Ascendant Frontier Titan Destroyed

ESOTERIA. An Avatar-class titan belonging to Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) was destroyed yesterday in the C9N-CC system by the Band of Brothers (BoB) alliance. "Steve," as the behemoth ship was known, was the first titan ever to be publicly launched by a capsuleer alliance.

At the time of its destruction, the titan was located off the orbital plane of the C9N-CC system, a great distance from the central sun. Its location was pinpointed through the use of long range scan probes, after which BoB reportedly brought a large number of ships to the location, destroying the titan. The loss of this vessel is said to strike a blow to ASCN's logistical efforts.

When asked if this represented a step forward for BoB against ASCN, SirMolle, one of the Band of Brothers’ leaders, explained, "Of course it does … however, it never posed any real threat, and so its impact is more of morale and PR value."

Commenting on the value of titan class ships in alliance warfare, SirMolle referred to the jump bridge system as being "invaluable for strategic purposes," adding that, "it beats anything on gate camping. [The titan is] a tool to be used in a fleet, on its own its pretty useless."

Virtuozzo of ASCN’s high command commented on the loss as follows:

“This particular ship was a symbol, granted, but for the average ASCN pilot it represents an argument to build more. Deep space is lawless space, but people, for the majority, strive for order. They will live out here, build out here, and do whatever it takes to survive. As such, they strive to make use of every tool and means to do so, and titans are the most powerful ship type around.”

Virtuozzo added that Ascendant Frontier are planning to build a second and third titan, possibly even more, despite the cost of these vessels.