Alliance tournament ends: Finalists rewarded

The fourth alliance tournament has come to a close, with HUN Reloaded taking the glory and lucrative rewards that come with first place. In second place was Pandemic Legion, with Cruel Intentions and Terra Incognita taking equal third.

The final rounds saw some of the most exciting match-ups in the tournament, with many upsets as underdogs came out victorious against more established and well known alliances. HUN Reloaded themselves were something of an unknown quantity. Now however, as the bearers of the Alliance Tournament Cup and Gold Medal, they will forever be known as one of the elite few who have won an Alliance Championship.

“May their glory shine through eternity,” stated Woratome Kikawa, CEO of the Independent Gaming Commission which organised the tournament. In a press release issued afterwards, he thanked the participants for their attendance and outlined the rewards each winner would receive.

Speaking on behalf of his alliance in an interview, Jotan Veer, diplomat of HUN Reloaded shared some of the highlights of the tournament for his team.

“The final was an obvious display of superiority, however I believe the matches against Cult of War and later against Cruel Intentions were the hardest fights to win. Personally, I will never forget the two Hyperions in the Chaos Incarnate fight…two huge battleships charging directly into our tightly-packed team was a bit terrifying to watch, even if I knew they weren’t a threat.”

“Pandemic Legion probably lost in the ‘mind game’ part of the fight, since they predicted wrongly what our first move would be…their setup was sound and their tactics were brilliant, so the match could have gone a lot differently.”

Speaking about what makes a successful team, Veer offered: “Most certainly teamwork. We never broke ranks, followed our Team Captain’s orders always. This combined with the work of the two Basilisk pilot’s allowed us to adapt to every situation and sometimes change plans on the way.”

“Our opponents in the finals are some of the most experienced 0.0 small gang combat alliances. We have locked horns with almost all of them during our careers and developed huge respect for their skills an experience. I believe the daily struggle in zero-sec space most certainly provides the foundation to excel in the tournament, especially the fourth, where the rule changes made it a lot more similar to real engagements.”

When asked what HUN planned to do with their financial reward, a whopping 20-million Loyalty Point stash granted by Serpentis, whom they represented in the tournament Veer replied with the same level of class HUN had shown throughout the tournament. “We have no intentions to destroy the market prices of Serpentis goods, if we use the loyalty points then we will use them coordinated as a team, just like how we fought in the tournament.”

Veer finished by thanking the organisers and contestants. “This was the first alliance tournament we participated in, both as pilots and as an alliance. We had lots and lots of fun, and bring home some awesome memories. Thank you everyone.”

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