Caldari Corporation aids in Gurista plans

NONNI – Pilots in Lonetrek were left bemused last Monday by a shotgun trade between Obuchi Kun, a known Gurista operative and Auluras Reikatoh, the CEO of Igneus Civitas. The Gurista operative fled after the trade was completed before Caldari law enforcement could arrive on the scene.

Caldari officials and a squad of marines were mere minutes away from apprehending Kun, who they believe has been working for over five months on a secret project for the Guristas.

However, Kun slipped away to destinations unknown whilst Reikatoh was led away for questioning. The unfortunate industrialist had suffered various threats to his family and personal wellbeing, as well as an assortment of bribes as his paymasters closed in on their purchases.

The list of items was not easy to acquire and the Igneus Civitas Corporation had to rely on the generosity of a plethora of capsuleers to assist them in their search. The items included 100,000 units of Electronic Parts and Coolant, an undisclosed amount of Plutonium and a large quantity of data chips and mechanical parts.

Naturally the events stirred the collective curiosity of the pod-pilot community and one brave soul, Vickers, the CEO of Mentally Unstable Enterprises was ready to back his words up.

"Leave here Gurista scum," said Vickers. "Or fall before me like so many of your brethren have before!"

Perhaps it was this threat or the rapidly approaching marines that saw Kun decide that discretion was the better part of valour and slip into the murky backworlds of Lonetrek.

Reikatoh, clearly traumatised by the whole ordeal told witnesses: "I don't want anything more to do with Guristas."

Speculation has spread amongst pod-pilots following last week's announcement that the Angels required a similar shopping list in the South. Exactly what the Guristas' plans are or indeed who they intend enacting them against remains a mystery at the present time.