the continuing conflict in the south, but it was a milestone too. It was the tenth Mothership-class vessel to be downed, an event heralding the beginning of a new era. One where thousands of lives can be extinguished in fleeting moment. It served as a solemn reminder of many [...]

                Drones, Dampeners, and Detonations

                • YC109-09-10

                  Alliance Tournament: The tactics and setups of the fourth alliance tournament The fourth alliance tournament saw varying levels of innovation in the selection and execution of plans for victory. Different ships and tactics came to the foreground as rule changes and redesigns set the stage for a new type of tournament. As in previous contests, there was again a heavy focus on the use of Caldari vessels, yet also a sizeable preference for Gallente designs and tactics as well. Across the teams there was [...]

                  Peaceful protest ends in surprise arrest

                  • YC109-08-22

                    To make themselves heard, several members of the Placid Militia and Illoren marched from Stacmon to Luminaire to confront Inspector Xavier, the head of the regional drugs squad. The protest was called because of the lack of commendation and recognition for the work of the Placid Militia and Illoren in the recent capture of the drug filled Serpentis Carrier. Inspector Xavier still stands by the fact that it was the work of his drug squad, however the Militia tell a different story. They claim that they [...]

                    Small Corp Conquers Large Goal

                    • YC109-08-14

                      CNHV-M - While outpost deployments in low security space are becoming more common, what makes the new Gallente structure in the 6HL8-L region impressive is that it was developed and deployed by a small, 40 pilot corporation operating independently throughout the process. Caldarian's Pride ("CP"), now a member corporation of the Ka-Tet alliance, spent a year assembling the pieces for the outpost at a cost of over 32 billion isk. As a condition of membership in CP, every pilot contributes 100% of their [...]

                      10 Questions for Triumvirate

                      • YC109-08-01

                        Triumvirate is a relatively new alliance that currently lays claim to a large portion of the Venal region. They have sprung up, seemingly out of nowhere, over the past year, controlling space and carving out their own little empire in lawless space. I caught up with Darknesss, the CEO of DOOM, one of the 3 founding corporations of Triumvirate, to ask him a few questions about the rapid rise of his alliance in the large galaxies of lawless New Eden Space. IC: The name Triumvirate refers to a regime of [...]

                        Vigil for Doriam II disrupted.

                        • YC109-07-23

                          What was designed to be a day of mourning for the Amarrian empire became a day of conflict and loss, as enemies of the loyalists attacked a vigil gathered to honor the life and service of the late Emperor Doriam II. It was two years ago when the Amarrian Emperor was assassinated by unknown parties. The murder struck a heavy blow to the Amarrian people that is still felt today as they continue without any replacement. July 5th of this year marked the second anniversary of his death. In an act of [...]

                          Independent Gaming Commission to host Alliance Tournament

                          • YC109-07-23

                            Woratome Kikawa, Chief Executor of the newly-founded Independent Gaming Commission last week announced that the Commission will officially take over handling of capsuleer alliance tournaments. 'I'm happy to announce that the Tournament will continue, but it is not longer strictly tied to one empire. To collect the funding needed for the tournament we now instead have investors from all four. From the Caldari State, we welcome members of the Mercantile Club; from the Minmatar Republic we enjoy the [...]

                            Coalition Counterattack in Tenal

                            • YC109-06-27

                              After many months of slowly being pushed back, the Northern Coalition may have found a new spark. Recently, RAZOR Alliance, Morsus Mihi, Rule of Three, Pure., and a handful of other entities have begun the counter-offensive against the Alliance forces in the north. The fight currently centers around the Tenal system of S-EVIQ. Earlier this month, after the dissolution of Dusk and Dawn and the capture of Tenal and Branch by Alliance forces, the war was looking grim for Coalition. Many observers were [...]

                              Band of Brothers lose Titan in co-ordinated attack

                              • YC109-06-25

                                TENERIFIS - On Friday 22nd June 109, Band of Brothers (BoB) lost one of their Titan class vessels to a co-ordinated assault by Goonswarm and Red Alliance pilots in the 46DP-0 system. The behemoth ship, named ‘Darwin's Contraption’ was set upon by numerous smaller ships, along with capital class vessels. Despite holding out initially, the damage provided by the dreadnought-class ships present was enough to breach the hull, ejecting the pilot, Shrike, and crippling the vessel beyond repair. The wreck [...]

