Over 30,500 Capsuleers join in the celebration

At 1939 Galactic Time, 30,538 capsuleers were logged into the Gal-Net communication channels, more than the channels have seen in the history of Gal-Net Comm. Unsubstantiated reports put over 700 capsuleers in the Jita system at the time of the Gal-Net user record.

Said Lt. Commander AeolusWind, a member of ISD's STAR division, "It's amazing to see the capsuleer brotherhood has expanded such a great deal, but it still has that warm toasty feeling like when eveyrone in Gal-Net Comm was a rookie."

Such sentiments were also expressed by RipLee, a pilot with The Shepherd's Chapel Nexus; a corporation specializing with assisting rookie capsuleers, "It is with great honor that I see the 30k mark being broke.. I can recall 3 years and 5 months ago, a 90 capsuleer test during the Gal-Net Comm beta.. CONCORD has done an awesome achievement in such a feat..."

During a joint press conference after this event, Obuchi Shikamaa, Chief Coordinator of Public Relations for CONCORD and Admiral Kieron, Administrator of the Interstellar Services Department, both expressed their gratitude to the capsuleer community for their continued support. Stated Kieron, "This is a momentous occasion for everyone, from the newest rookie frigate pilot to the veteran Titan commander, and all of us in CONCORD and ISD. Thank you."