Small Corp Conquers Large Goal

CNHV-M - While outpost deployments in low security space are becoming more common, what makes the new Gallente structure in the 6HL8-L region impressive is that it was developed and deployed by a small, 40 pilot corporation operating independently throughout the process.

Caldarian's Pride ("CP"), now a member corporation of the Ka-Tet alliance, spent a year assembling the pieces for the outpost at a cost of over 32 billion isk. As a condition of membership in CP, every pilot contributes 100% of their income to the corporation and in return is supplied with all the materials required to conduct their day to day operations. Throughout the year of preparation for the outpost, that meant all the excess income from the corporations largely industrial efforts went towards acquiring the materials for the outpost egg, procuring the appropriate blue prints, and even purchasing an additional pair of freighters to handle the extreme logistics associated with an undertaking of this size.

"We want to try everything (that) is possible," explained Bucc, CEO of CP. "Also, you have to make your targets in Eve. Why not building a station?" An immense target for a small corporation, especially one with as travelled a past as CP. Originally comprised of mostly miners and freelance mission runners, the corporation's first home was in the Arifsdald region of Minmatar space as part of the Freelancer Coalition. In Arifsdald, and later in two separate residencies in the Fountain Region, the corporation found adapting to life in the outer systems arduous and always seemed to end up back in secure space. The corporation needed a more permanent home.

At the recommendation of their long time friends in The Huns, CP executives investigated the CNHV-M area as a potential location for their planned home. "We came and take a look at this new regions far away from nearly everything," said Bucc. "We get a warm and friendly welcome from the rest of Alliance, and we thought that must be the right place." A month later, CP were renting space from the Ka-Tet alliance, and a month after that the outpost was constructed with the full membership of CP providing security for the nascent structure as it was formed.

Bucc and CP now have a solid base of operations and a home in the universe. The outpost required the full dedication of every member, but, as Bucc proposes, they have "shown that even small corporations can do great things."