                                10 Questions for D2

                                • YC109-05-20

                                  Janus Drake is a high ranking official within the X-Trading Company, one of the founding corporations of Dusk and Dawn. Dusk and Dawn (D2) is a large alliance based out of Branch and situated within the northern regions. D2 is known for their extensive diplomatic and industrial tactics, as well as being fierce fighters for their claimed space. Recently, great events have occurred surrounding D2 as their alliance numbers have varied and wars have sprung up. IC: What was the outcome of your assault into [...]

                                  State vindicated. Chemal implicated.

                                  • YC109-05-14

                                    With recently discovered information brought to more widespread attention, there are now implications of a far more scandalous situation than previously thought. In part two of an in-depth review, the Interstellar Correspondents will cover amongst other things, the recent actions of one Cras Evacone; a Gallente columnist who was pushing his own interpretation of events to the capsuleer community in Luminaire. Last Tuesday evening, almost at the same time as Varnen Maan was addressing the pilots of [...]

                                    An Interview with Inspector Xavier

                                    • YC109-05-13

                                      LUMINAIRE – I received an invitation from Inspector Xavier, the newly appointed commander of the regional Drugs Squad of Placid, to his office at the headquarters of the Federation Customs. He was very keen on explaining to me what his team had done during the four weeks of their deployment within the region. Currently this part of space is seeing a major increase in the usage of the drug ‘Rise', so I accepted his invitation and after inspecting his new team we got down to business over a bottle of [...]

                                      War Reaches Amarr Throne Regions

                                      • YC109-04-23

                                        AMARR - War has reached the Amarr throne regions. The Star Fraction (SF) alliance have brought their conflict directly to the heart of the Amarr Empire, issuing a declaration of war against the Amarrian loyalists Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE) which was quickly answered by declarations against Star Fraction by Vigilia Valeria (VV) and Aegis Militia (AM). The declaration of war was not unexpected as Amarr forces had observed Star Fraction moving large numbers of ships and supplies into the [...]

                                        10 Questions for the Privateers

                                        • YC109-04-03

                                          Surrepitious is the executor of the Privateers Alliance, a large empire-based group consisting of approximately 30 corporations and 700 members. Having seen the entity he helped create grow quickly in such a short space of time, Surreptitious agreed to a chat to the IC about the challenges and rewards therein. The alliance was formed near the end of the last calendar year, with the premise of bringing universe-wide combat to many pod pilots. By utilizing the legalized war-declaration sanctions allowed [...]

                                          Band of Brothers Shipyard Destroyed: Contents Unknown

                                          • YC109-03-30

                                            The conflict that has gripped New Eden escalated to a previously unseen level today during a coalition assault on a Band of Brothers capital shipyard in F-TE1T. An unprecedented array of capital ships were present during the attack and the Coalition lost dozens in the successful effort to take down the structure. The aftermath proved to be a salvager’s dream with a wasteland of wreckage left behind and both sides claiming victory. When the explosions cleared, BoB had lost their tower and capital yard, [...]

                                            The home of hedonism, risen from the ashes.

                                            • YC109-03-29

                                              The renowned Cats Whiskers reopened last week, following a six-month closure to refurbish the club after it was ravaged by an unexplained fire. The proprietors Bressty Chastaine and Paul Giselle have been busy since opening night promoting the nightclub as “the premiere nightspot for hedonism in the Federation.” Following the destruction of the club some six months ago, it was thought by many that the infamously decadent Cats Whiskers was doomed to fade into obscurity like so many other pleasure hubs [...]

                                              M.Corp Leaves Lotka Volterra

                                              • YC109-03-05

                                                Velios, CEO of M.Corp and former executor corporation of the Lotka Volterra (LV) alliance has released a statement announcing their withdrawal from LV due to the war's toll on M.Corp. Lotka Volterra's history stretches back 15 months ago when M.Corp, along with the corporations Shinra and UKC, carved out a slice of space in the Tenerifis region after a short but fierce engagement with Red Alliance, the two entities sharing significant Eve history with one another. Their initial plans were to build an [...]

                                                Diplomatic manoeuvrings dominate conflict

                                                • YC109-03-01

                                                  NEW EDEN - Although the past week may have been on the quiet side with regards major battles, the conflict continues apace. Consolidation has been the watch word as both sides reflect upon a tumultuous opening to proceedings. Even if the battlefield was quieter, diplomatic announcements still managed to create waves: Mercenary Coalition takes Band of Brothers contract : Mercenary Coalition has officially been contracted by BoB. Last Tuesday it was announced that what had prior been the subject of [...]

                                                  BIG Birthday for New Eden’s longest running lottery.

