Red Alliance Finds New Allies, Old Friends and Re-conquers Territories

SCALDING PASS. After months of resisting the south-eastern coalition with guerrilla tactics, the Red Alliance (RA) has finally started recovering some of its territories.

What started as a lone effort in Cache against the E.R.A and UCC alliances has since spread to the neighbouring regions with the help of former allies and newfound friends.

The first to join in and assist was GoonSwarm.

After its attempt on the Outer and Cloud Ring regions, GoonSwarm moved south, leaving its historic home of Syndicate to forge an uncanny relationship with the Red Alliance.

Not much has transpired from the association, with the only commentary given by nync, a senior officer with the Red Alliance, that they are “working very closely,” and that both parties were very happy of the outcome.

The pair was then joined by Imperium Alliance and the Tau Ceti Federation shortly after, both of which have common history with the Red Alliance.

This loose union translated into a multi-front war against the coalition, whose first victim were the Knights Of the Southerncross (KOS).

Expanding from Cache, the united forces of the RA and GoonSwarm pressured KOS into asking for a truce in order to withdraw from the Wicked Creek region and from the conflict; a move that was not appreciated by the coalition, who then declared war on its former allies.

Focus then shifted to Veritas Immortalis’ (-V-) territories, with Imperium Alliance operating in the Great Wildlands, and the rest of the union in its other regions, -V- was hard-pressed into regrouping to the Scalding Pass region, as explained by Bjoern Bitter, newly appointed Executor of the alliance: “With increased pressure on Scalding Pass we decided it was necessary to pull most, but not all, corporations back to Scalding Pass,” in order to “defend the two Outposts we built,” namely those in RYC-19 and KZFV-4.

While it has lost some of its regions, the coalition remains strong, with most of the original alliances and corporations still in place, and still on the frontlines.

Lotka Volterra (LV), for its part, is seeing lighter incursions into its territory with some skirmishes occurring around the Detorid region, but the frontlines can shift abruptly, as demonstrated by the recent incursions on some of LV’s caretaking alliances by the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate in the Immensea region.

Refusing to make a statement on possible plans to recover the territory lost by the coalition, Chowdown was however willing to comment on the war he calls “a fight of good against evil.”

“They key systems, as it currently stands, are RYC-19 and KZFV-4 – this is where all the starbase warfare is taking place.” He explained. “Regardless of the area, Scalding Pass or Insmother, the majority of fighting takes place over the [union's] claimed regions,” he went on to point out.

Reiterating Lotka Volterra’s unwavering support for its Veritas Immortalis ally, he was quick to downplay the role played by the Imperium Alliance or the recently involved Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, calling both actions nothing more than “small charges” that had no lasting effect.

However, when asked, all parties did agree that hope for stability in the regions was delusive; the recurrent answer being that resolve was set for war, not peace.

This pessimistic view is shared by Kep Ekatemi, an eminent political analyst from the University of Caille.

“Currently, chances for negotiations and a subsequent peace treaty are but a mirage, since both parties have been waging war against one another for too long.” He Explained.

For him, long-drawn conflicts diminish any likelihood of compromise; “historically, those have rarely been settled peacefully but rather through brute force and one party crushing or driving the other one out.”

“In this case, it has been going on for almost a full year, in a war where espionage, corporate theft and sabotage are all part of the deal; subsequently I think peace talks at this point are as likely as seeing fedos fly.” He jokingly concluded.