Order of Medusa tests new virus, shocking the Sisters

Hedoubel – Last week, after hearing that The Order of Medusa tried to secure a system, The Sisters of EVE sent an armed fleet to investigate and offer aid if needed. They found the Order of Medusa were using the station in the system and its inhabitants as labrats for a new virus.

With the help of several capsuleer corporations, including The Blessed Sisters of Amarr, Pod Radio, House of Flying Daggers, The Crescent Order, Ixion Defense Systems, Phoenix Wing, The Durandal Organization and Equilibrium Society, the Sisters were able to reach the station, fend of the defending fleet of Medusa pilots and offer aid to the population.

Sadly, it was too late to save the people. Early results into the nature of the virus indicate that it’s a fast working and lethal agent. Logs from the stations docking and medical bay indicate that in a matter of hours after the first Medusa ship docked the first casualties were reported.

Scientists have found a flaw in the virus that offers some hope, the virus allows a host to infect a very limited amount of others because symptoms show after moments of coming into contact with the virus. This is supported by the logs of the station that show people immediately went to their quarters complaining of headaches and nausea. Research is still ongoing at this moment.

Sister Rhayne was equally appalled by the actions of The Order of Medusa and Star Fraction, the latter who attacked the fleet of the Sisters and others who wanted help. ‘It’s hard to believe that there are organizations who would use the homes of people to test a virus that kills so quickly, it’s even harder to imagine capsuleers preventing help from arriving. Yet it happens and it proves that our work is not done,’ Sister Rhayne stated, ´I’m afraid we are more needed then ever.´