10 Questions for D2

Janus Drake is a high ranking official within the X-Trading Company, one of the founding corporations of Dusk and Dawn. Dusk and Dawn (D2) is a large alliance based out of Branch and situated within the northern regions. D2 is known for their extensive diplomatic and industrial tactics, as well as being fierce fighters for their claimed space. Recently, great events have occurred surrounding D2 as their alliance numbers have varied and wars have sprung up.

IC: What was the outcome of your assault into BoB space?
D2: If you're talking of our trip to the Serpentis Fountain Regions, it was the exploration of this territory, further education for our pilots, and the most important part, the entertainment of our alliance population.

IC: How does the loss of 3 corporations and a titan affect your ability to fight in this war?
D2: There is a war? Last I saw outer space is always in a state of war.
IC: I was referring to the War between the Coalition and the Alliance
D2: I don’t think there is a coalition or an alliance if you prefer to call it so; I would see it more as movement of different interest of different groups. Some fight for glory, some for their entertainment, others fight for their masters.

IC: The northern alliances have always been very friendly to each other. How have IRON, MM, and RAZOR contributed to D2 during these times of war?
D2: We were and we will always be loyal to each other, it’s a matter of long-term relationships and respect for each other. This is something special, most of capsuleer alliances do not have the luck to experience this by their own.

IC: How has D2 responded to Triumvirate's claim to Venal?
D2: Venal is traditionally home by the Guristas Faction and because of this they have to reply in such matters. It was always policy by Dusk and Dawn not to interfere in politics of other alliances and factions.

IC: How is your war for Fade progressing?
D2: In the last few weeks, some misguided alliances have decided to attack the innocent inhabitants from Fade. But this is something I can’t further explain because it would lead into details of our ongoing alliance business, which could lead to the creation of additional innocent victims.

IC: I can understand that, How are you working together with your southern allies?
D2: If you're referring to the south east capsuleer population, well, the past showed we share similar interests. As you know they live on the other side of the universe, and they show their success in their own ways to reach their goals.

IC: Knowing that the Alliance puts great emphasis on espionage, how have you prepared yourself for fighting your enemies?
D2: The majority of our population still believes in honour and pride. So our espionage is traditionally limited. We prefer to get our fights on the battlefield. We know some alliances don’t fight without knowing everything about their enemy, infiltrating their [communications] their families, but in Dusk and Dawn such things have always had a bad sound. And this is one of the most important points of Dusk and Dawn, their [pilots] stay for fair play.

IC: How does wartime have an influence on D2/TRUST production?
D2: As I referred earlier, it's always a time of war in outer space, so in this sense its not affected. All income and production capacity goes direct in the development of our pilots and this in different sections.

IC: How are D2 faring with outposts within their space?
D2: The outposts are a shared property of all corporations within our state. This means all income goes in charity programs to benefit the whole population of Dusk and Dawn.

IC: I wish to thank you for your time.
D2: It was a pleasure.