                                                  • YC109-02-28

                                                    The ubiquitous BIG Lottery, known universe-wide as the longest running and most successful of capsuleer-funded lottery franchises, is approaching an historical milestone this March 12th, when it will run its 100th draw. Despite the disappointment of a last-minute sponsorship withdrawal, it is expected that many will nonetheless celebrate what will be an epic landmark in almost four years of New Eden’s capsuleer gambling history. The key figure behind the success and history of the lottery is Tornsoul, [...]

                                                    “Karishal’s Defiance”: Ushra’Khan lays rebel Captain to rest.

                                                    • YC109-02-26

                                                      QR-K85. Late Sunday evening the body of Karishal Muritor was transported from the UNITY outpost in 9UY4-H in a solemn procession led by Ushra’Khan. The recently deceased, a hero to many young and increasingly disillusioned Matari, was interred only two jumps away at a station named “Karishal’s Defiance” in his honour, the new name for the ex-ISS outpost now under Ushra’Khan management. Speaking to the large fleet assembled in 9UY4-H to honour the rebel leader’s final wishes, Sapphrine of the [...]

                                                      War of New Eden

                                                      • YC109-02-25

                                                        NEW EDEN - The southern regions of New Eden have become engulfed in an epic war that has seen former enemies come together against a common foe, the Band of Brothers (BoB) and Lotka Volterra (LV). The war threatens to upset the balance of power in the galaxy, and has so far seen some staggering losses on both sides. BoB has long since declared that dominating all non-secure space has been their long- term goal, and no alliance has yet been able to stop their advances. Only now has a Coalition emerged [...]

                                                        Titan Destroyed in Tenerifis

                                                        • YC109-02-19

                                                          JV1V-0 - At around 07:30 on the 16th, A Goonswarm and Red Alliance combined fleet assaulted a key Lotka Volterra system, successfully destroying their most important Starbase. What made the attack so significant was the fact that the Starbase housed capital shipyards in the process of building a Titan, believed to be a second Avatar-Class vessel intended to supplement their first. The assault was made possible due to an extensive Goonswarm intelligence network and the fact that the Starbase activated [...]

                                                          Order of Medusa tests new virus, shocking the Sisters

                                                          • YC109-02-05

                                                            Hedoubel – Last week, after hearing that The Order of Medusa tried to secure a system, The Sisters of EVE sent an armed fleet to investigate and offer aid if needed. They found the Order of Medusa were using the station in the system and its inhabitants as labrats for a new virus. With the help of several capsuleer corporations, including The Blessed Sisters of Amarr, Pod Radio, House of Flying Daggers, The Crescent Order, Ixion Defense Systems, Phoenix Wing, The Durandal Organization and Equilibrium [...]

                                                            Caldari PvP Tournament: Day Five Review

                                                            • YC108-12-14

                                                              Day Five was make or break in the Third Caldari tournament and proved its status with some tense finishes, including the tournament's first draw, interspersed by some less competitive ties. The Corporation started things off with a heavy damage set-up that Insurgency had no answer to and ended in a flawless victory to the former. The R0NIN assured themselves of a play-off berth by defeating Kith of Venal in a match featuring four hookbills. Nebula Rasa easily beat a Lotka Volterra team featuring two [...]

                                                              Ascendant Frontier Titan Destroyed

                                                              • YC108-12-13

                                                                ESOTERIA. An Avatar-class titan belonging to Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) was destroyed yesterday in the C9N-CC system by the Band of Brothers (BoB) alliance. "Steve," as the behemoth ship was known, was the first titan ever to be publicly launched by a capsuleer alliance. At the time of its destruction, the titan was located off the orbital plane of the C9N-CC system, a great distance from the central sun. Its location was pinpointed through the use of long range scan probes, after which BoB reportedly [...]

                                                                Caldari PvP Tournament: Day Four Review

                                                                • YC108-12-13

                                                                  Day Four of the tournament saw the knock-out stages begin take shape in a bruising day of battle that ensured some intriguing final group games. Few would have predicted some of those advancing and even fewer some who fell, which all lent to an air of mystery surrounding the championships as tens of thousands of pod-pilots crammed round any available holo-reel to watch developments. First out of the blocks were The R0NIN and they enhanced their prospects of making it through to the next round by [...]

                                                                  Battle in Querious leads to foundation of new outpost

                                                                  • YC108-11-29

                                                                    QUERIOUS. Firmus Ixion (FIX) has successfully erected their first outpost in the Querious region following a short but violent conflict between alliances based in the south. Firmus Ixion was defending their latest outpost construction effort with gathered allies against a vicious attack launched by Against All Authorities (AAA) from the Catch region. FIX have been residents of the Querious region for quite a considerable length of time, and have had to contest the region countless times in the past. [...]

