Report: Tash-Murkon may back Sarum's calls

New Eden News | YC115-08-20

_Tash-Murkon Prime - _Sources within the [Tash-Murkon Family]( Family) say [Catiz Tash-Murkon]( Tash-Murkon) has given some thought to backing [Merimeth Sarum's]( Sarum) calls for the proper launch of the Reclaiming. The [Heir]( Heirs) has reportedly been conferring with the [Empress]( Emperor) for several days, discussing the economic and political impact the Reclaiming would have on the Empire, for both good and ill. Additionally, Catiz has met with several [Imperial Navy]( Navy) admirals to hear their opinions on the Empyrean War and potential renewed escalation.

According to the sources, the Tash-Murkon position is that the Empire is likely in a position of greater strength than at any time since the [Minmatar Rebellion]( Rebellion), while the Minmatar Republic appears to be beginning a possible upswing in power. It also contends that the Empire may find itself in need of fresh slave stock within a few generations, having not acquired significant numbers since the original conquest of the Minmatar nearly a thousand years ago.

Sources within the Imperial Navy claim Grand Admiral [Kezti Sundara]( Sundara) is carefully considering the words of the Tash-Murkon and [Sarum]( Family) heirs and has called counsel with his fleet admirals. It is currently unknown what position the Grand Admiral takes on the possible escalation of the conflict.

Reports from the Imperial court paint the mood as tense. The Empress has apparently refrained from making clear whether and how she is being swayed by the words of her nephew or Catiz Tash-Murkon. The other members of the [Privy Council]( Council) have been engaged in heated debates about the suggestion, but reports are conflicting regarding who has taken what stance.