Third Capsuleer Tournament Announced

At an open press meeting earlier this morning, representatives from the Caldari Gaming Commission announced the exact dates and rules for the next capsuleer alliance tournament. This will be the third time the tournament is held, and the Commission has promised to make this one bigger and better than before.

“This will be our third tournament, and hopefully the most exciting one yet. We have many strong contenders out there, and I personally cannot wait to see all the new tactics and setups that our new rule system allows for,” said CGC head Airas Sukela. “We have decided that a tournament will be held every six months, and to ensure this becomes a reality we have signed a five-year contract with Boundless Creation public relations coordinator, Sirfortur Ofarter.”

When contacted about the contract, Ofarter told reporters that her corporation would be making changes to the way prizes are handled and pumping fresh blood into the tournament’s promotional and public relations effort. “Our engineers have been working day and night for months to create these monstrosities. The winners of the next tournament will not be going home empty-handed.” She was unwilling to divulge further details about the exact nature of the prizes, but assured reporters that a detailed press release would be forthcoming.

Public opinion of the contract between CGC and Boundless Creation seems to be mixed, especially considering recent political tensions and fluctuations between the empires. Extremist voices have challenged the contract’s legality while others embrace this as a friendly act.

The capsuleer tournament is scheduled to go ahead in two weeks’ time.