                                                                    Red Alliance Finds New Allies, Old Friends and Re-conquers Territories

                                                                    • YC108-11-24

                                                                      SCALDING PASS. After months of resisting the south-eastern coalition with guerrilla tactics, the Red Alliance (RA) has finally started recovering some of its territories. What started as a lone effort in Cache against the E.R.A and UCC alliances has since spread to the neighbouring regions with the help of former allies and newfound friends. The first to join in and assist was GoonSwarm. After its attempt on the Outer and Cloud Ring regions, GoonSwarm moved south, leaving its historic home of [...]

                                                                      Third Capsuleer Tournament Announced

                                                                      • YC108-11-13

                                                                        At an open press meeting earlier this morning, representatives from the Caldari Gaming Commission announced the exact dates and rules for the next capsuleer alliance tournament. This will be the third time the tournament is held, and the Commission has promised to make this one bigger and better than before. “This will be our third tournament, and hopefully the most exciting one yet. We have many strong contenders out there, and I personally cannot wait to see all the new tactics and setups that our [...]

                                                                        Caldari Corporation aids in Gurista plans

                                                                        • YC108-10-25

                                                                          NONNI – Pilots in Lonetrek were left bemused last Monday by a shotgun trade between Obuchi Kun, a known Gurista operative and Auluras Reikatoh, the CEO of Igneus Civitas. The Gurista operative fled after the trade was completed before Caldari law enforcement could arrive on the scene. Caldari officials and a squad of marines were mere minutes away from apprehending Kun, who they believe has been working for over five months on a secret project for the Guristas. However, Kun slipped away to [...]

                                                                          Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate weathers Mercenary Coalition storm

                                                                          • YC108-10-25

                                                                            CATCH – Over the past weeks the G-7WUF system, and its surrounding systems, has been the scene of large scale fighting between the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate [IAC] and the Mercenary Coalition [MC]. The attack on Conglomerate owned space stations in G-7WUF by over 20 Coalition Dreadnaught class vessels started a conflict that not only tested the resolve of the IAC, but also triggered several other alliances to come to IAC's aid. Despite admitting to heavy losses, the Conglomerate’s morale [...]

                                                                            Capsuleer conflict rages in Mito Constellation

                                                                            • YC108-10-13

                                                                              LONETREK. The Mito constellation, home to the Caldari State loyalist capsuleer alliance the Kimotoro Directive, is fast becoming a hotbed of violence and intrigue as numerous organizations become drawn into a conflict over territory and ideology. Despite some initial defeats the Directive is showing little sign of backing down, suggesting that Mito may be a war zone for quite some time. Now the target of two war declarations, the Kimotoro Directive has stated that both wars were expected for a long [...]

                                                                              War Erupts in the South, Avatar Activates Judgement Device

                                                                              • YC108-10-03

                                                                                FEYTHABOLIS. A Doomsday-class device was activated successfully on Sunday by the Ascendant Frontier Titan during a skirmish with Band of Brothers forces. While casualties were low, this is yet another landmark in the scale that capsuleer-driven politics and warfare are taking. Witnesses to the event mention a "blinding white light" that engulfs everything in sight, leaving nothing but scorched remains behind it. The conflict between the two neighbours erupted shortly after BoB's announcement that it [...]

                                                                                Ascendant Frontier completes first Titan.

                                                                                • YC108-09-26

                                                                                  FEYTHABOLIS. Yesterday at approximately 12:20 New Eden Time, the Ascendant Frontier Alliance (ASCN) deployed the first capsuleer owned and built Titan into the AZN-D2 system. The Titan is the majestic Avatar of Amarrian design now named CYVOK´s Avatar after its current pilot and one of the leading figures who made the production possible. The launch is the result of 8 months of hard work and dedication of an entire alliance, at the cost of over 160 billion ISK, as well as a sophisticated operation to [...]

                                                                                  Pilot embarks on 0.0 Experiment

                                                                                  • YC108-09-20

                                                                                    Over the past few months there have been a growing number of pod pilots taking notice of a young, quick witted and sometimes foolhardy capsuleer named Innominate Nightmare. Much to the dismay of his instructors at the Caldari State War Academy, he decided to jump in a shuttle and head off to unsecure space in search of what he termed “The meaning of life”. Recently though, his actions have made some people wonder if his intentions are philosophical or financial in nature. His journey so far has taken [...]

