Coalition Counterattack in Tenal

After many months of slowly being pushed back, the Northern Coalition may have found a new spark. Recently, RAZOR Alliance, Morsus Mihi, Rule of Three, Pure., and a handful of other entities have begun the counter-offensive against the Alliance forces in the north. The fight currently centers around the Tenal system of S-EVIQ.

Earlier this month, after the dissolution of Dusk and Dawn and the capture of Tenal and Branch by Alliance forces, the war was looking grim for Coalition. Many observers were ready to declare the conflict over, and to pronounce the Northern Coalition dead. Over the last week, the revitalized Coalition forces have used still-surviving starbases within S-EVIQ to launch a determined strike at Terror in the System, the current owners of Tenal.

Speaking about the situation, TwoSide, spokesman for Razor Alliance, claimed: “Today it [S-EVIQ] is still contested, there will be no doubt tomorrow. We have met heavy resistance all over the weekend, with the defenders mustering an awesome defence on short notice.”

When asked about Mercenary Coalition, who blitzed their way through the north in a recent campaign, TwoSide stated: “They have not made an appearance, no. Either they are on a break, or their contract with the now-almost-previous owners of S-EVIQ has expired.”

With the recent upheaval in the North and various groups working out their difference there is still much to be decided but TwoSide painted a confident picture. He added: “Our future plans are to continue the fight in the North alongside our friends and allies, at current we would be very satisfied if we could reclaim most of our assets. Where that will take us, we will see.”

Morale on the Coalition side seems to have improved after the convincing defeats they suffered earlier this year. TwoSide closed by saying: “In the end, sticking true to your alliance and allies will pull you through most of the storms.”

The question of ability to work together effectively is now being levelled at Alliance forces attempting to defend Tenal. KOTH Fluff of Morsus Mihi, and leader of the Northern Coalition forces, professed his doubts.

KOTH Fluff said: “Most of the new alliances in the area don’t think much of Terror in the System and only did a token defense to help them.”

Galnet has been rife with speculation of the fate of the new owners of the North once the Mercenary Coalition departs.

“Although I respect most of the new alliances in the North, they are not capable of coming together as a solid force without MC leading them,” added KOTH Fluff. He continued: “I really expect only token resistance for the rest of Tenal. But we shall see. Terror in the System was not considered to be a true 0.0 force and were not capable of holding space on their own.”

Regarding what the end goal of the current campaign was, he [KOTH Fluff] was nonspecific, stating that the reclaiming of Branch, Deklein, Pure Blind, and Fade was a “possibility for later,” but was adamant that the current focus was going to remain upon Tenal.

On the other side of the conflict, despite recent setbacks Pershphanie of Terror In The System remained confident, insisting: “We are here to stay and ready to fight. We will be able to secure ALL our space. We have mounted a solid defense with mixed success.”

She claimed that during one engagement they, ‘killed nearly 200 of them with minimal losses.’

In a thinly veiled threat to the current victors, Pershphanie concluded: “MC have a large number of support and capitals in the North. I'll let people speculate on why they are still here.”

Prefect Six of Aftermath Alliance added: “While S-E looks bleak currently, plans are being constructed in conjunction with other allies in the North and decisions are still being made.”

“There are a lot of skilled and experienced entities in the "New North". If they are able to coalesce I would take great pity on those who would try to fight against it,” continued Prefect Six.

He concluded: “If the Northern Alliances want to keep their space, coordination is essential.”

What is clear is that the hostilities engendered a huge degree of respect between the combatants with each taking time to state their mutual admiration and praise their opponents' fighting capabilities.

For now, the new residents of S-EVIQ will be replaced by the previous owners, but only time, and a great deal of fighting, will decide who gets to hold onto the hotly contested region of Tenal.