War Erupts in the South, Avatar Activates Judgement Device

FEYTHABOLIS. A Doomsday-class device was activated successfully on Sunday by the Ascendant Frontier Titan during a skirmish with Band of Brothers forces.

While casualties were low, this is yet another landmark in the scale that capsuleer-driven politics and warfare are taking.

Witnesses to the event mention a "blinding white light" that engulfs everything in sight, leaving nothing but scorched remains behind it.

The conflict between the two neighbours erupted shortly after BoB's announcement that it had taken the path of war once again.

While the target was not known at the time, it was not long before reports of scouts and raiding parties into ASCN territory surfaced on the Gal-Net channels, shortly followed by confirmation on both parts that war had erupted.

When asked about the purpose of this war, BoB ranking officer Kryztal simply indicated that it was for glory and land, rhetorically asking "what bigger goal is there [than] to destroy a Titan and gain more space?"

Commenting on the use of the Judgement device, she feels that "[it] must have been a mistake", since not only was the body count low, but included friendly-fire.

On the ASCN side, morale is high and confidence strong in these early stages, as confirmed by High Command Officer Gilbert Drillerson: "Morale is very high in ASCN and we are looking at continued fighting with comfort and confidence."

Speaking about the current situation, he observed that "until Capital ships are committed to assaulting Starbases, nothing has really changed" and that the intensity of the coming battles will only increase.

Both observation and confidence were shared by Kryztal, who stated that "[BoB] is in no hurry" and that there was "no doubt that we will be the ones standing victorious when [the war] ends."

An ultimatum and an offer to the inhabitants of the GQ2S-8 system was made by BoB, which ASCN has promptly, but unofficially, dismissed.

Neighbouring alliances have been following the events closely, and while some of them have stated their verbal support to one side or the other, few have taken the step of siding with one of the protagonists, the usual exception being the Axiom Empire, ASCN's unfaltering ally.

Political analysts and other experts have since been studying this "clash of the titans" with a mix of interest and apprehension, as explained by Kep Ekatemi, political analyst at the University of Caille; "Until now, Doomsday-class weapons only existed as rumours, but now they are very real and have already been used, which makes them much more palpable!"

For him, the scale of the conflict – opposing two of the largest Capsuleer alliances – added to the potential use of the heaviest Capital-class ships, has created an electric atmosphere and become the focus of all attention.