Peaceful protest ends in surprise arrest

To make themselves heard, several members of the Placid Militia and Illoren marched from Stacmon to Luminaire to confront Inspector Xavier, the head of the regional drugs squad. The protest was called because of the lack of commendation and recognition for the work of the Placid Militia and Illoren in the recent capture of the drug filled Serpentis Carrier.

Inspector Xavier still stands by the fact that it was the work of his drug squad, however the Militia tell a different story. They claim that they disabled the support team and the carrier. The Inspector dismissed the claims on the spot and asked for “anyone with any proof to these claims to come forward and dock to hand me these items”

Vorada Kuvakei, Shoran Mulsokai and Vey Telmoth, all members of Illoren docked at the station in the hope of showing the public what the Inspectors team really is. However, Inspector Xavier had other plans as Illoren had found out. All three were arrested immediately after docking by the Federation Intelligence Office for charges of ‘Interfering with official FIO investigation, which touches upon direct interests of the Federation'.

The population of the Luminaire erupted into disorder at the surprise arrest, while the Inspector and his team watched on, continuing to celebrate. I asked Pytria Le'Danness, a member of the Placid Militia, what she thought of the arrests “It definitely was the wrong time, because Vorada has been the pivotal point of a major victory against the Serpentis, a victory that could have helped the whole Federation, and not just the career of one inspector”. “Not based on the evidence available to myself” , I also asked Crausaum of his thoughts on the arrest.

The Federation is looking to thanks its loyal supporters by awarding medals to people who have been highly commended because of their acts within the past few months, against the Serpentis.

The trial date of all the Illoren pilots and of the Serpentis Carrier pilots are yet to be announced, but are expected to be soon. All that the militia ask for is that there is a “Fair trial for the Illoren that proves they are innocent of the charges and that matters can be resolved amicably.”