Titan Destroyed in Tenerifis

JV1V-0 - At around 07:30 on the 16th, A Goonswarm and Red Alliance combined fleet assaulted a key Lotka Volterra system, successfully destroying their most important Starbase. What made the attack so significant was the fact that the Starbase housed capital shipyards in the process of building a Titan, believed to be a second Avatar-Class vessel intended to supplement their first.

The assault was made possible due to an extensive Goonswarm intelligence network and the fact that the Starbase activated its strontium clathrate reinforced mode at an inopportune moment, allowing the Goonswarm & Red Alliance fleet to engage with full force. Blitter, a Goonswarm Director stated 'this is undoubtedly a huge hit to Lotka Volterra; they pulled out all the stops in the defence of their system.'

This is yet another chapter in an increasingly escalating war that has seen Goonswarm and friends force Lotka Volterra and allies backwards. This latest attack in a former Lotka Volterra stronghold signals yet another bold advance in the Southeast. The sheer size of the coalition forces, believed to number over 1000 members, is possibly the largest offensive New Eden has seen.

Due to the enormous numbers of pilots, the stargates into JV1V-0 overloaded, blocking further reinforcement and causing mayhem in the system itself. The jump engines of the arriving capital ships caused a massive system-wide disruption, with spatial distortions affecting many pilots on both sides. The end result was that a large majority of ship navigations systems overloaded, rendering the Lotka defenders practically impotent against the equally troubled defenders. Due to their overwhelming numbers however, and their ability to slip past the imposing defences placed on entry into the system, the attackers managed to eventually bring the Starbase down.

Speaking on the successful operation, Bitter further commented, 'we will not allow Lotka Volterra to build a second Titan, and we proved that tonight. The capital shipyard that was building a Titan was destroyed with 25 days left until completion.'

Rumors that the blueprint to the Titan was destroyed with the construction yard are as yet unconfirmed although it is believed that it was rescued and is still held by Lotka Volterra. Lotka Volterra was not available for comment on the matter. It is certain that they will not allow this attack to go unpunished, with many speculating that retribution will be high on Lotka Volterra’s agenda.

Blitter concluded by thanking 'all our allies who showed up tonight and are committed to our cause. Many of them made themselves available at an inconvenience themselves to be here and participate in killing LV's Shipyards'.

At this time, Lotka Volterra have declined the invitation to comment.