Ascendant Frontier completes first Titan.

FEYTHABOLIS. Yesterday at approximately 12:20 New Eden Time, the Ascendant Frontier Alliance (ASCN) deployed the first capsuleer owned and built Titan into the AZN-D2 system.

The Titan is the majestic Avatar of Amarrian design now named CYVOK´s Avatar after its current pilot and one of the leading figures who made the production possible. The launch is the result of 8 months of hard work and dedication of an entire alliance, at the cost of over 160 billion ISK, as well as a sophisticated operation to keep the construction site and its contents a secret. This included a "feint" operation producing a smaller capital class vessel to throw off potential attacks to the real construction site.

The accumulation of the vast quantity of minerals required to complete construction was actually handled by refinery taxes, as well as mining operations by ASCN member corporations, who were unaware what the final objective was. Aside from the minerals the Avatar also needed 16 component, 1 ship and 3 module Blueprint originals, all blueprints combined made up for 93 billion of the 160 billion ISK total necessary for the construction. The Titan itself was constructed in secret, with only a small inner-circle of ASCN members aware of the project.

When asked about this achievement, CYVOK, the leader and pilot of the Titan, was quick to reassure that the entire alliance, one of the largest in the cluster, had worked long and hard in order to achieve the completion of the Avatar. The secrecy involved allowed the build up and construction to take place without hostile intervention. CYVOK explained, ‘Only 3 pilots knew about the details of the project, lots of folk helped but they had no idea. We placed TONS of thought into misdirection. Pilots were asked to do things for other "projects" they had no idea it was all going to this one.’ Enemies of ASCN only came close to finding out the construction site two weeks before the completion of the titan.

The launch in AZN-D2 attracted a large group of pilots from both inside and outside the ASCN alliance to witness the deployment of this new vessel. ASCN members present in AXN-D2 during the maiden flight were very happy that the Titan had been completed, despite the veil of secrecy.

CYVOK commented, ‘The completion of the Avatar represents another true first for New Eden brought forward by the hard work and dedication of all the members of the ASCN & AXE Community. Together there is no challenge we cannot accomplish. The face of warfare in New Eden has just changed forever.’