                                                                                    Innominate's Travels

                                                                                    • YC108-09-18

                                                                                      Over the past few months there have been a growing number of pod pilots taking notice of a young, quick witted and sometimes foolhardy capsuleer named Innominate Nightmare. Much to the dismay of his instructors at the Caldari State War Academy, he decided to jump in a shuttle and head off to unsecured space in search of what he termed “The meaning of life”. Recently though, his actions have made some people wonder if his intentions are philosophical or financial in nature. His journey so far has taken [...]

                                                                                      ISS and U´K fight pirate invasion together.

                                                                                      • YC108-09-13

                                                                                        Providence. Forces of the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate and Ushra´Khan have defended against heavy attacks upon the 9UY4-H system over the past week; an invasion force comprised of several pirate corporations is responsible for the attacks. Sykosys, a pilot from U´K, reported that the invasion started weeks ago when they saw an increase in the number of Finite Horizon pilots in the Providence region. Apparently more like minded corporations and alliances joined them such as the Establishment, [...]

                                                                                        Over 30,500 Capsuleers join in the celebration

                                                                                        • YC108-09-04

                                                                                          At 1939 Galactic Time, 30,538 capsuleers were logged into the Gal-Net communication channels, more than the channels have seen in the history of Gal-Net Comm. Unsubstantiated reports put over 700 capsuleers in the Jita system at the time of the Gal-Net user record. Said Lt. Commander AeolusWind, a member of ISD's STAR division, "It's amazing to see the capsuleer brotherhood has expanded such a great deal, but it still has that warm toasty feeling like when eveyrone in Gal-Net Comm was a rookie." Such [...]

                                                                                          Big Blue Loses Outpost, Plans to Leave Geminate

                                                                                          • YC108-08-18

                                                                                            GEMINATE: Recent history has repeated itself for The Big Blue alliance after the capture of the outpost in the 8MG-J6 system by forces of Euphoria Unleashed, joined with SAS, Exotic Dancers and The Corporation. In a short statement made soon after the conquest, Escador, diplomatic contact for the new owners, stated, "Our new capital pilots have gained some much needed experience, and we now have a nice staging point for our future plans." For many in the Big Blue, the invasion is reminiscent of [...]

                                                                                            Struggle for Stability Continues in the South-East

                                                                                            • YC108-07-28

                                                                                              INSMOTHER. War is still raging in the south-eastern regions of New Eden, as operations against the coalition were intensified by the Red Alliance. Stepping up military efforts in its former territories, the Red Alliance has regained sovereignty in the C-J6MT Factory and momentarily that of the F2A-GX Refinery in the Insmother region. Several Capital-class encounters have marked the campaign over the last few weeks, most notable of which was the second Capital-class only fleet fielded by the RA against [...]

                                                                                              Alliance PvP Tournament - Final Day Summary

                                                                                              • YC108-07-25

                                                                                                The last day of the tournament saw Band of Brothers move through the final rounds and secure victory and the first prize against Ascendant Frontier. Proving it is not just destructive power that wins matches, both teams went into the final with an extremely well thought out line-up and found after thirty minutes of fighting that they were evenly matched against each other and unable to break the opposition’s defence. The final came down to an interceptor dual, which saw both teams field Crow class [...]

                                                                                                Alliance PvP Tournament - Day Five

                                                                                                • YC108-07-25

                                                                                                  The final day of the group stages was one marred by the most forfeits in the competition, but those games that did go ahead provided some firsts for the Tournament. Saturday saw the first tied game of the tournament between Ascendant Frontier and Electus Matari which ended with no kills on either side. While Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate surprised commentators with a deliberate loss against Kaos Empire, in an apparent attempt to manipulate the tournament in their favour and fight Band of Brothers [...]

                                                                                                  Alliance PvP Tournament - Day Four

                                                                                                  • YC108-07-22

                                                                                                    Day four of the Alliance PvP Tournament was one of few surprises but the results it generated ensured that Saturday will tense in a few groups. Some unique tactics including smart bombing fleet commanders podding their own players and mining lasers on Megathrons were the highlight of a day that was spoiled by a large number of forfeits. With the tournament moving into the Second Round, many alliances appeared to have given up both on qualifying and the Caldari Navy Raven on offer as compensation. The [...]

                                                                                                    Alliance Tournament - Day Three

                                                                                                    • YC108-07-17

                                                                                                      Day three of the Alliance Tournament saw several teams securing their place in the next stage of the competition with a third consecutive win in their group; while others tipped as favourites to win Sunday’s matches surprised commentators as they were defeated by the opposition. After forfeiting their first two fights on Friday and Saturday, Pure attended their third against The Five with a lone Ishkur pilot as an apparent sporting gesture. The Assault Frigate was destroyed and The Five secured their [...]