Vigil for Doriam II disrupted.

What was designed to be a day of mourning for the Amarrian empire became a day of conflict and loss, as enemies of the loyalists attacked a vigil gathered to honor the life and service of the late Emperor Doriam II.

It was two years ago when the Amarrian Emperor was assassinated by unknown parties. The murder struck a heavy blow to the Amarrian people that is still felt today as they continue without any replacement. July 5th of this year marked the second anniversary of his death. In an act of remembrance, capsuleers loyal to the Amarrian Empire gathered outside the Emperor Station in Amarr to pay their respects in a vigil lead by the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and members of PIE Inc.

However, this was not to be. The peaceful vigil quickly descended into violence as soon as the procession arrived outside the station. A fleet consisting of almost forty ships belonging to both the Star Fraction and Ushra’Khan alliances intercepted the Amarrian loyalists and vicious fighting ensued. The battle, which reportedly lasted almost thirty minutes, resulted in a significant loss of vessels on both sides, with less loss of equipment and life on the side of the SF/UK forces.

Following the attack, bitter words were exchanged on Galnet as the Amarrian bloc defended the record of Doriam II. They criticized the aggressors for not honoring the life of a man they claimed had at times acted in ways that even their enemies should have respected. Ushra’Khan and The Star Fraction largely left their own actions to speak for the level of respect they had.

Various moments in the long life of Emperor Doriam II were atypical of many other Amarrian leaders throughout the Empire. He once famously declared that all slaves should be treated humanely. He was also responsible at one time for the freeing of several thousand slaves in a failed attempt to return them to the Republic, a move that was later thwarted by the Order of Tetrimon. For this reason and others, there were some entities such as Electus Matari and Fate Weavers whose attendance was of a more peaceful nature, despite their deep ideological differences with the Amarrians. Some even attended in Vigil-class frigates in a display of recognition of a man they later stated wasn’t entirely devoid of merit.

Maggot of the Ushra’Khan was amongst many who saw the additional symbolic success achieved by his forces and their friends that day, describing the event as “the greatest victory for the Ushra’Khan in two years.” Others labeled it a crippling defeat to Amarrian pride. The Amarrians themselves showed great disdain for the violence and disruption, but were quick to ridicule any suggestions that they had been shaken or significantly affected by the attacks.