Battle in Querious leads to foundation of new outpost

QUERIOUS. Firmus Ixion (FIX) has successfully erected their first outpost in the Querious region following a short but violent conflict between alliances based in the south. Firmus Ixion was defending their latest outpost construction effort with gathered allies against a vicious attack launched by Against All Authorities (AAA) from the Catch region.

FIX have been residents of the Querious region for quite a considerable length of time, and have had to contest the region countless times in the past. The previous attempt at constructing an outpost in the same system was foiled previously by the Band of Brothers (BoB) alliance; however, in New Eden's forever changing political climate, FIX and BoB are now allies.

Avernus, FIX's diplomatic contact remarked about the conflict that began over the second attempt at construction; "logistically, we were well prepared to overcome the challenge. However, logistics was the least of our problems. The alliance, AAA, got wind of our operation and brought forth some serious opposition in an attempt to impede our efforts, and destroy the outpost if possible." Pilots from Red Alliance and the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate were also present in the attacking forces, although AAA have said that there was no time for prior arrangements, and the outside assistance was spontaneous. Amongst the defenders were pilots from Band of Brothers and the Mercenary Coalition, and Avernus also offered "a debt of gratitude to...Elite Storm Enterprises, Digital Fury Corporation, and The Clearwater Society".

Due to logistics delays brought on by enemy attacks, the construction of the outpost was delayed to a second day. During the battles involving the system chosen for the outpost, over 650 ships were destroyed over a period of 30 hours, including numerous capital ship losses throughout both sides. Despite formidable opposition, construction of the outpost was completed, consolidating FIX's hold on the area.

When asked about FIX's intention's regarding this venture, Avernus responded "FIX isn't in a rush; however we have a set of goals that are continuously being worked towards". While the Querious region is currently marked as the territory of Band of Brothers, FIX hope that this will put them back on New Eden's political map after a period of absence.

Representatives of AAA declined to give comment on the situation at this time.