Tenth Mothership downed.

FAT-6P: As Tyrrax Thorrk’s second Aeon Mothership slowly succumbed to the growing firepower of a mixed Band of Brothers and Mercenary Coalition fleet, history was made. Not only was it another mothership loss and a key moment in the continuing conflict in the south, but it was a milestone too.

It was the tenth Mothership-class vessel to be downed, an event heralding the beginning of a new era. One where thousands of lives can be extinguished in fleeting moment. It served as a solemn reminder of many things; the unprecedented scale of loss the capital era has brought to New Eden, where individual pod pilots will come to play a crucial role in the fate of tens of thousands of crew, and also their own alliances and corporations, who sink vast amounts of time and resources into their construction and protection.

The Aeon was lost in the FAT-6P system, where a tired Tyrrax, whose "reaction time was off" was "probed down and jumped by the BoB/MC fleet." Without any sizeable support, it was taken down eventually as the BoB/MC fleets slowly grew to a force capable of taking the behemoth down.

“Losing ships doesn’t bother me much,” stated Thorrk, who is well-known across the entire cluster for not only fielding the most rare and expensive ships on offer, but for losing them fearlessly on the field of battle. “There’s not much point in having a ship if you don’t use it,” Thorrk remarked.

Her attitude is a source of admiration, derision and bafflement across the cluster. Some look on with both amazement and scorn at the epic losses Thorrk is known for, whilst others sing only songs of respect for a capsuleer warrior unafraid to field the most expensive and rare vessels in risky open combat. “I don’t bother undocking unless I’m prepared to lose my ship,” Thorrk said causally. “You can knock us down, but you can’t keep us down...we’ll take anything we lost back.”

This most recent event brings the tally of Mothership losses to a double digit figure, perhaps highlighting that in the future, the downing of a Mothership will become increasingly insignificant as the wealth and power of well-organized frontier alliances grows.

Glorious and risky battle is not the only way one can lose a Mothership these days however. It is worth noting that these ships in particular have been the focus of New Eden’s less-than-scrupulous entrepreneurs, who have scammed their way into the command seat of these giant beasts. There is an entire racketeering market centered around pilfering these vessels, a profession and arguably, an art, which will be the subject of an upcoming Interstellar Correspondents article.

In the meantime a list follows, compiled by Dooshotron of Band of Brothers, detailing each Mothership loss:

1: Helen - STK Scientific - INVICTUS. - YM-SRU - 15th Feb, 2007 22:37 - Aeon.
2: Gerontiq - Novastorm Inc - IAC - C3-0YD - 17th Feb, 2007 01:45 - Nyx.
3: Greenhalf - R.u.S.H. - RA - GHZ-SJ - 24th Mar, 2007 16:18 - Nyx.
4: King Leonidas - Reikoku - BoB - WMH-SO - 3rd June, 2007 11:40 - Aeon.
5: Davlin Lotze - STK Scientific - M. Pire - LXWN-W - 6th July, 2007 04:34 - Wyvern.
6: Sedith - Body Count Inc. - MC - 49-U6U - 1st Aug, 2007 21:11 - Aeon.
7: Count TaSessine - Koshaku - ISS - 49-U6U - 14th Aug, 2007 20:55 - Wyvern.
8: Ign0raMus - The Establishment - SAH-AD - 24th Aug, 2007 22:29 - Nyx.
9: Retsej - Octavian Vanguard - RAZOR - S-EVIQ - 1st Sep, 2007 13:50 - Hel.
10: Tyrrax Thorrk - Umbra Congregatio - IAC - FAT-6P - 12th Sep, 2007 09:36 - Aeon.