Innominate's Travels

Over the past few months there have been a growing number of pod pilots taking notice of a young, quick witted and sometimes foolhardy capsuleer named Innominate Nightmare. Much to the dismay of his instructors at the Caldari State War Academy, he decided to jump in a shuttle and head off to unsecured space in search of what he termed “The meaning of life”. Recently though, his actions have made some people wonder if his intentions are philosophical or financial in nature.

His journey so far has taken him from the Venal region in the north to the Stain region in the south and he has had many interesting, amusing, romantic and sometimes dangerous encounters with capsule pilots in the many solar systems he has visited.

When asked what his most memorable experience has been so far, he answered,”… it could be quite difficult to choose a favorite, although if I were forced to pick I would have to go with the parade of capital ships that [ gave me to when I first arrived at their home system.”

Although he had started his self appointed ‘experiment’ with a meager one million ISK, his wallet soon fattened with donations from pilots he has encountered. Some giving money, some giving ships, some offering to let him tag along as they destroyed pirates to let him take a portion of what salvageable modules where left behind.

His self generated celebrity has caused Innominate to also become the target of some amorous approaches from other pod pilots, most notably Missytrex who promised him a vast fortune, and Frivolous who offered to kill Missytrex to acquire his favor. Innominate briefly flirted with the idea of hiring the Mercenary Coalition to dispatch Missytrex so he could steal her assets and run off with Frivolous, but this scheme was short lived after the Mercenary Coalition refused the contract.

Just recently though Innominate has offered to let pilots purchase shares in his one man corporation named “Innominate Neutrality”.

Valued at one million ISK per share, he has made five thousand shares available to potential investors, while keeping five thousand one shares for him self as CEO. Many capsuleers have already invested in “Innominate Neutrality” even though he has no business plan.

Innominate said, “I now found myself with a balance rapidly approaching one billion isk”.

He has now acquired over one billion isk.

One has to wonder what his future intentions are.